It is emigration to Minsk

It is emigration to Minsk h1>
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Moving developer to Minsk: job search, salary and cost of living.
In the past, we talked about how to move to the United States. In our new article – information about job search in Minsk, which becomes a new popular direction of IT immigration.
Why Minsk has become a popular area of IT migration.
The sphere of high technologies in Belarus is developing rapidly – according to a study by Ernst & amp; Young, from 2005 to 2016, the export of IT products and services grew by 30 times, and its share in the country’s GDP increased from 0.16% to 3.25%. The number of specialists engaged in the development of software and IT tasks, analysts estimated at 115,000 people (the country has approximately 9.5 million inhabitants).
In many ways, such a significant growth is explained by measures of state support – since 2005 the so-called High-Tech Park (HTP) operates in Minsk. This is a special economic zone that promotes the development of IT business – HTP residents are exempt from all corporate taxes, including VAT and income tax, as well as customs duties on imported equipment. At the same time, individual income tax for employees of companies-residents of the Park is fixed at 9% and is not included in the total annual income.
This contributes to the fact that international corporations are opening development centers in Belarus – the top 10 companies (according to the Software 500 rating) have opened their representative offices in the country. Among them, EPAM (107th place), Bell Integrator (281), IBA (281), Itransition (368), Coherent Solution (393), SoftClub (409), Artezio (416), Intetics (419), Oxagile (456), IHS (482). In addition, six HTP resident companies entered the list of the best providers of outsourcing services, according to the 2017 Global Outsourcing 100 rating. Among them are Bell Integrator, Ciklum, EPAM, IBA Group, Intetics and Itransition. In total in the list of the resource more than 1100 IT companies.
IT companies located in the country are engaged not only in outsourcing, but also develop their own products – among the world-renowned projects: World of Tanks from Wargaming, taxi-startup Juno, Viber. The article on collected a list of 20 Belarusian startups.
There are enough jobs for programmers and other “techies” in the country, and a serious deficit of such specialists is clearly felt. Therefore, more and more Russians are thinking about IT emigration to the nearest country.
The company Wargaiming has launched a special website for those who want to move to work in Minsk.
Work in Belarus: searches, salary and documents.
There are several ways to find work in Belarusian IT companies: independent, with the help of recruiters or on the basis of passing courses at the company.
For self-search, you usually use job-sites, among them:,, In addition, local recruiters are popular with the LinkedIn professional community – so those who want to get a job should subscribe to HR-specialists of IT companies and either write them directly or react to the vacancies they publish.
A good option for beginners is to take courses in a particular company. Often, these classes are free, but to get knowledge on them you need to pass the selection. Based on the results, you can get a job offer.
In general, the process of finding a job in a Belarusian company differs little from that in Russia. In some large companies working with foreign clients, the advantage will be the knowledge of English, otherwise, the main thing is the experience and achievements at the previous places of work.
Most of the offices of Belarusian technology companies are located in Minsk, so it was the capital that became the main attraction point for IT migrants. At the same time, specialists in Python are most in demand in Belarus – their average salary exceeds $ 2000 per month, Objective C / Swift and C ++ programmers earn more than $ 1,900 per month – despite the fact that the average salary in the country in 2017 is only slightly more than $ 400. Professionals with more than 7 years of experience can earn more than $ 3,000 per month. According to some information, experts in the field of game development can earn more in Minsk than on similar positions in Moscow.
An important point is that some Belarusian companies attach wages to the dollar rate, which is more profitable for workers, because the local currency is subject to fluctuations. Therefore, in negotiations with the employer, experienced IT migrants advise to discuss the existence of such a binding. Also, some large companies – for example, Wargaiming – pay compensation for moving, it is worth asking about the possibility of receiving such a payment.
It is much easier to arrange moving to Belarus than to other European countries or the USA. In order to legally stay in the country, two documents are required – an employment contract and an apartment lease contract registered in the housing maintenance service (VES).
The algorithm of actions is described in detail here. In short, after receiving a job offer, the applicant must submit his documents so that the company can apply for a work permit. This takes about two weeks. After that, you need to find an apartment, sign a lease and register it. After that, the company can officially take the employee to work.
In the future, the company’s lawyers will prepare a package of documents that must be attributed to the migration service for obtaining a temporary registration. After this, a person can legally stay in the country for a year.
Belorussian residence permit, image: Lifehacker.
Two weeks before the expiry of the temporary residence permit you can apply for permanent residence. Initially, it is issued for two years, then extended for five years, at the end of this period, you can either get Belarusian citizenship, or for another five years to extend your residence permit.
As for taxes, as mentioned above, when working in a company-resident HTP – and the overwhelming majority of popular Belarusian IT companies are them – the employee will only pay a personal income tax of 9%.
Life: prices, entertainment and networking.
According to the Numbeo resource, Belarus is among the five European countries with the lowest cost of living. Compared with Moscow, everything is cheaper in Minsk – rent, food, restaurants, public transport and so on. For example, you can rent a two-room apartment in the center of Minsk for $ 400.
“The apartment should start choosing remotely, finding a realtor on the Internet and selecting the options for photos,” advises Andrei Mironov, Software Engineer in Yandex, who previously worked in Minsk. – I recommend not to agree to housing far from the center, because, in my opinion, the city is pretty only in the center, on the outskirts typical sleeping new buildings, and between them – industrial zones, in the middle zone, especially in the west, are typical for the Moscow outskirts of five- nine-story building, the view is rather dull, and Minsk does not smell “clean-neat” there, especially in the summer. ”
Products in Minsk are cheaper than in Moscow, although not crucially. For example, a liter of milk will cost 60 cents (35 rubles), and 1 kg of chicken breast will cost $ 3.3 (in Moscow – about $ 4). Unlimited Internet access at a speed of 60 Mbit / s in the Belarusian capital will cost, on average, $ 10 per month.
In addition to prices, one of the main advantages of moving to Minsk for Russians is the fact that Russian is recognized as the second state language in the country. It is understood absolutely everything, many inscriptions in the city are duplicated in Russian.
All visitors note the cleanliness and well-being of Minsk. There are almost no debris on the streets, the city has many beautiful parks, racetracks and embankments.
In Minsk, live about 2 million people, so there is a lot of interesting things – exhibitions are constantly held, there are performances in theaters. For leisure planning, you can use the site To search for restaurants and shops you can use the popular resource
In addition, a large number of conferences and meetings are held in Minsk on the topic of technology, design of marketing and business development – so you will not be bored. At the same time, of course, Minsk is inferior to large megacities in terms of entertainment. “For my taste there are not very many of them, everything is again concentrated within the center,” says Andrei. “It seemed to me that the Moscow metro line as a whole is more suitable for living, and architecture is more pleasant, and more people.”
At the same time, despite the capital status of Minsk – a much quieter and quieter city than Moscow or St. Petersburg. According to the experts who moved to work, on weekdays the streets are dying out at 22-23 hours, on Friday-Saturday at midnight-hour.
It should be borne in mind that on Sundays most small and medium enterprises do not work: pharmacies, post office, banks, some small shops, – says Andrew. “Having put off my trip to the bank on Sunday, I ended up in a closed door, most of the stores work up to 10, which is also unusual for a Muscovite.”
The public transport of the Belarusian capital at its height is a system that is branched enough to reach virtually anywhere in the city. To travel in the metro, tram, trolley and bus, a single card is used. However, according to Andrei Mironov, the Minsk metro has little coverage, so in many cases it is more convenient to use land transport.
Another plus of Minsk is its geographical location. The city is located in the heart of Europe, and, for example, you can reach Vilnius by train in two and a half hours. And from the capital of Lithuania fly airline-loukostery, like Ryanair, Wizz Air, and depart trains to Prague, Warsaw and Riga. So if you have a Schengen visa, you can travel a lot. In addition, it is not difficult for Russians to transport a car from their homeland to a new country – for this it is only necessary to issue a green card.
Conclusion: useful links.
At the end of the material, we collected a number of references to useful and interesting publications on the topic of moving to Minsk:
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