Islam in the Kuzbass.

Islam in the Kuzbass.
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In Russia there is a set of volunteers for the war in Syria.
Veterans of Chechnya, the Donbass and ordinary workers were drawn to the Middle East.
In the Russian segment of the Internet, through sites and groups in social networks, there is a massive set of volunteers to participate in the fighting in Syria. Speech, of course, is about recruitment of volunteers to the side of the army of Bashar Assad.
Most of all such resources are in Vkontakte: the search query for the word “Syria” is issued by 1161 communities. One of the main topics of participants: how to go to war. Most want to know how much they will pay. But many are ready to fight for the idea.
According to some Russian media, according to some sources, thousands of people want to fight with Assad’s enemies. The recruitment of volunteers is on many sites and in many regions.
So, correspondents of Ural.Ru learned that volunteers from the villages of the Orenburg region intend to go to Syria. “The guys allude to the fact that there is no work in their villages, and war is a real way to make money,” the resource writes.
Vadim, the military recruiter of the site “” and a volunteer who decided to move from Novorossia to the Middle East reports that 30-50 applications are received every day. Of these, at best, one is real.
“We have a lower age limit – 23 years. But people under 27, probably not. We do not set the upper age limit. And at age 55 a person can do a good job.
Especially if it is associated with the maintenance of high-tech weapons. We also weed out specific nationalists. And before they were not taken – neither in the Crimea, nor in Novorossiya. We are testing candidates for psychological health. ”
“The main criterion is the existence of combat experience. To us are those who fought in Chechnya, or in Novorossia. Also have the advantage of having higher military education, knowing foreign languages.
But now we temporarily suspended the set, because the main contingent is recruited. Our people are engaged in work with high-tech weapons. And it’s not so much in Syria, “he said in an interview with
How many Russian volunteers now fighting in Syria, Vadim say difficult. “If you talk roughly, it’s about hundreds. And if according to our organization, then we forwarded, let’s say, dozens, “he said.
The process of recruitment and transfer.
As to how long it takes the sending process itself: from the approval of the candidate to the transfer, then this, according to the volunteer, depends on the availability of a package of documents from a person.
If a military ticket is on hand and there is a valid passport, the candidate immediately goes to the assembly point to the south of Russia. There is a group. Then they move to the second point, where they are briefed, combat coordination.
“We talk about the peculiarities of the climate, the landscape. Acting there, as, for example, in the North Caucasus or the Donbass – is not entirely appropriate. This “retraining” does not take much time.
People are all experienced. Then, the transfer is already in place. Candidates get to Syria through various charitable foundations, “Vadim said in his interview.
Russian volunteers, from his words, do not directly obey local government troops, and do not accept direct participation in battles, except for “some special operations”.
Basically, they work as a head, because “highly qualified personnel of the Syrian army do not reach our ordinary specialists”. He also finds it difficult to say whether volunteers receive money.
“In our announcement of recruitment, it is stressed that people are recruited on a no-cost basis,” he said. “They are motivated by ideology. Adventurers according to my estimates are not more than ten percent. ”
In his opinion, for the most part, “patriotic considerations” drive volunteers. Since, from the borders of Syria to the borders of Russia, some 650 kilometers. And they seek to eliminate security threats to their own country.
The law enforcement bodies of this activity do not interfere. According to Vadim, this activity does not contradict the laws of the Russian Federation, and the status of a volunteer, allegedly, does not fall under the mercenary.
“Voluntary participation in hostilities is regulated in the middle of the last century by the Geneva Convention. If you blurt out: whoever wants where, he fights. The main thing is that the volunteer does not fight in the ranks of illegal formations, “Vadim said.
At the same time, he admitted that someone was going to go to join the government coalition, but in fact he was fighting for the Islamic state: “We have such people too. And their number should be reduced to the maximum. ”
Another Russian volunteer, Oleg Medvedev, as he claims, fought free of charge “for Novorossia” and is ready to fight for “free of charge”. In Donetsk, he fought for over a year, stormed the airport, Maryinka.
I decided to leave Donetsk, because “everything has ended here and it is unclear whether the hostilities will continue”. In the war, he claims, he feels that he is “engaged in the real business.”
Moreover, recording in volunteers is not only in Russia. It is reported that Ukrainians also do not mind going to Syria. The loudest application was filed by Ukrainian social activist, Lieutenant-Colonel Sergei Razumovsky.
In his video message, he announced the formation of the volunteer corps and called on all veterans of the armed forces of his country to join it for sending to Syria.
According to Razumovsky, it is no longer necessary to hope that the problems of Ukrainian veterans will pay attention to the problems of the veterans, therefore they are ready to fight for a foreign country.
President Assad, in his opinion, could in return give volunteers citizenship, provide insurance to their families and help with the acquisition of housing after the war.
Soon Razumovsky made an interview, where he told that citizens of Russia, Belarus and Moldova responded to his appeal unexpectedly, while Ukrainians for some reason have remained silent for some reason.
According to him, several thousand applications were received from people of various military specialties, and many of them are even ready to fight for the idea, and not because of material incentives.
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