Is it worth moving to India?

Is it worth moving to India?
India is a special country, exotic and original. People in many parts of the world dream of living in India. However, from reflection to real moving usually does not reach. The reason for this is extremely strict immigration policy of the authorities.
Is it worth moving here from Russia? Immigration to India is just as remarkable as the state itself. For the sake of religious service, people traveling to India professing Hinduism and Sikhism, supporters of Vedic practices. Culturologists and sociologists learn the features of a multifaceted culture from within. India is no end to researchers.
A special layer of emigrants are young Russians who married an Indian. How many situations when a Russian citizen marries a Russian citizen does not compare with the number of reverse cases. According to the CIA World Factbook, there is a demographic bias in India: there are more men than women. To marry a local resident, the applicant must be able to support the family and be with her at the same social level (the caste system is still flourishing).
Cost and standard of living in India.
Here’s how much a grocery set costs (in rupees): milk – about 35 per 1 liter; bread (loaf) – 19-23; cheese – 230 per kg; chicken breasts – 200 per kg; Mineral water – 23 per 1.5 liters.
How much will dinner cost in public catering, depends on the level of the institution:
eat in an inexpensive cafe costs about 200 rupees; 3 dishes in the restaurant – 450.
How much is a long-term apartment rental per month, you can orient on the data of three cities (dollar):
1 room, sleeping area: Delhi – 150; Mumbai – 300, Calcutta – 100; 3 rooms, the center: Delhi – 650; Mumbai – 1100, Calcutta – 450.
The condition of labor roar.
Gathered in India for permanent residence are often guided by rainbow impressions of tourist trips. They can easily be dispelled by six factors.
The country ranks second in the world in terms of population. Most of the citizens are young people, few of whom find work with difficulty. In 2018 the working age reached 141.3 million Indians. The growth of the economy of the last years at the level of 7.6% of GDP ensured the creation of 1.5 million jobs per year (this is 1% of the existing need). 20% of the flow of young people who entered the market in 2018 (28 million people), graduated from higher education institutions and apply for high-paying positions. India is the leader of shadow employment. Here its level reaches 83.6%. The catastrophic shortage of jobs provokes fierce competition: up to 500 citizens with university education, work experience and the perfect knowledge of English and Hindi claim for one place in the corporation (both are the working languages of the country under the Constitution).
Prospects of employment for emigrants.
Count on employment is a few Russians. There is simply no unskilled work for foreigners. The state does not give them the opportunity to occupy places on which Indians can work. Until 2010, the issue was solved as follows: the number of jobs for foreigners could not exceed 1% of the staff number of employees. As of 2018, only a highly qualified specialist can be employed, provided that his annual salary is at least $ 25,000 per year.
Free legal support by phone:
8 (800) 775-65-04 (the call is free)
Illegal work is punished. Gostarbeiter without rights. The lack of an opportunity to confirm the legal income in the country reduces to zero the chances of obtaining a residence permit, or, even more so, permanent residence. The country has its own skilled workers in all spheres.
High-level specialists from the Russian Federation have chances to get into a firm that has business contacts with Russia in a sphere familiar to him. True, Indian companies are trying to use the market knowledge and personal connections of the employee and dismiss him without a twinge of conscience.
An Indian work visa can be issued only upon presentation of a contract with an Indian company. The latter, in turn, must obtain a work permit for an alien. Due to the peculiarities of the procedure to enter India on a tourist visa, it is not possible to arrange an agreement with the employer and place a job at the place. For the procedure to be returned to the Russian Federation.
The residence permit in India in connection with employment is granted for the duration of the contract, but not more than a year. Permit can be renewed.
Other ways to stay in the country.
There are no emigration programs. There are two types of residence permits:
Legally lived for 5 years for permanent residence, for example, in the EU countries, citizenship is laid. To do this, it is enough to pay taxes and not have problems with the law. To get citizenship in India, you need to live here for 10 years, with the last year – without a break. There are conditions as to how much the applicant must earn and at what level to know the language.
Having a problem? Call the lawyer:
8 (804) 333-68-85 (the call is free)
When married to an Indian, PIO card is placed (permanent residence for 15 years with the right to work). After the lapse of 7 years you can apply for citizenship. Prior to its receipt, a Russian woman is legally dependent on her husband.
The country is not favorable to migrants, and especially to women who are constantly subjected to sexual harassment by local men. With so much effort, how many are required to move to India, you can settle in a more developed country. Whether it is worth moving here, everyone decides for himself.

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