is it worth leaving for Turkey?

is it worth leaving for Turkey?
Leaving is worth it, if the climate suits you, if you perceive the kitchen, if you are ready to change your way of life and reconsider your views on many things.
Do you want to go to work or get married?
Still I would only move to Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya. At the expense of other cities, I would have thought, especially at the expense of the East.
In Ankara, Istanbul, it will be easy enough to find a job, also in the resort towns, and in Izmir, Bursa is more difficult.
Learn the language, there are good Tomer courses, but they are worth a lot.
When you get married, be very careful. Study the person, his family, which is very important, because the link between husband and his family will be very strong in 85% of cases, and maybe live with them, his environment, etc.
Pay attention to relationships in the family, to women and to religion.
Pay attention to his income, because to live in poverty in Turkey is even worse than in Russia or Ukraine, because medicine is expensive (by the way, if you live, then let the husband necessarily make you insurance, it is much more profitable), education is expensive, meat is also, gasoline is money.
Be prepared that at first it will be very difficult, no language, no friends, longing for home and family, there is no way to officially work (until you get citizenship).
You will always have an increased interest, but not always in a positive way. Be ready for stereotypical judgments about you and your children.
Think about everything, find pros and cons …
To go and have a rest. OK. there the weather is beautiful))
Because of the climate, if only?
And so, talked with the Turks. They are all trying to leave for Europe to work. They even flew to Russia. They have no work. And if you have something, why not?

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