Is it possible to go to Germany for permanent residence if my father, grandfather and his relatives live there for more than 15 years?

Is it possible to go to Germany for permanent residence if my father, grandfather and his relatives live there for more than 15 years?
I went there with my grandfather, I liked it very much, people are different, the mentality is straight as a native one). Grandfather works as a janitor and bought a wheelbarrow for a moped and bought a car for his father and helped his father with the car.
Well, I also want to isolate myself from my mother (she is a drug addict) and often happens to be killed in Chechen prisons. Here with the grandmother have expelled it for a long time, it is long about itself did not declare, and here again has appeared. This is scary.
Would leave if only then Granny took somehow))) It’s scary to leave here.
Come in and talk – will not be bored!
Either marry a German citizen, or study in a German university if relatives can help financially and after graduating find work in Germany in their specialty. . You have no other ways.
Everything is written on the website of the consulate. Read about getting a visa to restore the family.
impossible! traitors are being shot at the border! you are a drunk man, it would be more resonant if you told me who is paying you for it.
Your chances are close to zero.
about the house on the salary of a janitor you can tell those who do not live in Germany. Rather, you can build a house, but you can probably pay your grandfather for another 20 years with his salary, as you call the “janitor,” but most likely, as the housemaker already wrote. Yes, usually people who work in this position and live in the same a house where they work to pay less for rent, which means that they do not have a house at home. “The wheelbarrow is how much I understand your Russian jargon – a car.” And even a poor student can afford a cheap car, they would be right. “That mentality is straightforward It’s yours with you and your grandfather. “But the Germans have a sovs mentality You do not fit the Jewish line – the Jews are considered by their mother, and if the father of the Russian left for a long time, then he was lucky that his grandfather had taken him, and you will not be lucky. Now the rules for admitting citizens both in German and in the Jewish line have been toughened You are not Jewish and no matter how many relatives you already live in Germany, do not pull the family reunion either – firstly, your mother is near you, in the second – you are already 18 years old.
If a father lives in Germany, he can summon you to his place of permanent residence and his mother (your grandmother), too. I, living here, called my father and brother with my family. It is true, it happened 8-10 years ago. Does your father have German citizenship, is recognized by the German or not? If not, there are other possibilities, it is necessary for the father to learn everything from the local burghers.
On Jewish emigration you, unfortunately, have no reason to move.
And from the age of 18 you are already of age. The state of health is also not.
an occasion for emigration.
Well, your details about the illness and the adventures of the mother could be left for another category, as for going to Germany, you can leave, but you yourself will be able to collect a bunch of documents to learn German at least at a minimum level? Well, also accept Judaism (if the current was not baptized)?
The procedure for the reception of Jewish immigrants.
I. Prerequisites for admission.
Admission as a Jewish immigrant to the Federal Republic of Germany is associated with the fulfillment of certain prerequisites. The Federal Office can give a positive response to your request only if:
2. You are a person of Jewish nationality, or at least one of the parents by nationality, a Jew, or if you were born after 01.01.1990, have a Jewish origin, either on the grandmother’s line or on the grandfather’s line and do not profess any other religion other than Judaism,
Devonka, what are you asking about stupidity? Dad in Germany for 15 years? So let him and podsuetitsya and he himself will know everything. It will be easier for him. And if he does not want to, then at least twitch, at least do not jerk off – nothing will come out anyway.
Something Lauren does not believe your bikes: You do not know the nationality of the father, and my mother is in prison, and with the Chechens, someone kills.
There are no janitors in Germany, there is a housemaster who keeps order in the house and around.
And most importantly, even if everything is so-no mom, no dad is Jewish, therefore.

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