Is it good in Australia?

Is it good in Australia?
So, we are discussing whether it is really so good in Australia that there is nothing to complain about. Australia, of course, is not “earthly paradise”, there are advantages and disadvantages here. But things that globally personally annoy me, just do not. And those that are, still can not overshadow the positive impression of a country that gives so many opportunities.
Complaints about life in the country come in different ways. The most common & ndash; Australians are not like us, it’s hard to work with them and be friends, we have to adjust, they are lazy, they look high at visitors. As for me, Australians are the same people as us, just grown up in another reality, this also imposes a certain imprint. The reaction between us and them for some things will be different. And they just as they study, work, raise children, pay loans, move, travel. In my opinion, we become friends not on a national basis, we are looking for people with similar goals and interests.
I would generally put a monument to Australian tolerance and their ability to accept other cultures. Imagine for a moment that your country has launched a program of professional immigration, and now flows to Ukraine / Russia / Belarus from other countries (Muscovites can draw parallels with Tajiks). They do not speak the language perfectly, they do not have a local education. Visitors are actively looking for work, they have many ambitions, at first they do not understand well what is going on around and try to get into the system in which you spent your whole life, while still displeased with grumbling. How do you treat this? Can you fill out the forms in the bank? Explain how to find the way? Give them an apartment? Take to work? Adjust to their needs?
Immigration in the first place is important and we need US, and it will be successful only if it wants to fit into the local reality. And believe me, it’s much easier to adapt with a smile on your face and with a sincere desire than clenching your teeth and harboring discontent.
As for me, the last thing to scold Australia and Australians living in this country. There are opportunities, and there are many. Sometimes I myself hardly believe in the experience. I work for one of the biggest global brands, I earn money, if I want, I can build a career, improve my English, I get an Australian passport and an opportunity to take interest-free credit for studying at universities that are quoted all over the world.
Well, we add such a small thing as the quality of life. You do not think much about the quality of water, when you can drink it directly from the tap, or about the opportunity to walk by the ocean, when you can give it to him, about good roads, clean parks, that it is not scary to go into the elevator in the evening, a purse on the bus, that the banking system is stable, the police are not corrupt, and doctors really pass the exams, and do not buy them.
Sometimes I marvel at people’s ability to murmur against Australia, but it’s hard to live here if there is such a native and familiar alternative in the form of a homeland. It seems to me that the country will turn to you the same side as you to it.
The second annoying factor is & ndash; it is the stress associated with work and its search. Welfare and the future are tied to work. But the same thing awaits you in your native country. It’s just that most of the people who have broken up and moved have already had a normal job, they have passed the formation phases in their student years. And here everything is new, start to walk on this career ladder. Of course it is difficult, but no one promised a suitcase of dollars upon arrival.
Well, that still upsets many, so these are the prices for real estate and the cost of living. The Internet is filled with rumors that it is almost impossible to buy one’s home on the expanses of a green continent. I will not dissemble in order to raise money, I have to work very hard. Somewhere to limit myself, save on vacation, although it seems to plow like a horse in a sowing campaign; buy something that is cheaper, instead of what you liked; sometimes a minimum in everyday life; budget planning, etc. But it’s worth it. Because the one who does not pay his loan, as a rule, pays a stranger.
It seems to me that there are two heavy things that have to be done after moving, provided that you are an average immigrant. First & ndash; this is a lot of work, and the second is & ndash; grinding English. I’m ready to do both.
I roughly estimate that I receive in return for this work, and compare the level of stress and impact in the conditions of Ukrainian and Australian reality. And everything, the desire to complain or whine at me instantly disappears. I also realize that Australia & ndash; this country dreams very many. Hundreds of thousands of people try to get to this place, and most of them would not look at anyone who is not satisfied with local life.

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