Is it dangerous to go to Egypt to rest?

Is it dangerous to go to Egypt to rest?
Many tourists are now wondering whether rest in Egypt is dangerous, and if so, how much. In fact, at present the political situation in this state is calmer than, say, some time ago, but still there are areas in which the situation remains quite tense. However, the resorts located on the shores of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea are not covered by riots and demonstrations, so here it is safe enough. The main danger for tourists is not in an unstable political environment.
Safety on excursions.
Those who like to study foreign countries independently, it is worth remembering – it’s dangerous to travel alone in Egypt (not in the tour group). It is also extremely undesirable to go on excursions organized by local residents – there is a great chance to run into serious trouble. Book tours and excursions through Russian tour operators.
Before booking a tour to Egypt, contact the Foreign Ministry to find out whether it is safe now in the area in which you are going to go. If you become aware that the political situation in the country is now unstable, postpone the trip for a while. Even if the tour is already bought out, tour operators in most cases meet and transfer the date of departure and change the program of excursions around the country, trying to make your vacation as calm as possible.
Sanitary condition.
Another danger, lying in wait for tourists who are going to go to Egypt – unsanitary conditions. Doctors warn – here you can not drink tap water! Use only bottled water and eat only in restaurants designed for tourists. In terms of nutrition in general, it is better to follow the guide’s recommendations.
Stay away from river water. Especially Nile is very dirty, and if you know about it, then you hardly want to swim in it. For swimming, choose either the waters of the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, or specially equipped pools. It should also be said that the quality of medical care in Egypt leaves much to be desired, so you will have to take care of your safety in advance. Before booking a tour and going to Egypt, arrange medical insurance and carefully read each of its points.
Be sure to visit your doctor in advance and, if necessary, get vaccinated. This is always necessary before traveling to tropical and subtropical countries.
The insidious sun.
If you are going to go to the desert, be wary of dehydration – it is extremely dangerous for the body. Therefore, store enough drinking water. In addition, in the hot climate of Egypt is very easy to get sunburn, which can completely ruin your rest. Often, carefully and abundantly treat the skin with strong sunscreen, which should always be at hand.
In the desert, sand can become a problem, especially if you are going to go on vacation in the spring, when the desert winds blow here. Protect from the sand will help scarf-arafatki and special glasses.
Dangerous fauna.
Dangerous animals in Egypt can also present a problem on vacation. First of all, these are mosquitoes and other insects, which can be carriers of dangerous diseases (for example, malaria). Be sure to bring a repellent to rest.
No less than insects, dangerous and underwater fauna. Despite the external beauty, many inhabitants of the Red Sea can conceal a mortal threat. This is not just about sharks, which just off the coast of Egypt is not so much. Far more dangerous sea urchins, moray eels, stingrays, jellyfish, cones, sea snakes and some species of fish. Many of them can do harm not only during diving, but also when walking on the edge of the water or while swimming. Special rubber shoes and extreme caution will help to avoid these problems.
Of course, diving in the waters of the Red Sea is one of the favorite attractions for tourists. But divers should be very careful when diving with coral reefs – that’s where most of the dangerous creatures dwell.
Minor hooliganism.
Minor thefts in Egypt are not common. If there are a lot of excursions in your tour, then most of the rest you will spend near the huge desert buildings, where in principle there are not a lot of people. But even in places of large concentrations of people is relatively safe. Avoid only political demonstrations, which at any time can develop into mass riots.
In Egypt, of course, it is dangerous, but no more than, for example, in Turkey. And all the listed dangers can not exactly cause not to go on vacation on the Red Sea coast. Follow the advice given above, and no trouble with you will not happen, and the journey will bring only positive emotions.

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