How to go to Germany: all ways of legal immigration.
Work: only in your family (it is possible to change the family) for 12 months, then the year of social work is possible, then the Institute (from 5 years), or (judging by practice) marriage. Work: only the employer (theoretically possible replacement) 1-3 years (extension to 3 years), then permanent residence, or citizenship (with the rejection of the Russian) if the marriage is 3 years and 2 of them are held in.
Ways of emigration for permanent residence in Germany.
Before applying for permanent residence in need to obtain a residence permit. Residence permit in Germany is urgent and unlimited. Unlimitedly gives the right to stay in during a lifetime.
In order to obtain this right it is necessary to have a fixed residence in marriage for at least three years on the territory of one of the lands.
Or to live in the country during the educational process in one of the educational institutions of the country.
Immigration and relocation to Germany for permanent residence from Russia.
After 7 years of life in the republic (plus or minus a year), you can apply for German citizenship. You will not need to renounce your citizenship.
In this way, immigration is possible for ethnic Germans, their wives / husbands and children. All of them receive German passports almost immediately after entry on a D visa, bypassing the issuance of a residence permit.
German identity cards are issued within 10 days to 1 month.
Emigration to Germany, moving to permanent residence: basic actions and nuances.
Documents are also sent directly to Germany. For businessmen, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit is standard.
It is issued for a period of 3 years. Upon its completion, you can obtain a permanent residence permit.
How to move to permanent residence in Germany from Russia?
The average salary in Germany is not defined by law, it depends on many factors.
This is the level of the employee’s education, the sex, the scale of the enterprise, the direction of activity, the region, etc.
According to statistics, in early 2018 the average salary in Germany was 2 920 euros per month (without deduction of taxes). Who in Germany earns more?
What professions are in demand? We will present the list of the highest paid professions in Germany: Lawyers, teachers, politicians and pilots also receive high salaries.
Ways of immigration to Germany for Russians, Ukrainians, other nationalities and the Jewish line.
This period can last from two weeks to two years.
This is the German electronic residence permit.
Russians in Germany: employment issues.
The next factor is knowledge of the language.
Ideal case – confident possession of German and English: the chances of getting a decent job are increased many times.
In most cases, knowledge of the German language is one of the prerequisites for the consideration of a candidate. Without knowledge of the language, you can count on unskilled work related to harvesting, excavation, auxiliary work on construction sites,
All ways of moving to Germany for permanent residence from Russia.
Indigenous people; Qualified specialists; Business immigration; Jewish immigration; Work Visa; Reunion with the family; Refugees. Training; the most accessible method of all existing.
How to go live in Germany: 25 legal ways.
nowhere will it be so easy for you to be branded as an icon of style, as in if you are going to live here. To do this, it is only necessary to put on yourself something more poetic than the Germans adored sports jackets with a hood, jackets and sweatshirts. And put on the occasion of his girlfriend’s birthday dress in a small flower and shoes with murderous heels forever will secure for you the title of the most stylish “trick” of the quarter; to leave to live in is at least for the sake of the fact that the Germans are very serious about their hobbies.
How to immigrate to Germany for work.
If you have a higher education and you are a sought-after specialist, then for you there is a Blue Card program. On it you can move to.

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