In which country can you leave for a pensioner.

In which country can you leave for a pensioner.
In which country is the most advantageous for a Russian pensioner to move to permanent residence?
In which country is the most advantageous for a Russian pensioner to move to permanent residence?
I would advise North Cyprus.
Property prices are quite acceptable. The level of residence is practically the same as Russian. The climate is suitable. There is a Russian-speaking diaspora.
And one more plus & # 8212; The availability of real estate removes all issues and problems with the status of residence.
Where the cost of living is lower than the pension income.
but not to the edge, but with a safety cushion, in case of currency rate jumps.
Unfortunately, the climate in countries where the living wage will allow to live without worries may not suit a pensioner from our latitudes with a temperate continental climate.
And where the climate is pleasant, it’s already more expensive to live. In the same Greece, where pressure never changes on the island of Crete, and in winter in February, one month a year, the temperature drops to +10 �.
If there is someone in the homeland to manage the affairs, sending the pension, then this simplifies everything. Get permanent residence in different countries can be different, but always not budget.
In Thailand & # 8212; 5 dollars daily food and the same 5 dollars stable rent.
5 million Russians, not pensioners, and businessmen who can leave their business for managers for six months leave for Thailand. For the winter months.
The land of eternal summer and the country of a monthly residence of 300 dollars.
Maybe Indian Goa, but so, homeless, you can live in Thailand.
And still very cheap, in Kenya, and the girls are available and all that, but you can end up in a local hell called Kibera.
Thailand will seem like paradise.
Yes, and Russia, too.
If you leave for permanent residence & # 8212; will change citizenship. Consequently, the Russian pension will not receive any more.
And where and who will he need money without money?
In which country can you leave for a pensioner.
In which country can you leave for a pensioner.
Mum the pensioner, speaks, so it would be desirable to leave for the warm country. bones warm in the sun, or we have a climate like in St. Petersburg almost, first thought about Bulgaria, but found out that there is no way to live on a Russian pension, what other options are there?
what it has. In Africa it’s hot, only there people have collapsed from hunger, and here where they live, there and serut.Interesno where else such seruns are needed.
Of course I wanted to live somewhere under the palm trees, like the English or Americans retired, but we will only stretch our legs with our wooden ones.
My mother has a pension Saratov-8 thousand rubles, for work experience of 28 years. On this money in Poland, she suffices to pay for the apartment and everything “good children”
not 8, but 20 thousand as a hind.
Yeah, the natives everywhere enough.
to me here recently auntie who all life at home at the husband on a neck has hung and never about earnings did not think, too complained, that at it or her the pension small.
Where better to leave for permanent residence from Russia to a pensioner in 2018? To Bulgaria, China or Turkey?
The Chinese government with the purchase of housing by Russian pensioners in Heihe without problems gives out a TMZ and permanent residence.
Many Russians live well in “rasha-taunas” without knowing the Chinese language.
Everywhere there is a Russian speech.
The biggest difficulties for immigrants in this country are language barriers and serious differences in traditions that will need to be observed.
I want to go abroad.
There are reasons why it is worth emigrating to these countries: Immigration to Spain.
The only way to become a legal and full-fledged citizen of Sweden is to marry or marry a citizen of the country.
Old age “over the hill”
Climate: tropical, very wet, from May to January – the rainy season. Cost of living: lunch at the restaurant – $ 10-15, accommodation at the hotel – $ 50-60, a minute of talking on your mobile phone – 30 cents.
The cost of real estate: rent an apartment in the most prestigious area of the capital – $ 500 / month, purchase – $ 90-95 thousand.

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