In which cities can now go by bus from Artemovsk.

In which cities can now go by bus from Artemovsk.
You can leave Artemovsk in Krivoy Rog, Kharkov, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Rubezhnoye, Krasnoarmeysk, Konstantinovka, Moscow. If there is a pass – to Gorlovka and Donetsk.
To date, every second bus route, which previously operated, is now not an entrance. You can find out the bus schedule in the section “Timetables”. At the bus station it is recommended before departure to specify the schedule of buses in the control room, especially in the direction of Gorlovka, Donetsk, Yenakiyevo, as buses can be canceled: “In addition to our bus routes, there are private carriers. That is, people can leave, but it is advisable to specify in the control room whether there will be a bus. The schedule corresponds, but about 30% of the bus routes are temporarily suspended. Nobody refused these routes, but in fact they are not operational, “said the head of the bus station Dmitry Parkhomenko.
On Donetsk you can leave the morning flights at 05:28, 07:15, in Gorlovka buses go more often, almost every hour until 15 hours. However, passengers need a special pass. Passengers without a pass can land from the bus, so you should not take risks.
Lyudmila is forced to travel by bus almost every 2 days: “Before, my bus was at 6:30, and now I can leave only at 14:40 to Lisichansk. There is nothing more to leave. I go often, because I’m in Lisichansk at the labor exchange. Thank God, I do not need a pass, “the woman said.
With the complication of the situation in the Debaltsevo district, it became more problematic to leave for Yenakiyevo and Uglegorsk: “I used to travel to Uglegorsk, now I can only get to Yenakievo, and then if the bus is not canceled. I do not know how I’ll pass, I did not make out a pass, it’s generally a terrible dream. And I have to go, my relatives, my grandmother and my son remained in Yenakiyevo, “Lyudmila said.
In general, the bus service from Artemovsk is carried out. According to Dmitry Parkhomenko, for convenience of passengers, at Artashes’ ticket offices it is possible to issue tickets for some flights not going through Artemivsk, but passing through Slavyansk. For example, on the buses, which go to Kharkov, Rostov, Moscow. Getting to Slavyansk from Artemovsk is not difficult.
Soon, it is also planned to launch new bus routes from Artemovsk to Odessa and St. Petersburg.
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