In Latvia, single pensioners can not survive.

In Latvia, single pensioners can not survive.
Last year, 75% of new pensioners received pensions of up to 350 euros a month, said Jana Muizhnietse, director of the Social Insurance Department of the Ministry of Welfare, at a press conference today.
19% of all pensions accrued in 2015 were pensions in the amount of up to 150 euros per month. As representatives of ������� have explained, these people paid minimum payments ��������������.
27% of the accrued pensions were pensions in the amount of 150 to 250 euros, 29% – from 250 to 350 euros, 13% – from 350 to 500 euros, 10% – from 500 to 1000 euros and only 2% – over 1000 euros per month .
Several factors led to this situation, including the fact that 35% of taxpayers make social contributions from the minimum wage, explained Muizniece.
In 2015, the average old-age pension in Latvia was 306.81 euros.
P.S. It turns out that 75% of retirees in Latvia receive a pension of up to 350 euros a month, which does not even reach the minimum wage and does not correspond to the subsistence minimum. Due to high utility bills, high energy costs, medicines and necessary food products, it is not possible to survive a pensioner in Latvia alone. If he does not have a spouse, close relatives who can help, the elderly person is left with one thing: to beg for the garbage boxes or beg. There is a third option – to die of hunger, which, unfortunately, happens often.
I have a pension of 300 euros. I pay tax of 19 euros. Not counted for the payment of 9 years of experience, but I have 48 years, and 9 years is not included in the payment, but only 38 years. How is this possible? I live in Latvia, studied and graduated from the university in Latvia, worked in the school only in Latvia and, moreover, in the Latvian school! Why not pay for these 9 years? I did not go anywhere to work. If I do not get paid, then everyone is not paid for these 9 years.
And what are the 9 years in question, Galina? Many did not count the years in the experience, worked out until 1991.

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