Impressions of Ukrainian Elena Baz about the USA: the emigrant life beat me.

Impressions of Ukrainian Elena Baz about the USA: the emigrant life beat me.
The life of an emigrant does not suit everyone. A simple blogger, Elena Bazu, spoke about the reasons why, after living a whole year in the United States, she decided to return to her native Kiev.
Emigration to the West for immigrants from the CIS countries, thanks to active propaganda, seems tempting, however, when confronted with overseas realities, many still realize that such a life is not for them.
Ukrainka Elena Bazu, who decided to leave her native Kyiv for the sake of the “American Dream”, spoke about her hard life in the American city of New York. Her revelations were published in the pages of the edition of ForumDaily.
A young girl confessed that she was drawn to America by the opportunity to work, unlike Ukraine. Being a blogger and designer she had the opportunity to move to the US and find work there, but despite this she could not find the strength to live with the life of an emigrant, which caused her to return home after a year, beaten by the life of an emigrant.
Elena speaks the language at a fairly good level and was able to obtain a visa that gives a work permit, but all this did not save her from a number of other serious problems.
She admitted that America is good for workaholics, since work with different levels of salary in her profession is enough. If in life you are attracted to something other than work in the office – living becomes more difficult.
Among the circumstances that forced her to leave America, the first place was occupied by the cost of renting housing. The girl said that with normal wages for renting only one room in Brooklyn, she had to give half of her monthly salary.
“Sleep for years on the floor on the mattress, so – what? To Facebook, to pretend that I live in New York? ”
The second important factor was the availability of medicine. Even in the presence of medical insurance, it does not cover all costs that make up a decent amount.
“I do not have extra hundreds of dollars, but I’m not ready to go without examinations at all.”
At the same time, the girl noted that she could use this money as her friends to fly home for the sake of visiting doctors about once every six months, but this, in her own words, is not the level of care for herself, to which she is accustomed.
At first glance at the Americans, they seem open and friendly, but in fact – they are people of a different mentality and culture, and it is difficult to communicate with them.
“If you do not watch local TV and local shows, then write down, especially if you get into the society of American citizens, not visitors.”
At the same time, despite the fact that the girl lacked the knowledge of English for work, she played a role in communicating the language barrier – it is very difficult for a foreigner to understand the intonations and mood of the interlocutor to a foreigner. Loneliness also became one of the reasons for Elena’s return home.
“It’s not Kiev that makes me happy, but my friends and relatives who are all there,” she said.
With a number of advantages that a person with her knowledge and skills can find in America, the disadvantages still outweighed, and after a year, according to her own expression “beaten by emigrant life”, Elena Bazu decided to return home.
The history of the Ukrainian is not an isolated case. Many people leave for the West, believing in fairy tales about the “sweet life” and flattered at some illusory prospect of working abroad, but the results do not justify their expectations. The life of a migrant dictates other rules, and the visitor is in different circumstances than the natives and citizens of this country. Few can cope with life far from home, this is evidenced by the dynamics of the growth in the number of “returnees”, especially increasing in recent years.
The local government also treats visitors with an unequal interest, demonstrating that democracy and liberalism operate only for the elect and as an excuse for interference in the domestic politics of other states. Visitors are left to the mercy of fate and do not help to integrate into another’s society for them, fully imputing responsibility and obligations to the authorities on them. All the hopes for the “American dream” arise only thanks to the activities of propagandists and Hollywood cinematography.

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