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Experts of the American Family Association (Ameri sa n F a mily Ass os iation & A F A) advise US citizens to be more careful when marrying foreigners. The statistics of recent years show that three quarters of such marriages subsequently end either in divorce or in court proceedings, either. premature death of one of the spouses, provoked by the stressful situation in the family & raquo ;.
“84% of men and 77% of women who marry foreigners later regret their actions,” says family psychologist Arnold Erickson, who conducted an anonymous study in 45 states. & ndash; For several decades, human rights and religious organizations have said that marriages with foreigners are mostly successful. However, in reality such unions turn into a lot of trouble & raquo ;.
It is worth noting that the search for a life partner for most Americans has turned into a big problem. According to the Gallup agency in September 2009, about 60 million citizens are looking for potential wives and husbands through dating agencies and social networks. To get acquainted with people live Americans are either embarrassed or afraid.
Such a state of affairs led to such incidents as, for example, in the Arizona town of Florence. There immediately sixteen men, well-known among themselves, & laquo; discharged & raquo; Brides from Thailand. “If it were not for a foreigner, we would never have married,” confesses one of the suitors, 46-year-old Thomas Glaser. & ndash; All the local girls are either married for a long time, or do not represent any interest for men & raquo ;.
This opinion is shared by tens of thousands of bachelors throughout America. “If you live in overpopulated New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Miami, then you have a chance to meet your future wife,” said Miss Killer, a 50-year-old Richard Killian. & ndash; And if the distance between your house and your nearest neighbor is thirty miles, then the search is doomed to failure. & raquo;
Women who dream of a foreign wife are guided by other arguments. According to an anonymous poll by Human Rights Watch, potential brides refuse to look for husbands in their home country for three main reasons: American men are overly emotional, quickly panic, and extremely stingy at personal gifts. & laquo; Our men are not at all different from each other, – says resident of the Texas town of Merkel Joanna Richards. & ndash; They are so simple and predictable that after half an hour of communication it becomes boring. I do not want to live with such a creature my whole life & raquo ;.
Researchers withdrew the average statistical questionnaire of an American man and an American woman on international dating sites. The first questionnaire looks something like this: & laquo; Age & ndash; 45 years. The income is $ 50 thousand per year. Have your own house, car, a large piece of land. I’m fond of sports, I have a sense of humor, I like to eat deliciously & raquo ;. The second is like this: “Age” & ndash; 33 years. Income & ndash; stable. I am looking for a faithful, affectionate and kind man & raquo ;.
Internet psychologist Jim Ventura from Kentucky analyzed over ten thousand American questionnaires: “As a rule, men are pushed to get acquainted with foreign men by an age that they sometimes underestimate by 10 & ndash; 15 years. Women often can not find a husband in their native country because of their appearance and figure. About 90% of applicants are overweight & raquo ;.
Now about the most important thing. Fooling naive Americans who rely on & laquo; foreign love & raquo; has become a popular business, in which dozens of airlines (providing tickets) are cashing in. Thus, according to the Coalition against Illegal Immigrati (n), the conclusion of a marriage between a US citizen and a foreigner brings a profit of $ 100,000. This amount is divided among themselves by a variety of specialists, right up to English teachers.
Marriage agencies in the countries of Asia and Latin America do not even hide that the main purpose of marriage (marriage) & ndash; get a residence permit in the US, and if you’re lucky – take away some of the property from an American husband (wife). So, one of the Filipino marriage agencies took the slogan & laquo; Green card for six months, citizenship for five years. The most reliable way to become a subject of the United States is & raquo; . Of course, no one mentions about love, children and the family hearth.
So, a resident of Michigan Jerry Quinn for nine months of marriage to a citizen of El Salvador lost 75% of his property. & laquo; I do not know how this could happen, – excuses & laquo; ridden & raquo; a foreign Queen. & ndash; We lived side by side and never quarreled. I received a letter of divorce from a lawyer when my wife went shopping in a supermarket. & raquo;
Quinn, like many of his “brothers in misfortune”, did not enter into any marriage contracts with his wife and actually gave her some of the property. “I did not want to seem greedy and suspicious in the eyes of my wife,” he says. & ndash; Foreign women perceive such contracts as spitting in the face & raquo ;.
A resident of Wisconsin, 52-year-old Eric Carwin lost a two-story mansion and three hundred acres of land after his marriage to a native of Brazil. His wife gave birth to twins and on the same day filed for divorce, referring to the excessive drunkenness of her husband. Despite the fact that Karvin used two small cans of beer for dinner, the lawyer of the wife managed to prove: he is a violent chronic alcoholic.
“I fell prey to a well-planned plot,” says Carwin. & ndash; While I was racking my brains over what a surprise to present to my wife on the anniversary of the wedding, she hired a lot of experts in the weaning of property & raquo ;.
California lawyer Robert Hinan does not hide that under current laws any spouse can leave her husband in debt and without property: “Theoretically enough to provoke a family quarrel, and then prove that she traumatized your psyche. The wife brings her husband to a state of nervous breakdown, and then pretends to be an innocent victim & raquo ;.
A resident of China, Katsumi Eng, was able to fool her American husband Michael Mitchell with one argument: he did not let her go home to see relatives, which led to a deep depression. Result: the house of Mitchell, the loan for which he paid a quarter of a century, migrated to Eng. “My wife asked for a new car, updated her wardrobe and bought such a huge amount of jewelry that I did not have a dollar left for a ticket to China,” Mitchell says. & ndash; She first robbed me, and then declared that I did not let her go to her parents. & raquo;
Foreign spouse & ndash; it’s a cat in a poke. Nobody knows what to expect from him and under what circumstances. So, 40-year-old Amy Nichols from Connecticut took for her husband, an immigrant from Bolivia, a hundred thousandth bank loan, which he immediately sent to his homeland & laquo; for the treatment of relatives & raquo ;. Further events developed rapidly: the husband expressed a desire to divorce, humiliated and deceived Nichols threw him a remote control from the TV, and the bruised bruise led to a brutal ending. The court ruled that the American wife was mocking the Bolivian, therefore, he needs material compensation.
“The worst thing about communicating with foreign wives and husbands is that, even realizing the horror of what is happening, the Americans are not able to change the situation,” says family psychologist Edward Michaels. & ndash; Because of their naivete and belief in decency, US residents do acts that subsequently turn against them & raquo ;.
Here it is worth remembering 54-year-old Texas resident Laine Ramirez, whom his Argentine wife brought to white heat. At first he gave away his “beloved” & raquo; large sums of cash, then rewrote the house on it and eventually caught the “good” & raquo; in bed with a neighbor. After that, he quietly took a rifle from the closet, shot his wife and called the police. At the trial, Ramirez said only one sentence: “Never marry someone who was born outside the United States.” Better live your whole life alone & raquo ;. Human rights activists, in their turn, immediately found the killer’s words a manifestation of racism, without discerning the truth in them.
The Labor Code is not a code of labor laws, it is a CLUB of acquaintances for detainees.
Our club has existed for many years on this site and unites people who are going to go to Canada, the USA or to another country for a better life. Someone really really wants to emigrate to Canada, but one person is much less likely to score the necessary 67 points than the family. Others who have all chances of immigration are scared and lonely to go to a foreign country. For several years of existence of our club, more than 10,000 people from different countries and cities of the world have asked for help, about one third, it’s lonely people interested in finding their “second half”. Some of them, striving to conclude exclusively business marriages, many consider our club as a place where one can get to know like-minded, educated and intelligent people. Many members of the club are fluent in foreign languages and rightly believe that you need to try to live in another country. It’s always very interesting, but a little scary. Therefore, our clients are also trying to find a couple, to create a family, because together, as the saying goes & “the sea is knee-deep”;
Anyone wishing to join our Dating Club must comply with the requirements that are simple but necessary for club membership:
2. Having a good photo.
3. The presence of higher or secondary-special education at the bachelor’s or master’s level (the higher the education of spouses, the higher the chances of emigration).
4. Lack of criminal past and health contra-indications for emigration (severe chronic diseases).
Anyone wishing to meet these requirements can send their photos and brief information about themselves and their potential partner to [email protected]
Placement of one photo and information about yourself on our website -500 rubles.
If you wish to place more than one photo or do not want to do it at all or want to be always in a prominent, first place or with the VIP logo, we can also do this for you. To do this, write us a letter with questions and requests: [email protected]
During the existence of the Labor Code, many of our participants found a couple and asked to withdraw their photos. Oleg and Violetta decided to share their joy with other members of the club. A huge thank you for that! Sincerely congratulate them on the creation of the family!
For members of our dating club there are additional, preferential terms of service for immigration programs. So all members of the club receive a 10% discount from the cost of the services of Canadian or American lawyers, in the conduct of their immigration affairs.
09/12/2009 Oleg and Violety’s wedding took place & ndash; clients of our dating club for & quot; Detractors & quot ;. Congratulations!
Logachev Konstantin Konstantinovich.
The only Certified Financial Adviser in Western Canada who speaks Russian. “Class =” photo_img href_img “/>

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