Immigration to the United States.

Immigration to the United States.
Business immigration & # 8212; this is both more complicated and simpler than you think. If you have succeeded in the difficult conditions of the post-Soviet space, then you have an excellent chance of finding your place in the sun & # 187; in USA.
Immigration to the US visa EB 5.
Waiting for you in America: Speaking at the SelectUSA Summit, Barack Obama called for a new level of work to attract foreign businesses to the US. The American establishment understands that representatives of private Russian business fundamentally differ from those that fall under the sanctions and restrictions of business structures close to the authorities. Thus, the former US ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, in his recent article in The New York Times asserts that & # 8230; citizens and companies not connected with the government, wishing to withdraw assets from Russia or to emigrate, should be supported.
How to get the status of a US resident.
I recognize that many specialists in the market of immigration services provide the necessary information: niches for business, labor market demand, types of visas, property prices and more. But there is something important that you did not even think about, and therefore do not ask the most pressing questions. But in vain. The success of immigration depends precisely on the answers to these questions. And at all stages & # 8212; from A to Z. From the questions “leave” or stay “# 187; and, if left, then to which of the US states.
Doubts and questions: what is the most frequently asked question:
-Is I eligible for business and residence permit for myself and my family?
-Do I find a niche for my business? In what sphere? Will it become profitable?
-Can I first live and work in a new country without sufficient knowledge of a foreign language, and then master it?
-Can my family fit in with the new environment, settle down in it? Will it be comfortable for me and my family?
America & # 8212; this is a unique place on Earth where you can realize any dream at any age and realize your potential more fully.
E-2 Visa for investors of contractual countries.
How to get an EB 5 visa.
Who qualifies for an E-2 visa?
If a national of a contractual country is currently in the United States legally immigrant, he or she can complete / file I-129 with a request for a change of status to the E-2 classification.
General requirements for investors.
� The desire to enter the United States solely for the purpose of buying, developing, improving an investment enterprise, in order to make a profit. The investor must show that the funds were not received, directly or indirectly, as a result of criminal activity.
� Investing in a significant # 187; capital in an operating enterprise, or the creation of a new one.
� Getting sufficient profit to ensure the financial obligations of the investor, for the successful operation of the enterprise.
� The enterprise must be an active commercial, or entrepreneurial, producing goods, services for profit. It must meet the relevant legal requirements for doing business within its jurisdiction.
� The investment company should NOT be unprofitable. An enterprise must generate more than enough income to ensure a minimum standard of living for the investor and his family.
Immigration to the US visa EB 5.
Period of stay.
Investors and their families were given the time of the maximum initial stay in the United States – two years. After two years, the investor and his family repeatedly renew their E-2 visa. NO the number of the maximum limit for the extension of the non-immigrant visa E-2.
Family E-2 investor.
Investors can be accompanied by their spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21. Members of their families can apply for an E-2 visa and, if approved, they will usually be granted the same period of stay in the United States.
EB-5 Visa, Investment program.
Immigration to the US visa EB 5.
EB-5 Visa Investment program (green card for investors, practiced since 1996).
September 13, 2012. Congress prolonged the EB-5 program until September 30, 2015.
The main advantages of the program:
-Ability to live anywhere in the United States without being tied to work or business;
– There is no need to monitor the business daily.
To participate in the program, the investor needs to invest at least $ 500,000, or $ 1 million, in a new company in which at least 10 full-time jobs will be created.
Immigration to the US visa EB 5.
Investment: This program involves investment in industrial property. This implies the purchase of warehouse property with invested capital, including hotels, office, retail space and logistics centers. The investor acts as a partner with limited legal liability in LLC and has a monthly income if the building is leased out, and will also receive a return on capital in case of the sale of the property. The investment period varies, but can not be completed until the investor receives a permanent green card.
Immigration to the US visa EB 5.
On behalf of the Congress, petitions on the participants of this program have priority in the Immigration Service (now called USCIS), which often serves as a reason for rapid approval. Usually the participants of this program are given green cards within 1.5-2 years, although the terms may vary depending on the circumstances.
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