Immigration to the Philippines.

Immigration to the Philippines.
Life for foreigners in the Philippines is attractive for the following factors: favorable climatic conditions, democratic prices, developed economies, seaside resorts. In addition, medicine is well developed here, and housing prices are quite affordable.
Manila & # 8212; the capital of the Philippines.
Employment in the country.
Many Russians, Ukrainians and other immigrants from the countries of the former Soviet Union are interested in registration of permanent residence in this country. A dream in the Philippines will help.
There are three main options for employment:
Work in multinational concerns. Teaching, in particular an English teacher. Coaching activities for tennis, surfing, diving and others are also very demanded by guides.
Example of the IELTS certificate.
For employment, you need to know foreign languages and pass the IELTS or TOEFL exams. It is important to consider when going to the Philippines the cost of living and the salary (average). The latter is within 500 US dollars, so it is not superfluous to have another way of income or own savings. Life here is great for those who earn remotely, especially since the visa regime is relatively loyal.
IELTS and other English language testing systems.
Today you can fly to the state on a tourist visa and stay up to 16 months. The algorithm of actions for Russians is as follows:
issue a 3, 6 or 12-month tourist visa; on site to extend to 59 days, then repeat.
The process of emigration to the Philippines is now available through investing in numerous local corporations. According to the legislation of the Philippines, foreigners can invest in any firm from 75 thousand US dollars.
Alona Beach in Panglao.
However, this applies only to a number of companies that carry out their activities in the following categories:
in the sphere of services; Registered on the local exchange; are included in the state program.
Investors are issued a special visa for residents. Initially, its validity is six months, although after it is over, it can be repeatedly extended to several years.
For this, it is necessary to prepare a certain package of documentation, which includes:
Personal information of autobiographical nature. Here it is recommended to specify: the date and place of birth, which educational institution ended, the stages of labor activity. You do not need to describe everything in detail, but you can indicate your own interests and hobbies. Certificate of absence of previous convictions. It issues a police information department (at the place of registration). Confirm the absence of ties with the underworld. To do this, obtain permission of the established form in the Russian department of Interpol.
Ticket to the Philippines.
Documents are submitted in English. To do this, they must be translated into special firms specializing in working with documentation. For those who are abroad & # 8212; in the Russian Embassy.
Education system.
Another attractive factor for Russians is the possibility of training in local universities. Philippine education has long been recognized as one of the best in the region.
This is confirmed by the following facts:
Filipino teachers teach in many well-known educational institutions on the territory of Thailand, Vietnam and so on; most of the population is fluent in English.
Among the Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and other representatives of the former CIS, language courses are particularly in demand. After training, it becomes much easier to find a job or to issue a student visa. In the country, the most common are 2-week and 4-week courses. Their average cost is 1000-1500 and 1700-2500 US dollars respectively.
Many of our citizens come here to universities or continue to receive education, after training at home. Due to the fact that after graduating from such an institution, a diploma in English is issued. This increases the chances of finding high-paying jobs in large international companies. In addition, the student life in the Philippines is diverse and bright, facilitated by the proximity of sea beaches and the beautiful climate, plus the opportunity to engage in a variety of sports, including exotic.
Beach of Boracay (Philippines).
The prices for training here are also quite democratic (about $ 800 per semester) and ($ 100 rental housing).
Analyzing the feedback of foreigners, in 2018, as in other things and earlier the fastest and most affordable way to become a resident is to marry a subject of this power. But here there are some nuances, in particular in this country is not recognized dual citizenship. In other cases, it is possible to count on the filiation of Filipino citizenship not earlier than 10 years of living in the country and passing exams for knowledge of local history, culture, customs and language.
Life on the islands.
Life in this state differs for many from other countries. Our citizens are accustomed to a brisk and intense rhythm of life. Here it is not. The population in the Philippines is friendly enough. There are representatives of different nationalities and religions, but at the same time everyone lives in peace. A large part of the population & # 8212; 65% & # 8212; it’s the Filipinos.
The beach of Sumilon & # 8212; Philippines.
To get more information about life in the Philippines, you can view photos or videos of our compatriots who have already settled here.
Life in the Philippine Islands every year attracts more and more foreign citizens, including those from the former CIS countries.
Palawan Beach (Philippines).
Many come here to combine work and leisure in beautiful sea resorts or get a quality education. And this country is one of the most favorable in this regard.

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