Immigration to Spain from Israel

Immigration to Spain from Israel h1>
Immigration to Spain remains one of the priority areas for residents of the CIS and Ukraine. A mild climate, colorful places with unique architecture, cheerful inhabitants, the opportunity to find work and secure a decent life attract a large number of foreigners. The country is rich in year-round resorts: in summer – the sea with snow-white beaches, in winter – mountain slopes with different levels.
The territory of the Kingdom is divided into 17 administrative regions (uniting 50 provinces) and 2 autonomous cities in Africa – Ceuta and Melilla, with its government and parliament. The state occupies most of the Iberian peninsula, being on the 4th place in Europe in size. The official language is Spanish. Membership in the European Union and the Schengen Agreement primarily affects the ability to live, work and study in any EU country. Even under the weight of existing economic problems, the country occupies one of the leading places in terms of the life expectancy of the population.
Immigration to Spain, in a prosperous and colorful country.
Spain is a state characterized by loyalty and hospitality towards immigrants. A diverse and diverse country does not fit into the framework of generally accepted stereotypes. Considering Spain as a resort region, do not forget about the promising opportunities for a comfortable and prosperous life arrangement, which this country can please.
Predominant factors and factors affecting the move to Spain.
High level of education, the diploma of which has international status. Study in Spain – an excellent prospect of obtaining permanent residence and citizenship. Spain & # 8212; a leader in the development of medicine and the practical application of unique and advanced methods of treatment. The highest qualification of medical personnel, modern equipment of clinics and application of advanced technologies, leading positions in transplantology. Work in Spain with a good knowledge of the language, the availability of practical skills and the available qualifications can be found by any interested foreign specialist. The economy is mainly based on construction and tourism sectors, where the labor force is constantly required. Out of 900 thousand jobs in these spheres, more than 300 thousand are occupied by foreigners. High quality of life. Providing benefits to the elderly, disabled people, low-income families and the maintenance of the child. Quite a high level of earnings, despite the difficult economic situation. Food prices are relatively low.
Spain is the fifth most populous country in the EU (45,932,142), with a density lower than most countries in Western Europe (92.18 inhabitants / km according to INE 2017).
Why choose it is Spain.
High quality of life.
The standard of living in Spain is much higher than in the CIS countries. The equipment of medical institutions and the service sector meet high European standards. Prestigious education, a decent level of social protection. The food prices in Spain are low, compared to other Schengen countries. Salary from 600 � and above.
A decent level of education.
Diplomas of Spanish universities are recognized all over the world. Tuition fees from 600-800 � / year, which is significantly less than in other European countries. Many universities have their own labor exchanges, which allows graduates to find work after graduation.
Quality and effective treatment.
The health system of Spain is recognized as the 3rd in the world. This is due to the highest quality and comparative availability of medical services. Public and private insurance ensures access to treatment, which is confirmed by health statistics. Life expectancy is the highest in the European Union – women 85.5, men 80.1.
The ability to move around the Schengen area without hindrance.
The ability to live, work and study in EU countries without hindrance. Residence permit – recognized by all countries of the European Union. The document provides an opportunity to receive state benefits and social protection, open accounts, get mortgage loans in Spanish banks, develop their business.

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