Immigration to New Brunswick.

Immigration to New Brunswick.
The province of New Brunswick is located in the southeast of Canada on the Atlantic coast. New Brunswick borders on the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Nova Scotia, as well as, with the US state of Maine. 83% of the province is covered with forests. Also, New Brunswick has significant reserves of water resources – rivers and lakes. The main components of the province’s economy are fishing, forestry, agriculture, electricity generation, heavy industry, light industry, food processing, mining and tourism. Thanks to the growing economy and the ever-growing demand for qualified professionals, New Brunswick conducts its immigration program and each year accepts a certain number of immigrants, with preference given to applicants who have the education and work experience in the province’s priority areas of specialization.
Priority, are the following specialties:
information technologies: programmers, analysts, technical support specialists, sales specialists; business analysts, financial analysts, accountants (passed the appropriate certification in Canada); managers in retail trade; managers in the field of hotel management and cooks; managers in the production sphere; industrial mechanics; Industrial electricians; clerks, technical assistants in accounting; translators (from English to French); administrative assistants.
At the moment, applications for participation in the immigration program of the province of New Brunswick are accepted only for the following categories of applicants:
applicants who are currently working in the province; applicants who received education in the province; applicants who have relatives in the province; applicants who previously worked in the province for at least 1 year in the past 5 years; applicants who have a certified invitation to work in the province; applicants whose French is the first language confirmed by the results of the TEF test; applicants who attended the information session of the province of New Brunswick and were interviewed by representatives of the province.
From time to time, representatives of the province of New Brunswick, hold information sessions abroad.
Schedule information sessions can be found under the & gt; & gt;
After visiting the information session, those who wish can apply for the immigration program of the province. If the application is approved, the applicant will be able to apply for immigration, but to do so, candidates must meet the minimum requirements of the province of New Brunswick and the general federal. After receiving the nomination of the province of New Brunswick, it will be necessary to create a profile in the general federal system of Express Entry and go through a further immigration process under the federal program.
About the necessary points and conditions for participation in the program in more detail can be found under the link & gt; & gt;
The selection criteria for the New Brunswick Provinicial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
To participate in the NBPNP program only applications of the Expression of Interest (EOI – Expression of Interest) are accepted from persons who can demonstrate the following:
They have any connection with the province of New Brunswick from the list below; or During the previous 2 years, personally attended the information sessions of the NBPNP (before submitting an application, the Expression of Interest must not take more than two years from the date of participation in the session); or Have IT qualifications (there are currently categories for which EOI applications are not accepted – Open Category EOIs); Additional important information about EOIs (applications for the category Open Category EOIs are now closed).
1. Connection with the province of New Brunswick.
2. Visits to information sessions on the New Brunswick (NBPNP) selection program for the last 24 months.
3. Specialists in IT technologies (Open category)
Only such codes of the National Qualifier of Occupations of Canada NOC are considered in the Open Category:
2171; 2172; 2174; 2175; 2281.
Depending on the demand in the IT sector, EOI applicants can receive Invitation to Apply applications through the NBPNP Express Entry program of the province.
Software Developer (general), experience of at least three years, including knowledge of Java or C ++, Python, SQL, Linux Quality Engineer (QA Engineer), at least three years in the direction of: C ++, Java, Java script, Node. js, Perl, Python, Linux, SQL, XML Developer of mobile applications, experience of at least three years, with knowledge of C ++, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, OpenCV, AngularJS, Django, Git, AWS, Azure Developer user interfaces (UI / UX Developer), experience of at least three years in the following areas: Java, JavaScript, CSS, development of user interfaces, Ajax, HTML5, graphic design.
Priority for the province of New Brunswick is also the hiring of highly qualified French-speaking specialists to support the language balance in the province. The province encourages those applicants who have in-depth knowledge of the French language in the TEF test (Test d’evaluation de francais) and have a desire to become part of the vibrant French-speaking community. EOI statements from French-speaking candidates will be considered as a priority.
4. Important information on EOIsB applications.
The NBPNP Express Entry Entry Market Market stream temporarily accepts only such Expressions of Interest (EOIs) applications filed by persons associated with the New Brunswick province under one of the criteria listed below:
have a job offer in New Brunswick; work in the province of New Brunswick; graduated in New Brunswick; have relatives in the province of New Brunswick; know the French language and are ready to confirm it with the TEF certificate (Test d’evaluation de francais): it can not be a TEF certificate for Quebec (TEFaQ); The test result should be at least 7 on the Canada Language Benchmark for all four language skills.

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