Immigration to Italy.

Immigration to Italy.
or, as they say, many emigrants are the freedom to live in a sunny comfortable country by the sea, as well as in any other country in Europe, having the opportunity to return to their homeland at any time.
Probably every person dreamed of visiting Italy at least once & ndash; a country with a rich culture and history, sunny beaches of the Mediterranean, whole cities of fashion boutiques and legendary places from Shakespeare’s plays. Some have a more ambitious goal & ndash; such as immigration to Italy with full integration into the community of this amazing southern European country.
Immigration to Italy, vnzh – residence permit.
There are several ways to become a subject of the Italian Republic. However, regardless of the option chosen, each resident of this state has many advantages, which differ favorably from those of citizens of neighboring European countries.
In particular, those who come to open a business in Italy are in the most advantageous position, rather than entrepreneurs of neighboring France or Germany. The fact is that the Italian tax law & ndash; one of the most liberal in the EU.
A high level in Italy has social protection. This is one of the few countries where the laws by tradition are primarily on guard of the interests of the family. Perhaps, therefore, among the Italians recorded the highest life expectancy in Europe.
Finally, it is established that the Italian language is very easy to learn for people of any age.
Foreigners wishing to obtain residence permits in Italy must meet a number of simple requirements: no criminal record, a valid passport, and financial independence.
The residence permit is issued for one year and is renewed annually for 3 years, after which it becomes possible to apply for permanent residence and citizenship. The latter, however, is possible to receive no earlier than 10 years of residence in the country. An important point again is the absence of any problems with the law throughout this period. Significantly speed up the process of obtaining an Italian passport is possible by marrying an Italian citizen.
Touching upon the theme of business immigration, it should be said that the Italian government does not practice issuing citizenship in exchange for large investments, as is common in many EU countries. However, business people are always welcome here.
The initial acquisition of Italian residence permits is advantageous when buying real estate in Italy, since the rights of a resident of the country provide substantial savings, including taxation. In addition, the availability of your own house, villa or apartment is a prerequisite for obtaining an Italian residence permit. A foreigner who does not possess a residence permit, when buying real estate, as a rule, must have a guarantor – an Italian resident. If you have a residence permit in Italy – all these restrictions are removed.
For wealthy applicants, immigrating, getting immigration in Italy – not a problem, if you turn to the services of professionals – specialists of the “European holding company of Denis Miller”.
Foreign citizens wishing to stay in Italy for more than three months in connection with the acquisition of real estate or for business purposes should apply for a permanent residence permit.
For those who want to open their business in Italy, or acquire an existing company with a certain type of economic activity, we can offer a wide range of ready-made businesses.
In Italy, there are no special requirements for residents to taxes paid to a company or an entrepreneur, annual turnover, the number of employees hired, etc.
The requirements for a candidate for obtaining the right to reside in Italy on the basis of the Lavoro Autonomo motive are formulated in the laws on foreigners and are reduced to the absence of a ban on employment by the chosen type of activity and, of course, the absence of violations of Italian legislation, European and international law.
Requirements from the Italian state to the financial possibilities of the applicant depend on the specific version of the chosen procedure, the type of activity and even the region in which the business will be conducted. These can be amounts from 10 000 Euro to 50 000 Euro. This money remains in full possession of the immigrant, but they must be shown on a personal account.
The immigration process of acquiring a residence in Italy takes 4 to 6 months and consists of several stages.
The result of the immigration procedure is the acquisition of the resident status of Italy’s residence permit, confirmed by a residence permit (“permesso di soggiorno”) and many other documents. Further, the candidate can apply for Italian citizenship.
Among the new opportunities provided by Italian law, incl. and for citizens of Russia (and the CIS countries) such motive of entry and residence as an independent work of an insubordinate nature in Italy (Lavoro Autonomo), which assumes the right to independent professional activity.
Immigration to Italy, the receipt (residence permit) of a residence permit is not an easy procedure, requiring a thorough, professional approach, then this task can be solved legally.
To avoid unpleasant consequences, or not at all to face the need to abandon the wonderful idea of emigration to Italy, it is necessary to take care of the legality of the procedure for obtaining a residence permit. All problems are solved by a professional approach to business. And you can just live and enjoy life in Italy.

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