Immigration to Ireland and naturalization in the country.

Immigration to Ireland and naturalization in the country.
Today, we will talk with you, our dear readers, about immigration to Ireland and its final phase, naturalization. For those who do not know, naturalization is the official recognition by the state of an alien as his citizen, with the ceremony of taking the oath of allegiance to the country in the presence of the supreme judge.
The reason for writing this post was our direct participation in the ceremony of obtaining certificates of naturalization in Ireland. We could not, not share with you our impressions and thoughts, about the process described by us.
First, about the impressions from the ceremony of handing out certificates for naturalization. Sit comfortably, our dear ones, since you can experience a small shock from the information you have received.
The fact is that probably few people imagine the scope of obtaining citizenship of Ireland by foreigners. And in fact, at the ceremony that we described, which took place in the conference hall, the Dublin-Docklands area, was attended by one thousand people. And all, on this day, there were four such ceremonies, which received certificates of naturalization, 4 thousand people!
To better represent the scale of the process described by us, we note that from January to June 2012, 13,000 such certificates were awarded. And since the new government came to power (it’s less than a year), only about 25,000 people have received citizenship!
Given that at the moment the population in Ireland is 4.5 million people, we believe that this is a significant enough replenishment of the Irish citizens. And when, readers of our blog write us “tearful” letters about the desire to immigrate to Ireland and the impossibility of obtaining citizenship in this country, we advise you to carefully read the lines of this post, which refers to the number of certificates obtained on naturalization.
Everything is possible if you really want and strive for it! But, we specialize in helping with education in Ireland and therefore can not help you with immigration to Ireland. Although, getting an education in Ireland, can be the first step in such a way. To begin with, we will tell you the general provisions of the Irish immigration rules.
Ireland accepts immigrants in the following areas:
� Immigration for work visas.
� Immigration on the basis of marriage with an Irish citizen or a member of the European Union.
� In connection with obtaining refugee status.
� To reunite a family where one of the family members has a residence permit in Ireland or is a citizen of one of the EU countries.
Each of these areas has its own competitors and its own characteristics, which, moreover, are constantly changing. Thus, immigration to Ireland on working visas narrowed to the size of the invitation to the country for workers in highly technological specialties and, above all, specialties related to computer technology and Internet networks.
But if one of the family members managed to get a work visa, then this is the real way to Ireland for all family members. This applies to those who have one of the spouses passport of an EU citizen and who moved to Ireland. As you already understood, this is immigration on the basis of family reunification.
Significantly decreased the number of positively reviewed cases related to the application of refugee status. For example, in 2011, only about 15% of such applications were granted.
Since January 1, 2005, the article of the constitution on the granting of Irish citizenship by birth has changed. Now, children born to foreign parents can immediately apply for an Irish passport only in cases of legal presence of his parents in Ireland, for 3 or more years, at the time of the birth of the child. Otherwise, children can claim Irish citizenship only after reaching the age of 18, independence from the country of residence.
There are also facts of immigration in Ireland on the basis of marriages with Irish citizens and citizens of the Euro zone countries. And this applies not only to people living on the island of Ireland and marrying here, but also couples who have met outside their countries. Earlier in the post about visas to Ireland, we already talked about such “bride visas”. It’s not surprising, but online dating, lead to such results.
Business ties between Ireland and Russia are gaining momentum. The “Business Forum: Ireland – Russia” functions and a number of joint ventures. So, the employees of these enterprises have the opportunity to immigrate to Ireland on business visas. In addition, individual investors can also apply for a residence permit in Ireland. True, the amount of investment, in such cases, amounts to hundreds of thousands of Euros.
Of course, the ways of immigration to Ireland are quite complex and take several years to complete, but the main thing is that there are such ways, which means that people go through them and will go, regardless of whether you are going with them or watching the process from the outside.
I am a Sudreeme welder by profession and immigration to Ireland does not shine me.
Fortunately, Tenni, there are specialties for which work visas are issued for work in Ireland, and therefore immigration to Ireland is possible!
Unfortunately, a respected reader, the choice of specialties for which you can now obtain a work permit (or find a job) is limited to specialties related to the Internet technology sector.
On an individual basis (as well as in any country), work can be obtained in any industry and in any specialties.
hello.skazhite.could an Irish citizen take the family reunification program: parents, his brother with his wife and child, according to the program. If yes, is this a long procedure?
Unfortunately, the family reunification program assumes the reunification of only close relatives of the family.
Namely, the husband / wife and children! Parents can be picked up only in cases of need to care for them.
Hello. Tell me, we have this situation: I am a Russian citizen, a husband is a stateless person with a permanent residence permit in Estonia. I have two children from my first marriage, my husband has died. And there is a child from a second marriage. All children, like me, have Russian citizenship. Can we count on migration to Ireland, and what is needed for this? Thank you)))
Please re-read the post above! There are grounds for immigration to Ireland.
In your case, you could fulfill your wish if your husband had Estonian citizenship, and not just a residence permit.
All the best to you and your family!
Can you please tell me if I’m going to study in Ireland, to a language school, can I continually prolong the periods of study and get citizenship in 4-5 years?
Unfortunately, studies are not counted when calculating the years when applying for citizenship.
I think that the conviction should not interfere.
But much depends on the immigration officer who will handle this case.

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