Immigration to Holland (Netherlands) from the Russian Federation.

Immigration to Holland (Netherlands) from the Russian Federation.
Holland or the Netherlands – a modern European state, with its mores. It is indisputable that the country is in step with the times and is sufficiently free in views. Here is a highly developed economy, occupying the 16th place in the world. Immigration to Holland is very attractive, moving is always a very complicated process, with a lot of nuances and formalities.
Ways of immigration.
There are five main ways to immigrate to Holland:
Higher education in the country. Doing economically profitable business for Holland. Marriage (marriage) with a citizen / citizen of the state. Work in Holland. Obtaining refugee status.
Obtaining a student visa is the most popular and easy way to move to the Netherlands. The visa is issued for the entire period of study. After graduation, you need to find an employer and sign a contract with him or leave the country.
Opening a business here you need to have sufficient funds and experience in the relevant field. In a year you can get a residence permit in Holland. To do this, you need to show income of more than a thousand euros per month during the year.
Immigration through marriage can be as in the case of registered relationships, and no. Local authorities will study your relationship in detail. This can be different polls, tests, comparison of information from the two sides.
Having lived in the country for 5 years continuously, you can register a permanent place of residence. To do this, you must constantly extend your residence permit. If you missed at least once, then obtaining permanent residence is not possible. We will have to return to our homeland and start the process again.
If your country has a security or life threat, you can immigrate as a refugee. Registration of the status takes place right at the airport by employees of special services. This is a very difficult way to immigrate to Holland. For example, if the situation in your country improves, you can be returned back.
Stages of immigration.
Having arrived on a visa and after living for a while you decided to start the process of immigration to the Netherlands. It includes the following steps:
Receiving a long-term visa or temporary residence permit (residence permit). Request for a regular residence permit. After the lapse of five years of uninterrupted residence, ask for permanent residence and then citizenship.
You can register citizenship in two ways:
Through the option procedure (only for those who have lived in Holland for a long time). Through the procedure of naturalization.
The process of naturalization can begin after 5 years of continuous residence in Holland or in 3 years if you are married to a citizen of the country.
Registration of permanent residence in Russia.
In the case of reunification with the family, you can apply for a permanent residence permit from Russia. For this, all formalities must be observed by a family member in the Netherlands.
Consular fee and time limits for consideration.
The visa fee for a long-term visa will be 35 euros in case of consideration in the usual way and 70 euros urgently.
On average, an application for a long-term visa is considered within 10 days. In some cases, the process may take up to a month.
Tracking the passport and the reasons for the refusal.
Tracking the status of the application is possible on the website of the visa agency by the name and number of the application.
Denial of a visa (residence permit) occurs in the following cases:
Providing false data about yourself. Errors and mistakes in completing the form. In some cases, you can be summoned to the Embassy or Consulate in addition, and in some cases you will not be able to verify the data and will put a stamp with a failure. Passport with expiring period of validity (must exceed the trip dates for 3 months). Insufficient financial guarantees. The purpose of stay is not substantiated.
Registration of permanent residence in Holland.
Permanent residence is issued for an indefinite period. The main reasons for obtaining a treasured document are continuous residence in the country for 5 years and sufficient financial guarantees. After 10 years of living in Holland, the Government will not check your finances.
In the design of permanent residence there are some nuances. Graduates of Dutch universities that have found work for 12 months, can apply for permanent residence. For registration of permanent residence after the lapse of 5 years of residence, you must have a minimum salary of 1,5 thousand euros.
Required documents.
International passport. A certificate confirming the existence of a monthly salary of at least 1.5 thousand euros. Color photo. Application for permanent residence.
Children need to provide a passport and photo. Children under 12 years of age indicate in their application. Children after 12 years of age declare their decision to obtain permanent residence.
Where to apply.
Documents for obtaining permanent residence Holland are submitted to the Department of Civil Affairs at the place of actual residence. After passing the necessary procedures, the documents are sent to the immigration service, where a decision is made to obtain permanent residence.
Since 2006, the law obliges all those who have emigrated to the Netherlands to take the integration exam. The exam consists of three parts:
Check for knowledge of the Dutch society. Checking the possession of spoken speech. Checking the reading and understanding skills of the language.
The exam is taken at the Consulate or Embassy of the Netherlands in your country or in the country of legal residence.
Advantages of permanent residence.
After emigration to Holland from his country begins the procedure for preparing for permanent residence. A permanent residence permit gives an alien almost the same rights as a citizen of the country. Permanent residence is issued indefinitely and it is not necessary to receive it every year as a residence permit.
Having lived in the country for 5 years you can count on getting citizenship. In the case of a marriage with a citizen of the country, citizenship can be obtained after 3 years. To have a passport of a citizen of such a country as Holland is very prestigious and opens many prospects.
Requirements for a candidate.
Mandatory requirements for citizenship:
The candidate must be of legal age, that is, over 18 years of age. Have a valid residence permit or permanent residence. In the past 4 years, do not serve prison and labor punishments, do not commit offenses and do not receive large fines (more than 800 euros). You should not have administrative or criminal cases. You must be ready to swear an oath of respect for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, respect for rights and freedoms. Give a promise to fulfill the duties of a citizen of the country. You must renounce existing citizenship.

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