Immigration to Europe. How to become a citizen of the European country?

Immigration to Europe. How to become a citizen of the European country?
Moving to Europe has become common for our fellow citizens. Every year, new flows of immigrants are sent in search of a new home. It’s not strange, but the fashion for moving to large countries of the European Union and the USA is already dropping. The reason is simple, very high cost of living and even the move itself.
Now more and more often they are looking to the countries “cheaper”, but with no less good conditions for life. Now in the trend – fast immigration to Slovakia
Why Slovakia?
In fact, Slovakia is not as inconspicuous as we used to think. It is a developed country having the highest rates of economic growth in Europe. Many world companies operate here, opening their enterprises.
In favor of Slovakia, the geographical position also plays. The center of Europe, from which you can quickly get to any EU country. Excellent nature, ancient architecture and a developed tourist area, encouraging many tourists to come here all year round.
How to immigrate to Slovakia?
Now it is enough simply to immigrate to Slovakia. Also, students often come here for studies, since a monthly student costs 100-150 euros (a very good hostel), which is very cheap by European standards. By the way, local diplomas are listed in almost all countries.
So, if you have firmly decided on immigration, then you need to decide on the form of registration. Ideally, this is citizenship, but you need to have good reasons for obtaining it. The simplest & ndash; this is a residence permit. It’s easy enough to make out, but you need to regularly renew it. A good option is the registration of a permanent residence. This is a cross between the first two. Its advantages in the long reality. The downside is that once you get a permanent permanent residence is very difficult, and the temporary will have to be renewed on a regular basis.
For those who still decided to link their fate with Slovakia, the best option is citizenship. With him, you definitely do not deport. So, how to obtain citizenship in Slovakia
There are two ways to register citizenship for a person who does not have social privileges. Initially, to issue permanent residence, and after five years to apply for citizenship. Another way is to marry / marry the citizens of Slovakia and live in marriage for at least five years.
Perhaps, however, the timing is for the better. You can find out the country and its people better and understand whether this is the place where you want to spend your whole life. Do you want to become a citizen of Slovakia? Please contact SlovakiaInvest. We will help you on this thorny path to go through all these stages together. Need help with finding real estate, work or university, then you in SlovakiaInvest.
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