Immigration to Argentina.

Immigration to Argentina.
In this material, the main ways of obtaining residence permit in Argentina will be considered. The residence permit is issued for 1 year, then renewed once, that is for one more year. Two years later, in the status of residence permits, you can apply for the citizenship of Argentina, but the review process lasts from one to two years.
List of documents for registration of a residence permit:
1. Company registration documents.
2. Birth certificate,
3. Certificate of marriage (if there were divorces, then a certificate for each divorce)
5. A certificate from the State Customs Service of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation (from the police) on the criminal record (from the certificate of non-conviction, the expiry date is not more than three months from the date of issue)
6. Diploma (if any)
All documents must be certified with an apostille. Translation into Spanish of all these documents is done in Argentina, including your passport. It is not recommended to make a translation into Spanish in Russia. If, upon arrival in Argentina, all documents from the list are higher on hand, an application is submitted to Migracities (Immigration Service) about the desire to stay. In Argentina, at your place of residence, you will be fingerprinted and send a request to Interpol. After the answer from Interpol, you get a referral to the Register de las Personas, the agency that handles passports and DIDs. After filing within 20 days, DIDs are issued.
We draw the attention of potential immigrants to the fact that there is no possibility of immigration in Argentina’s legislation on the basis of company registration alone. That is, the company can be registered, but the foreigner will not be given a residence permit on this basis. To obtain a residence permit you need to choose the program “investor”, and it has very difficult selection criteria. In order to fit into these criteria, it is not enough just to invest in business a statutory amount (1.5 million pesos or 167 thousand US dollars). The investment must be made only in the production sector and workplaces must be created.
Questions and answers:
Answer: Immigration to Argentina is possible on a number of programs? Among them: a working contract; registration of a new enterprise or purchase of a current business; obtaining a residence permit without the right to work for wealthy citizens. Which program are you interested in? And what are the intermediate and final goals?
Answer: For the purposes of obtaining residence permit in Argentina, the purchase of any existing business is suitable, but at least 167,000 USD. Plus, the cost of auditing and reissuing business, which it is not possible to calculate in advance. With regard to obtaining residence permit in Argentina through a working contract, it is simpler, it is not necessary to live permanently, but you have to pay salaries and other taxes, submit your passport to the passport in two years, and receive it in another year. But not everything is so simple, there are a lot of nuances that need to be discussed personally during the meeting at the office.
Answer: Depends on the amount of work. Registration of a residence permit in Argentina for 1 year costs 12,000 USD for 1 person, 15,000 USD for a family up to 4 people. The procedure takes up to two months, sometimes a little more. DAYS, as mentioned above, it is necessary to renew for one year for one year, an official fee for the extension of 15 pesos per year. If you need full support before obtaining the citizenship of Argentina, the cost will be around 30,000 USD. But citizenship can be filed only two years after receiving residence permit.

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