Immigration to America on a L1 or O1 visa. How to leave for the USA?

Immigration to America on a L1 or O1 visa. How to leave for the USA?
Immigration to the United States for people with extraordinary abilities (O-1 visa) and for businessmen (L-1 visa). Information on the process of collecting, filing and processing immigration documents.
Alexander Khvastovich and Eugene are talking about options for immigration in the United States for visas O-1 and L-1.
– Hello everyone, with you Alexander Khvastovich and Eugene. Today we will talk about immigration in the US, and I will talk about the guys from the company Relocation Dreams, or even, probably, more Eugene will tell. Well, Eugene, tell me a little about yourself: what are you doing, what kind of company?
– Of course, hello, dear subscribers of our beloved Alexander Khvastovich! My name is Eugene, some I already know, I’m the CEO of Relocation Dreams. You know, probably, our beautiful project manager Angelica, who tells you about different visas. Today Angelica makes me do this. As an obedient CEO, I do everything that my employees tell me, so I’ll talk to you today.
I wanted to tell you more precisely about what type of client is more suitable for immigration, that is, who will have more chances to get the visa itself. That there is a desire and motivation to go to the US is fine; I only for, if I could help everyone, I would gladly do it. Unfortunately, not everyone can help, so I want to talk about two visas (O-1 and L-1). We have a solution to the problem of how to bring a person to the United States. About these visas Angelica has already said, but I will repeat.
Both visas have a common – this is a double intention, that is, a person can receive a Green Card within a year and a half after receiving a visa, this is the most important thing. I always say when people make videos with me or if I’m interviewed by television, that we are engaged in immigration. You do not buy cars or refrigerators from us. We have a measure of responsibility, so we always like to deal with visas that have a double intention. A person who immigrates, he does not want to just come to work and return, he is interested in receiving a Green Card, so in this case a high level of responsibility falls on us. We do not want to waste your time, effort and money on empty things. I want to tell you who really suits the traditional type of immigration in the United States.
The first category of visas is called O-1 for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement, that is, it is a visa for people who have extraordinary abilities and achievements in certain fields of activity. I’ll give you examples: art, science, business and sport. This may include singers, dancers, poets, writers – all who belong to art; In addition to the activities listed, this category includes people associated with design, web designers; hairdressers too – all people who do something creative, original.
What is required of such people (if they are in Russia): to prove that they have letters in a particular sphere. Take, for example, a singer who has an album released and that can show that he participated in concerts (we are not talking about Philip Kirkorov, this is already a bust). If such a person was abroad on different tours – in general it is fine. The more he has the material for us, the stronger our case will be.
The United States needs an invitation to work, or an agent who works with us will represent talented people in the United States. If you take an example with a singer, he signs a contract for work and will speak in a specified state. We call it so call gigs, that is, the singer is called to sing a month here, a month there.
The visa is obtained for 3 years, it can be extended further. If people are normal and do not do anything illegal, then in 2 years you can apply to the Green Card.
Children and a spouse of a person with extraordinary abilities receive an O-3 visa and with it the opportunity to come to the US on the same rights. The only thing that needs to be noted is that the O-3 visa does not give a work permit for a spouse or spouse. The main applicant (a person with the O-1 visa) can work in his profession or, at least, in the profession that is related to his field of activity. For example, we bring a person who has a PhD degree (Ph.D.) and teaches history, and he can do it not only to the university, but also, say, in the school or in the synagogue, the church – the main thing is that it concerns permission for work of the applicant, which O-1 gives him.
To us also many photographers are drawn, singers, designers. We can help these people with contracts, and most importantly – it’s an agent who will represent them in the US.
Once again I will say: if a person is just a hairdresser who in his city and in his district is known as the best who makes a “Canadian” (kind of hair), then this, of course, is not enough. It should be understood that in the legal case there should be as much documentation as possible, with the help of which it is possible to prove a person’s abilities. This is all about the O-1 visa.
– Such a question: how much does it take approximately in time, if a person decided to apply for O-1 visa, the entire process of processing documents from the moment they are filed?
– First of all, it depends on the client, that is, how fast he will submit the documentation. There are customers very operational, and there are those who spend a little more time collecting documents. On average, the process takes 6 – 7 months, but often there are different cases, when everything takes more time. Sometimes the migration service asks for additional documents, or we feel that the case is not very strong, and in that case we will ask the client for more documents. Instead of filing a few documents and receiving a refusal or submitting additional documents, we better wait a bit to add more documents to the case and file all at once.
We always try, that the process of registration of documents entered in a period of 6 – 7 months. Plus, the migration service checks documents within 3 months if the accelerated process is not paid, and if paid – within 2 weeks. We send the case itself, and it takes 2 weeks to count down when we receive confirmation that the documents have been accepted (about 10 days after sending).
– That is, a person should expect to save about a year in advance, right?
– In order not to receive an answer for the customer for the O-1 visa for a year, it’s a bit strange. For me it makes no sense to just file documents. I want a person to receive his visa, so it’s better for me to be checked several times. I care about customers, they are our people, I know them by name almost all the time, it’s important for me that they get a visa, so we want to serve as a strong case as possible.
The second category is L-1 visas, we call them business visas. In legal terms, this is the translation of a key link from the parent company to the subsidiary. Under this paragraph we make a small manipulation: businessmen, co-founders or high officials – we translate, say, from a Russian or Ukrainian firm into an American one.
Take, for example, a businessman. He must have a firm in his country for at least a year, and the firm must be profitable – this is logical. The turnover of the firm, which we ask from the client, should be 150-200 thousand dollars a year, there should be employees. The amount that I named is not spelled out in the legislation, but it, according to our practice, is minimally required. Employees must be at least 3 people.
– That is, it is the creation of a subsidiary in America.
– No, I’m talking about the Russian firm. As I said, there must be at least 3 employees, but the more, the better. If the business has $ 2 million turnover per year, plus 20 employees – it’s gorgeous, it’s better than not! I just call the minimum requirements that we put forward to clients.
Business should be official. When we say “official” – this word is painful in the context of doing business in the CIS.
– Everything must be legally recorded.
– Yes, everything has to be fixed, there must be payroll’y (payroll), reports on paid taxes, on deductions to the Pension Fund and so on. The same goes for the revolutions. If a person tells me that his firm brings $ 2 billion, but officially can show that the income is 1,000 dollars a month, then it will not help me, because I can not prove anything. Such cases have already occurred. You ask the person: “How many workers do you have?” – “Forty.” “How much officially?” “I and my wife.” Simply “smart”! This is about the Russian company.
Next, we create an American subsidiary in the US, and the person is transferred from a Russian firm to an American firm to head it. The first year is an administrative year, no one obliges a person to have employees, but if they are, it’s fine. The visa is given for 1 year. What is being done in the US: a business plan is being written for 5 years, a subsidiary is opened, an office is rented, a bank account is opened for which you need to put the amount of money, thus showing that the parent company has the financial ability to contain at least the director’s salary. The larger the amount, the better, but 25 – 30 thousand dollars will need to be put on the account.
First the visa is given for 1 year. When people come to the US and start work, we are applying for a visa extension in 9 months, and it is given for another 3 years. As soon as the firm becomes profitable … or on average in the region of 2 years it is already possible to apply to the Green Card, in the variant with this visa there is also a double intention; the spouse or spouse and children receive the L-2 visa.
The difference between O-3 and L-2, that is, visas for our second half, is that with a L-2 visa, the spouse or spouse can work, and the children can learn.
It is very important to note that the Russian company can not be closed until the Green Card is received, that is, the parent company must exist, it is impossible to simply take it and close it, because a subsidiary company without it can not exist.
Businessmen who want to open a branch or a subsidiary company, transfer their director or deputy to manage the firm, can do it without problems. As I said, you can not close a Russian company. This is important to understand, because people want to emigrate and close all that is.
It’s all about visas. Are there any questions?
– How long is this compared to O-1? The whole process with the O-1 visa can take up to 1 year approximately, and L-1?
– The L-1 visa is done a little faster in an accelerated process; and the standard variant, as in the case of the O-1 visa, occurs in the region of 6 to 7 months. But according to L-1, the process goes a little faster than O-1, because after the contract is signed, a list of documents is given, and almost always the businessman himself collects them, but his accountant, and he does not need to collect recommendations, albums, as in the case with singers for example. The accountant is given the entire history of the firm (you need to confirm that it works for a minimum of 1 year), reports, payroll’y, statements and so on. Businessmen act in an organized manner and, having received a list of documents, collect them, translate and file them.
It is important (which our customers know about and your subscribers, I think, too) that all documents must be in English. And almost all businessmen choose an accelerated process, because they set a goal, as in business, and try to arrive as soon as possible. The answer is almost always they get for 2 weeks. But almost always the migration service, as they say in Russian lingo, in order to cheer up, asks for additional documents. And the mail is always the documents that we have already given to its representatives. They want to show that they are stronger and smarter. We make copy & paste (copy and send) what has already been sent, and they confirm. This is information about O-1 and L-1.
I wanted to talk a little more about the event that we are doing. I think many who watch your channel and in general videos about America, especially those who dream of emigration, know that July 4 will be the US Independence Day. To this event, we prepared an action in the form of a voucher with a discount of $ 500, which will be valid until July 4. You yourself know how important this holiday is in the US, people are walking, doing barbecue and so on. Therefore, we decided to give a small bonus to our customers for this holiday, let’s just say. For each visa – a voucher of $ 500 to a little to please people. So contact (site:, and our managers will contact you; you will say that you have a voucher; We accept all the vouchers, there will not be such that we accept the part, but the part is not. You will get your $ 500 discount, no problem, from me to you.
– Will the voucher be attached to the questionnaire or can you specify information in it?
– As you wish. You can simply fill out your details and receive an e-mail voucher. It’s worth using it – it’s a very good discount.
“Very well, thank you, Eugene.” Very interesting information.
– Guys, you can find out information about the company on the site, fill out a questionnaire, get a voucher with a discount of 500 for company services. Eugene, thank you very much.
– It’s my pleasure! All for now!
“Come on, guys, for now.”
For the questionnaire for L-1 and O-1 visas, write to [email protected]
Moving to the US is difficult, but there are categories of people who can afford it:
& mdash; Investors. It is enough to invest from 1 million dollars and after 2 years all family members will receive permanent resident status (EB-5 visa).
& mdash; You can also open a branch of an existing company in America or buy a ready business in the US (from $ 100,000). This will give you the right to obtain a working visa L-1, which can be exchanged for a green card.
& mdash; Famous athletes, musicians, writers and other extraordinary people can move on a working O-1 visa.
& mdash; In case of oppression by the state for religious, political reasons or humiliation because of belonging to gay minorities, you can request political asylum in the US (asylum).
& mdash; Short-term can be located in the US tourist visa B1 / B2.
& mdash; You can also get a second higher education in the United States, after studying for 1-3 years.
Write to us if you want to emigrate to the USA and come up one of the points above. We work with proven immigration attorneys and business brokers to help realize your dreams.
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