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Nulla osta by the motive lavoro autonomo.
In order to move to Italy for permanent residence you need to get a permesso di soggiorno – a temporary residence permit.
The basis for obtaining permesso di soggiorno is the correctly chosen motive.
The basis for obtaining permesso di soggiorno is the correctly chosen motive. According to the Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri on December 14, 2015, the residence permit for lavoro autonomo within the quota may include persons belonging to the following categories:
1). Entrepreneurs who have provided an investment plan for an amount not less than 500 thousand euros and envisaging the creation of at least 3 jobs.
2). Persons of liberal professions (liberi professionisti) are regulated or not regulated, but represented on the list of national associations published by the Ministry of Justice.
3). Participants and administrators of legal entities registered in Italy under Decree No. 850 of 11/05/2011.
4). The creators of innovative projects “Start-up innovative” in accordance with Law No. 221 of 17.12.2012.
For foreigners considering business immigration (lavoro autonomo) there are the following grounds for obtaining a residence permit:
Lavoro autonomo is an independent work activity.
The residence permit by the motive Lavoro autonomo is also provided for:
a) managers of companies.
b) highly qualified specialists of companies that are tax residents of Italy or branches of foreign companies registered in Italy (outside of quotas)
c) teachers of a foreign language in an educational institution in Italy.
d) professors of universities, applicants for a scientific degree or conducting research in Italian universities or research institutes.
In translation, Nulla osta means “no obstacles”.
Nulla osta issued on the motive lavoro autonomo testifies to the absence of obstacles for the applicant to implement the chosen motive of the activity.
Nulla osta on the motive lavoro autonomo is an obligatory document, which is necessary for obtaining permesso di soggiorno in Italy on the motive “independent labor activity”.
A request for Nulla osta is filed with Ufficio immigrazione (Questura) at the place of business (including planned) by the applicant.
As an application, documents must be attached to the request, depending on the chosen motive, incl. documents evidencing the existence of housing conditions (a lease agreement, a contract of sale and so on).
The term for consideration of the request is 20 calendar days.
In the case of a positive examination of documents, a blank with a decision date is put on the Nulla osta or l’attestazione dei parametri economico-finanziari form.
The validity of Nulla osta is 120 days from the date of issue.
Registration of Attestazione dei parametri economico-finanziari – a declaration of compliance of economic and financial parameters is necessary for a number of reasons. The document is issued Camera di Commercio in the event that the financial indicators correspond to the established parameters.
2. Request for a visa D in the Consulate of Italy in the country of main residence.
Registration of a visa D is one of the most complicated procedures for obtaining a residence permit in Italy.
Employees of the Consulate are authorized to issue a refusal in a number of cases.
The reasons for refusing a visa D can be studied here:
The list of documents is available on the official website of the visa center of Italy.
The main task is to provide evidence of sufficient financial stability of the applicant and the existence of serious reasons for returning to the country of main residence before the expiration of the visa D.
3. After the applicant receives a visa D, one can enter Italy and apply for permesso di soggirno.
The time limit for submitting a request for permesso di soggiorno must not exceed 8 days from the date of crossing the border with Italy.
The request is submitted through the post office in the form of KIT. It will be required to pay the state. duty (the size depends on the length of the requested permesso di soggiorno) and mail services.
By sending a request to KIT in Ufficio immigrazione (Questura), the applicant receives a receipt – RICEVUTA and the date of the visit to the authorized body for the presentation of the original documents of the applicant.
We offer professional support for the procedure of obtaining a residence permit for Italy without failures and delays.
Buying a ready business in Italy.
Buying a stake in an operating company in Italy entitles you to a permesso di soggiorno.
Education in Italy.
Education in the educational institution of Italy entitles to receive permesso di soggiorno on motive per motivi di studio.
Permesso di soggiorno by the motive of Lavoro autonomo is one of the most rational ways of business immigration to Italy.
The chosen place of residence.
Permesso di soggiorno by motif residenza elletiva will allow to live in Italy without the obligation to conduct commercial activity.
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