Immigrant visa for residence in another country.

Immigrant visa for residence in another country.
Immigrant visa for residence in another country on a permanent basis is quite complex and laborious in its receipt of the type of permits. It has its own specifics of design, which must be known to Russian applicants, who are hungry for a visa for permanent residence in a particular country.
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Visa for moving abroad: the price of registration in Moscow.
The visa for moving to the listed countries to Russians can be issued in Moscow as quickly as possible and with the highest level of service – it is enough to apply to the specialists of our company. The basic cost of obtaining a visa for permanent residence in different countries through our Moscow service and visa center is presented in the second column of the table:
* – the price of a visa for immigration is specified without taking into account service and consular fees (where there are any). To clarify the details it is necessary to directly contact the employees of Visa Complex.
Visas for permanent residence: the meaning of obtaining.
First, let’s clearly define what is the meaning of such a document and what gives its holder an immigrant visa.
Registration of a visa for immigration (that is, direct entry into a specific country for long-term residence in it) gives its holder the following rights and privileges that are not granted to recipients of tourist, business and other types of nonimmigrant visas:
The ability to continuously stay in the territory of a foreign state, the holder of a residence visa in which the Russian is, throughout the validity period of the authorization document. For the overwhelming majority of countries, a visa for moving is issued for a five-year term, which the recipient can spend on the territory even without leaving (unlike, for example, the longest multivisa, which means staying in the country for no longer than 6 months throughout the year). Ability to travel to any part of the country that issued a visa for relocation without informing its authorities and agreeing on routes and time of stay in specific localities; A citizen who has a permanent residence visa and the permanent resident status therefrom will be able to work in the host country, obtain a local driver’s license, receive medical insurance and appropriate services, train children, buy real estate and cars, and others. The presence of a permanent residence visa distinguishes its owner from a citizen only by the lack of the right to vote in elections and to hold public office. In fact, an immigrant visa is an important step towards obtaining the citizenship of the foreign state that issued it. Having legally lived in a foreign country in the status of a permanent resident for a certain number of years, a Russian citizen can change his citizenship.
Immigrant visa for permanent residence: grounds for receipt.
Each of the varieties of the above-mentioned visas for immigration to a particular country has its own specifics of the processing procedure and requires the provision of a different list of documents. We will try to briefly introduce you to the nuances of obtaining each of the above visas, granting their holders the status of a permanent resident of a certain state.
Family immigrant visa.
Immigrant visa for residence of family members of a permanent resident is the most common type of entry permit for moving to another country. The nearest relatives of a permanent resident have high chances of obtaining a permission to move when submitting the next mandatory list of documents, which will be presented later. Depending on the degree of kinship with the resident, his relatives will have to fill out application forms of various forms, the content of which is established by the requirements of a particular state.
Working visas for immigration specialists.
Visas for immigration are often provided to workers and professionals with high qualifications when concluding a long-term employment contract with a foreign company. In some cases, some states grant permanent resident status to unskilled workers, as well as to investors who have made or are willing to contribute a certain amount of money to the economy of the state of residence or to run their own business there.
Those specialists who need a permanent residence visa must, in addition to submitting all documents, confirm their high level of knowledge of the foreign language (English or one of the state languages of the country of future residence).
Visas for the immigration of political refugees.
The form of immigrant visas for Russian citizens who are not very often issued is quite rare, but, nevertheless, it exists. In order to obtain such an authorization document for the right to reside in another country, in addition to providing mandatory information, the applicant must prove that under the existing ruling regime there is a direct threat to his life or health because of political, religious or other convictions.
Documents for a visa for residence abroad.
Documents for a visa for residence abroad, which a Russian citizen must provide to the embassy of the country in question for obtaining a permit for permanent residence, include:
A copy of the applicant’s internal passport, evidencing his Russian citizenship; Foreign passport, the validity of which exceeds the period of residence abroad; Two photos, the requirements of the visa department of the embassy of the country of entry; The corresponding form of the questionnaire filled in a foreign language; Medical card with confirmation of examination in medical institutions accredited by the state of desired immigration. The remaining documents directly depend on the type of immigrant visa requested. These include, for example: Documents confirming the relationship with a permanent resident of the state where the applicant wishes to leave for permanent residence (for a family immigration visa); Document confirming the qualification of a specialist (for a working visa with the right of permanent residence); Documents on the introduction of the established amount of funds in the economy of the country or the availability of ownership in its territory (for investors).
It is worth bearing in mind that during the process of issuing any visa for permanent residence abroad, you will most likely have to pass an interview with an embassy official. In its course, additional documents may be required to confirm this or that information about the applicant.
Visas for residence abroad: registration in Moscow.
If you are thinking how to get an immigrant visa to a particular state in Moscow with minimal loss of time and nerves, our specialized center will be happy to help you in this task. We will prepare and submit all necessary documents in the shortest time, guaranteeing the completeness and correctness of their registration. This will significantly improve the success of obtaining the desired permission for immigration in the country of interest to our client.

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