Illegal migration: Great Britain.

Illegal migration: Great Britain.
Going definitely is not now: many of your brethren pray to let them go home. But if you are still going, carefully consider the choice of the city: if you like walking in the rain and the accompanying romance, choose Liverpool or Manchester – here rains last 220-230 days a year, but in London there are only 180.
In order to get to England, it’s enough to buy a ticket and a tourist visa, and then just stay, so interrogations on passport control there are always so biased. But the majority of illegal immigrants did not philosophize for a long time, slukaviv on passport control, that the purpose of their travel is tourism. Despite the fact that you need to be on the alert, do not live in constant fear: the British border agency is still looking for more than 150 thousand illegal immigrants, the population of the whole city of Oxford.
It is in Britain that the company will not need you exactly: fewer people – more oxygen. Competing for jobs, you will regret a thousand times that they took with them on a trip a couple of friends.
Yoga allowance – it is better for you to learn to live without food and money, being content only with meditation. In recent months, there are no jobs on the island and illegal immigrants pray for deportation, but who will let them go.
In the light of not the best financial situation, Britain will have to live on the streets of London, if you do not find a bed with relatives and friends.
In addition to working as a plasterer or a cook in a small tent, as in all other countries, in England an illegal Indian has a unique opportunity to get a job as a cabman: you will not have to carry a tuktuk around your neck, you can get a driver in a real London cab. Do not be confused by ignorance of the city – no one knows, and in general, most of your customers are also not local and they will not be confused by a couple of circles that you wind around one place. But in general you can easily arrange their own: it is the Hindus along with the Russians included in the lists of the most influential people in England.
The easiest way to legalize in Britain is for lovers: after entering Britain, it’s enough to get married with any citizen of the European Union, and you will be required to issue a British work visa. And here do not suit all sorts of checks, as in the States.
The film and the book “More Ben”: see how Russian illegals live, and try to avoid their mistakes.
Akshmi Mittal – eight years in a row the richest man in England, who earned money on steel sales and founded his company’s headquarters in London. Sri and Gopi Hinduj – these brothers are in the fourth place of the richest people in England, their enterprises are engaged in the energy, automotive and defense industries in India and around the world.
There is a lot of money here, but not a lot of work, so it’s worth to go here if you are ready not only for the fog of Albion, but also for a deep immersion in British culture.

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