How to prove that the relationship is not a fiction: a wedding and moving to the US.

How to prove that the relationship is not a fiction: a wedding and moving to the US.
If you have planned to enter the United States, having received a visa of the bridegroom / bride, you will need to pass an interview. And one of the main tasks that you will have to solve on it is to prove that your relations are not fictitious. So, even at the stage of “roses and sweets” stock up with evidence of the seriousness of your intentions towards each other. Or, at least, give this training a few months.
Moving to the US: no fake marriages!
What can be taken as evidence of the truth of feelings and the seriousness of intentions? Here is a short list of classic “documents”:
& # 8212; joint photos and videos from various events, with relatives of each other, in the circle of friends;
& # 8212; payment documents for telephone conversations, evidencing the presence of permanent contact between you;
& # 8212; classic letters in envelopes and postcards;
& # 8212; documents evidencing the existence of common bank accounts;
& # 8212; evidence of joint ownership of real estate;
& # 8212; visas in the passport, proving visits to each other.
For what is all this necessary and what exactly is necessary to prove? No, you will not have any complaints if your lover is thirty years older. And no one will make a claim, if for some time you plan to live separately, seeing two or three times a year: such marriages in the US are called “Hollywood”.
By submitting all of the above evidence, you must convince the officials:
& # 8212; that marriage from both sides is a conscious and voluntary decision;
& # 8212; that none of the two people marrying does this for material rewards.
What can push immigration officers into such thoughts? First of all, the spontaneity of the decision and short-term relations, the certificate of dissolution of the previous marriage (why?) And sudden love at first sight, exclusively “recent” evidence of the intimate relationship of the bride and groom brought to the business trip. There may be other reasons.
But to convince immigration officers that your marriage is the most that neither is the real one but after you enter the United States. So, if you are married for less than two years, you will receive only a conditional Green Card. And to get unconditional, your marriage can be subjected to another check on the interview.
How is it decided to solve such a problem? One option is Stokes interview, which can be a serious test even for those who have serious feelings for each other.
Stokes interview is a separate interview of spouses, conducted to find out the fictitiousness or the authenticity of their marriage. For a positive result, it is required that the number of non-coincident answers is not more than 30%. Questions are divided into several categories: about relationships, about the partner, household, about the technique in the house, about the kitchen, about the bedroom and others. In addition, questions from the category “what happened yesterday” are very popular. You may be asked which of you yesterday took out the garbage, what and where you ate for tomorrow, what medicines each of you enjoys, what hobbies and preferences in music. So there is a sense to prepare, but surprises can not be avoided …
In addition, you can ask a few questions about the photos you submitted: where and when they were made, what kind of people are on the bottom, what specific events are recorded on them.
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