How to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

How to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.
Sunny country with a very comfortable climate and inexpensive real estate & # 8211; this is the first thing you can tell about Portugal to those who are going to change their place of residence. But, despite these advantages, the country does not enjoy such success with immigrants, as, for example, neighboring Spain, where the level of housing prices is an order of magnitude higher. Nevertheless, we will try to find out what is needed in order to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.
The advantages of immigration to Portugal.
One can not leave aside the indisputable advantages of living in this state. In addition, that you have the opportunity to enjoy all of its natural goods, there is also a number of additional benefits:
there is practically no crime; there is an opportunity to travel freely throughout the Schengen; the right to obtain citizenship appears after 6 years of permanent residence in the country.
If we compare Portugal with other European countries, it is worth noting that the migration policy of this state is very simple and accessible. Even a person with a not very high level of income is quite capable of passing all the formalities and costs in the process of legalizing his stay.
Stages of moving.
The receipt of a residence permit is provided for those who chose this country as their new homeland, or for those who are forced to stay here more than 6 months a year. You need to submit documents to the Office for Work with Foreigners (SEF), which deals with applications and issuing visa cards, & # 8211; they are in Portugal the identity card of foreigners.
The whole mechanism for obtaining a permanent residence permit (residence permit) in Portugal involves several stages. Each of them is limited to a certain period of permissible stay in the country:
up to three months & # 8211; a fairly ordinary visa; 3-12 months & # 8211; should obtain a temporary residence permit in the above Office (temporary residence permit); longer period & # 8211; applying for a residence permit.
The provisional document is issued for 1 year with the right of further extension for another 2 years. The application for prolongation is submitted one month before the expiry of the term. In addition, the applicant requires proof of the availability of funds for further stay in the country, confirmation of residence and the absence of criminal records.
The second version of the document has no validity period, but it requires regular updating after every five years or when changing personal data. To submit documents for permanent residence permit (permanent residence) it is possible only under certain conditions:
You are a holder of a temporary residence permit for at least 5 years. During your stay in the country you were not brought to criminal or administrative responsibility. You have enough money and you are provided with housing. You speak Portuguese.
Residence permit in Portugal: Video.
Grounds for moving.
Just a great desire to move to Portugal is not enough. A convincing argument is needed, or in other words, a foundation. The following are the most acceptable:
Opening your own business.
This method of immigration is the most optimal, because the country is famous for its flexible tax system and loyal conditions for the opening of its company. The authorized capital is only 5000 euros, a week after which you can already use them at your discretion. At the same time, you can begin the registration process while you are still in Russia. To do this, you need to register an enterprise, apply for a resident visa, go to Portugal and after 5 years declare your intention to obtain a permanent residence document. Registration of all necessary papers, however, can take from 12 to 24 months.
Another way to go on permanent residence in Portugal & # 8211; it is to get a job in a company officially registered in the country. To begin with, a contract is concluded with you; he is registered with the Labor Office, and on the basis of the contract an invitation is made for you as an employee who is sent to the migration service. Further medical and social insurance are issued, and only after that a working visa is issued for 1 year, which can then be extended to five years, if your employer is interested in your person.
On the basis of marriage, you can settle in Portugal, only if you can prove your relationship with the chosen one or the chosen one before the wedding. If you are suspected of creating a fictitious marriage, you will never enter this country again. But on the fact of marriage, a residence permit can be obtained after a year of living together, and permanent residence. in another three.
To immigrate to the country that has attracted you successfully, prepare the following documents for a resident visa:
the questionnaire; documents on financial well-being and declaration of intent; a certificate on the absence of dangerous infectious diseases; confirmation of the availability of housing; a certificate stating that you were not convicted; international passport; medical insurance; Other documents, depending on the reason you chose to move.
A good argument in your favor will be the acquisition of real estate in this country, given the fact of its unique cheapness (relative to other countries, of course).
Do not, however, forget that this is not the basis for legalizing your stay in Portugal. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare another plan, according to which this country will become your homeland.

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