How to move to live in Ecuador.

How to move to live in Ecuador.
Immigration to Ecuador has recently become very popular among our compatriots. Here prevails a warm climate. Nature pleases exotic beauty, and the cost of living is at an adequate level. The domestic and foreign economies are growing from year to year. The price of life remains unchanged. If you manage to leave for permanent residence in Ecuador, you will have access to many countries without the need for a visa. But this is not all the advantages of staying here.
Features of visa registration and its advantages.
To emigration to Ecuador from Russia was successful, it is not necessary for our compatriots to issue a visa. It is enough to have a valid civil document. You do not have to pay anything either. As soon as a Russian arrives at the airport, he is asked to fill out a small questionnaire. Next is the automatic acquisition of a tourist visa to Ecuador, which remains relevant for a three-month period.
In some cases, to strengthen the control of visitors, the authorities allow only such a visa, which allows you to stay in Ecuador for not more than 2 months. But tourists have the opportunity to stay here longer than the specified time. They can extend the duration of stay in the country for a month. This is available to them for free.
If you want to stay here even longer in time, in this case you will have to go to the migration police, having good reasons. But even if a further presence in Ecuador is approved, the traveler will have to pay a fee of $ 10.
Note! Emigration to Ecuador excludes the possibility of doing business or finding a job in the first years of stay in the country.
If you ignore the above rule, you can be sent to prison for a month. For those who plan to go here to work, a special type of visa is envisaged. It has a long-term character. Rather, they are neither much nor little, but as many as 50! We list the most common:
A special visa for those who do not want to open their own business or work. Such a document can be issued by investors and owners of securities. The same goes for property owners. After living in Ecuador for 3 years and investing 1400 dollars plus 400 dollars for each person who came with a tourist, the latter acquires the status of a full-fledged citizen of the country. But during all these years he should not continue to work, keep records on business and so on. The only thing that he has the right to do is to withdraw interest from the deposit. After obtaining the status of a citizen of Ecuador, all these restrictions are removed. A special type of permit designed for people who want to start their own business in the country. A person has all civil rights, except for the right to vote in elections. He also can not get a job for the next three years. A person will need an investment of $ 1,000 on arrival in the country. Also for 3 months he will have to donate $ 20,000 to the development of the economy of Ecuador. All this time he must be on the territory of the country. A special visa for people who were invited by their potential employers and entered into contracts. The document is distributed to co-owners of companies in Ecuador. Over the next three years, a citizen has no right to run his own business and work in some other company. If the contract is terminated within the specified time, the visa will also be canceled. A visa that is valid for 6 months and allows a person to work temporarily. After the expiration of this period, it must be reissued. Maximum can be done two times. Such a permit is suitable for people who plan to come to Ecuador for an initial acquaintance with this state and for further decision-making. For half a year it is quite possible to understand for yourself whether it is worth staying in a permanent place of residence or considering other options. Special visa for people in refugee status. Issued for one year. Provides the possibility of temporary employment, registration of their own business, unimpeded entry and exit from the territory of the state. After 12 months it can be reissued again.
According to the people who tried to stay in Ecuador, it’s easiest to come here as a refugee. At the same time, a minimum of costs is assumed and it is not necessary and to provide documents on employment. The traveler comes to the country and after 2 weeks he is invited for an interview. And after three months he is granted refugee status. Even after 2 years he can claim the title of a full-fledged citizen of Ecuador.
Last changes.
Recently, the migration rules have become somewhat tougher. For example, if a tourist arrives on an investor’s visa and does not confirm his investment in the period indicated by the law, he faces deportation. Those who have a residence permit must stay within the state for the first 3 years without a break. If a person has acquired a migration visa of any type, without having issued a temporary document, the document available in his hand will be considered illegal.
Men who married a citizen of Ecuador and have a child from her, can expect to reduce the time of obtaining permanent residence until 2 years.
Note! To register the citizenship of Ecuador will have to pass examinations in a number of disciplines. This is history, the geography of the state and the basic laws.
The new-born citizen of the country has the right to change the name and surname that were given to him at birth.
About advantages.
There are several reasons why emigration to Ecuador from Russia is attractive. The reviews confirm that this is a suitable country for moving to a permanent place of residence. Russians love her for a peaceful environment. They speak of the local residents as very friendly. The state itself encourages the movement of foreign citizens. People who received higher education in Russia, very much.
are in demand. Even in comparison with the native inhabitants, the salary of Russians in Ecuador is much higher. Education received in local institutions is not particularly appreciated here. That’s why Russians are happy to hire, and are ready to pay them higher salaries.
A Russian can receive, living in Ecuador, an average of $ 400 per person. At the same time, the standard of living is such that he can live on this money, not refusing anything in himself. But it happens that the salary reaches $ 2,000 per month. With such a payment, you can safely rent a large and spacious apartment in the capital and hire yourself a servant. According to the stories of compatriots, people of old age often come to Ecuador for permanent residence.
What to do while living in the country?
Russians in Ecuador can safely establish their own business. The most popular areas here are the following:
The property. Prices are low. The apartment consisting of 1 room can be purchased for 25 thousand. e. You can surrender it every month, getting good money. The influx of tourists is constantly observed. Therefore, you can not doubt that the apartment will be in demand. Business on auto. Perhaps someone will surprise, but Russian cars in Ecuador are buying with great enthusiasm. Internet cafe. Ecuadorians are very fond of such institutions. To open it, you do not need much money, and incomes will become regular. They will keep at a level of 600 to 1 thousand. e. Every month.
As you can see, the emphasis is on own business. For this, there is a favorable soil. Taxes are low, moreover, profits coming from abroad are not at all controlled by special departments.
The only disadvantage of living in Ecuador is the education system. It is far from ideal here, and therefore Russians often have to think about educating their children in other states.

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