How to move to Kaliningrad for permanent residence.

How to move to Kaliningrad for permanent residence.
Kaliningrad can be called the most mysterious city in Russia. Its distance from the capital is not so great as many other cities scattered across the vast expanses of the country. But one very important feature makes it unique: this city has no common borders with Russia. From all sides it is surrounded by neighbors who belong to a friendly European family. It is this particular location that attracts not only many Russians, but also former compatriots from the CIS countries who are striving to move to permanent residence in Kaliningrad.
The attractiveness of Kaliningrad.
What is the reason for the attractiveness of Kaliningrad for immigrants? It turns out that this city can offer its residents a lot of advantages:
A beautiful mild maritime climate formed by the proximity of the Baltic Sea. The unique beauty of the ancient architecture. Convenient movement on the territory of neighboring European countries in the presence of a visa. Ability to work abroad and receive a salary in euros. Summer vacation on sandy beaches. Inexpensive by Russian standards, real estate. A rich cultural life. High level of ecological cleanliness.
And indeed, the attractive climate of the Kaliningrad region is characterized by the mildness of the winter and the sunshine and warmth of the summer period. Doctors recommend it even to those who have long lived in the Arctic. The proximity of the Baltic coast gives residents the opportunity to spend vacations on its beaches. And, despite the fact that the swimming season is rather short, the sea and sights of the former Koenigsberg attract a large number of tourists from different corners of the world.
Kaliningraders themselves have the opportunity, by a simplified transit permit, to travel around the territory of neighboring Lithuania and Latvia, and also to travel to Poland for purchases or work without hindrance, visiting cities located not more than 150 kilometers from the border line.
The tourist attractiveness of the city and the low cost of housing give the residents of the city the opportunity to receive passive income by renting newcomers located both within the city and beyond. Even after the closure of the swimming season, tourists are not in a hurry to leave the cozy ancient walls of Kaliningrad, continuing to tirelessly admire its parks, buildings, churches and sculptural groups.
The city lives an active cultural life all year round, offering residents and guests many festivals, theatrical holidays and concerts. The KVN teams come here in the summer, and the World Cup will be held here. In addition, the proximity to Europe gives the city a very special atmosphere and lifestyle.
Representatives of the most diverse nationalities from among former compatriots who have moved to a permanent place of residence in this city from the countries of the Near Abroad live in Kaliningrad. Published in 2017, statistics show that annually in the Kaliningrad region moves up to 10,000 people. Almost half of them come from the state program on resettlement, which gives the right to new residents of the region to obtain Russian citizenship.
The minuses of life in Kaliningrad.
If you treat the issue of resettlement with a sufficient degree of seriousness, future residents of the city should know that moving to Kaliningrad may imply some disadvantages. Of course, there are not so many of them, but for some categories of citizens they can turn into significant difficulties.
The most serious problem is the territorial isolation of the Kaliningrad region from the rest of Russia. The easiest way to get to the city by plane, but this way is also the most expensive, since air travel in Russia does not differ in cheapness and availability. To overcome the distance by car or train, the traveler will have to issue transit visas for travel through the territories of neighboring European countries.
Another way to get to the city is to use the ferry departing from the port in St. Petersburg. In this case, you can transport your favorite car to your new home. But the price of a ferry can be compared with the cost of a flight ticket.
For those who were not afraid of the need to regularly overcome barriers on their way home, the city prepared another problem. True, it is most concerned with motorists. Considering that Kaliningrad is a fairly old European city with traditionally narrow streets and lack of parking spaces, amateurs should drive for hours in traffic on the way to work and home. Particularly difficult situation with traffic is formed in the old urban areas, not designed for intensive traffic flow.
And at last it is necessary to say that Kaliningrad can not be called silent. Its inhabitants are forced to live in the thick of the tourist stream that does not cease throughout the year. In addition, a rich cultural life makes the city boil both day and night.
If the pluses outweighed the disadvantages, and the desire to move to permanent residence in Kaliningrad remained firm, it is time to collect the necessary documents and go to a distant way.
Moving of Russians.
According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, citizens of the country have the right to freely move through the territory of the state, choosing any city for living. This means that the Russians are completely free to go to Kaliningrad for permanent residence. The only obligation for them is the compulsory registration provided by law on the arrival meter. For many years it was called a “residence permit”, but recently this term is gradually losing its former significance.
You can register:
In rented housing. In his own apartment. In a residential building belonging to the municipality.
The comparatively low cost of apartments in the Kaliningrad region allows the settlers to solve the housing problem by purchasing housing immediately upon arrival or making an initial mortgage payment. Those who are not completely sure of the correctness of their decision, experts advise at first to stay on the option with a lease. However, you should know that for registration in a rented dwelling, the tenant needs to obtain the consent of all the persons registered in it.
To register at the passport office, you need to provide:
The internal passport. A document that is the basis for the use of housing (title or lease). The consent of all homeowners, if registration is made in a rented apartment, even if it belongs to the next of kin of the displaced persons.
In order to avoid a fine, men of draft age, as well as those who are liable for military service, must register for two weeks in the local military registration and enlistment office.
A complete set of documents that you need to take with you to a new place of residence should include:
Domestic and foreign civil passports. Certificate of birth of all family members moving. Documents on the conclusion and dissolution of marriages. Labor books of working migrants. Diplomas confirming the level of education and qualifications. SNILS and a medical compulsory insurance policy. Military ID.
Moving of foreigners.
Kaliningrad is famous for its openness not only for Russians, but also for foreigners. The authorities and residents of the city treat them with a great deal of goodwill, demanding instead of respect for traditions and observance of the norms of Russian legislation. By analogy with other areas of the country, foreigners who have moved to the Kaliningrad region are obliged:
Register your own arrival. To issue a permit for temporary stay in Russia, and later also residence permit.
If desired, a foreign immigrant may, within the timeframe established by law, apply for citizenship. If the foreigner does not have such a goal, he will have to extend his residence permit to stay on the territory of the Russian city. It should be remembered that the RVP is not eligible for renewal. After the expiry of his term, the immigrant will have to leave Russia. All applications and documents must be submitted to the FMS department at the place of new residence of the foreigner.
Despite the fact that Kaliningrad is almost in the center of Europe, most of the foreign settlers are citizens of the former Soviet republics. Especially for them in Russia, a federal resettlement program is implemented, the terms of which are regulated by the Presidential decrees:
From 06/22/2006 � 637 about measures on rendering assistance to resettlement in the Russian Federation to compatriots living abroad. From 14.09.2012 � 1289 on the implementation of the program to promote compatriots living abroad, resettlement in Russia.
Foreigners who meet the following criteria may participate in the program:
They fall under the age category from 25 to 50 years. Being able-bodied. Born in the former USSR or had Soviet citizenship until 1991. Those who are educated are not below average.
Inadequate or minors can participate in the resettlement program for permanent residence in Kaliningrad only in conjunction with persons who meet the requirements of the law.
For the former compatriots, the procedure of resettlement is simplified as much as possible. They do not need:
To issue residence permit. Prove the knowledge of the Russian language at a sufficient level.
Immediately after receiving the RWP, they have the right to file documents for the registration of Russian citizenship.
To obtain a permit for a foreigner, you must have:
International passport. Internal passport with translation into Russian. Certificate of the end of the secondary school. Diploma of secondary special or higher education. A work record or other document confirming the length of service, work experience and the stated qualifications. Certificate of birth of children. Documents on the conclusion or dissolution of marital relations. Photographs in the number of 4 pieces.
Medical insurance. A copy of the migration card.
After living in Kaliningrad for 10 years, a foreigner gets the right to file a request for citizenship. To do this, he must submit the following documents to the FMS:
Application in duplicate. Original and a copy of the national passport, including its notarized translation into Russian. Document confirming residence permit. Certificates of marriage, divorce or death of a spouse. Three photographs. Confirmation of the refusal of former citizenship.
Reviews of immigrants.
The overwhelming majority of reviews about the move to Kaliningrad are pleased with their optimism. New residents of the city are satisfied with the European style of buildings, high-quality roads, cheap cars brought directly from Germany, affordable prices for housing, the ability to visit the neighboring states on a simplified scheme and rest on the sunny Baltic shore.
We can say that Kaliningrad has a special mentality that leaves it to the Russians on the one hand and gives European comfort on the other, which makes the city so attractive to both Russians and foreigners who decided to come to Kaliningrad for permanent residence.

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