How to move to Cambodia?

How to move to Cambodia?
How to move to Cambodia?
An amazing country of ancient culture, an open and friendly population. The Khmers are not annoying, as the Vietnamese desire to shod and vparit, but also not as besserebrenniki as the Thais. Everyone wants to do business with you.
How to move to Cambodia?
By their standards, any foreigner is just a billionaire. the average salary in the country in the cities is 70-90 bucks, in the villages 40-50 bucks a month.
How to move to Cambodia?
It is interesting that Turks and Arabs are not allowed to enter this country. This is due to the fact that the citizens of these countries too often exported Khmer girls for sale to brothels.
Is it true that a dollar can live in Cambodia for a month?
Not true. Lately, Cambodia has very strongly “risen” & raquo; on a standard of living, in any case, the standard of living in large cities has grown significantly. 5-10 years ago there really was poverty, and the dollar was very big money. Now & mdash; no. Dollar & mdash; a bargain, about the same as 100 rubles in Moscow. You will be brought for 100 rubles to the nearest metro station in St. Petersburg? Probably yes. Well, here too. Sell for 100 rubles a couple of kilos of some vegetables? And then they will sell. Just a dollar in Cambodia is not 30 Moscow rubles, and about 80-150, depending on the goods. 150, if it is a question of real estate, and about 80, if it is a question of food and technology.
How to move to Cambodia?
If you want a carefree life like you used to live in colonial countries, this is the place to go. Cambodia is a country where you can still feel like a “white gentleman” of colonial times: rent a villa with a servant, a guard and a driver by the sea under palm trees for a price less than the cost of renting odnushki in Moscow.
The visa issue is solved by simply obtaining a business visa. The annual business visa costs only $ 280 / year (feel the difference!) And is done in a couple of days. Prolongs without zamorochek unlimited number of times.
Due to the fact that natural nature is not violated in Cambodia, the climate there is mild and there are not even any questions about adaptation. Rather, our northern man, when he comes to Cambodia, begins to feel better.
Here even in the dry season there are rains, mostly at night, and in the wet season there are often sunny days.
The water temperature is always almost constant – within 28 – 30 degrees, and the air temperature does not fall below 24 degrees and does not rise above 33 degrees, even in the hottest months – March and April.
As a result, there is absolutely no inconvenience to climate change. Here in Cambodia there are no strong temperature fluctuations during the day, that is, even in December nights the temperature is very comfortable.
Cambodia, in terms of climate, is one of the most favorable places on Earth, you can improve your health completely by doing nothing, just resting and doing interesting things.
To date, Cambodia & mdash; This is the country with the cheapest visas and the easiest way to get them. In addition, the real estate and tourism market is just beginning to form, so many niches for creating their own business are still free. The simplest business option is & mdash; this is a bar rental on the beach.
Criminally, but not fatal.
How to move to Cambodia?
It’s not the Dominican Republic with robbers – the “White Monkey” in Cambodia is a cash cow. Therefore, they will not shoot or cut. There is a lot of crime, but it goes away from any foreigner.
How to move to Cambodia?
Let’s remember Russia in the early 90’s. This is Cambodia. Everything is bought and sold. Any official of any level. But we must have a Khmer who will bring him down. Directly no one “will decide the issues” with a foreigner.
How to move to Cambodia?
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