How to live in Bulgaria?

How to live in Bulgaria?
I do not know – I just moved here and then it seemed to me that this is incredibly hard and difficult.
Nevertheless, who is looking for that will find. For purposeful people, I write how you can move to Bulgaria forever, or at least for a long time.
The following persons have the right to residence permit:
2. Persons who carry out commercial activities in the territory of the BG.
3. Students of day departments of Bulgarian universities.
4. Foreign experts. (Expats).
5. Spouses of Bulgarian citizens or foreigners who have a permanent residence status.
6. Representatives of foreign commercial organizations. I wrote about this here.
7. Secured parents of foreigners with permanent residence status (permanent residence).
8. Secured patients who arrived for long-term treatment.
9. Correspondents of foreign media.
10. Members of a foreigner’s family who has a residence permit.
11. Parents of an alien with the status of permanent residence (on the basis of Article 28, paragraph 6, the Law on Foreigners of the Republic of Belarus) or his underage children.
12. Persons engaged in free practice.
13. Persons engaged in non-economic activities.
14. Persons with the status of under special protection under Art. 25 of the Law on Combating Trafficking in Persons. (I think, it’s a question of refugees)
15. Family members of a Bulgarian citizen. (I think, it’s about the Bulgarian roots).
In order to obtain a residence permit, persons must be provided with housing (a hiring contract), compulsory medical insurance and sufficient means of accommodation, without the need to resort to a social assistance system, at least a minimum monthly wage (RB), a minimum stipend or a minimum pension , according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period of stay. Upon initial application for a residence permit, persons over 18 years of age, with the exception of stateless persons, are provided with a certificate of absence of a criminal record issued by the state of which the citizen is a citizen or by the State of his usual residence.
It is necessary, it is the visa D and no other. Having received this visa, you will come to Bulgaria and after a while you will go on to extend it, at the same time finally having issued your status (having obtained a residence permit) and receiving a personal card, which will be your document.

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