How to leave to live and work in the European Union.

How to leave to live and work in the European Union.
I have been living and working in the European Union for two and a half months, I was repeatedly asked questions, yes, how. I decided to write everything in one place, following the results of conversations with friends.
I will write about my case when an able-bodied specialist finds a permanent job abroad and moves there to live.
The second. You need to find interested in you as a specialist employer (or representative of the employer). That they need to bring you more than you leave here. I’m not saying that this is a mandatory requirement. But such a layout significantly reduces the risks of the variant, when, based on the results of the trial period, one must either return or in the hustle and bustle to look for a new first job that has been found, or fall on someone’s tail.
Third. How to search for work. Here I see the most important contact. First letter, first call & # 8212; errors or inconsistencies at this stage can simply stop the dialogue at the very beginning. Of course, if you are interesting, they will listen to you. But after you understood your first letter and the first call. Be sure to call those employers who are most interested in you. Spend this money on an international call or use Skype. I think this is very important, I myself have many times recruited employees and a personal interested call has always placed emphasis on the candidate who called.
Third and a half. I will not say on which sites to look for a better job, there are no such sites. Many employers do not place advertisements on websites, hire recruiters who do not write in their ads, which firms are offered a vacancy. It is better to know the names of potential employers directly, study them, it is useful for professional activities. I took and banned all kinds of businesses on their subject, compiled from them a table with descriptions and contacts, worked on this table, supplemented it.
The fourth. Recommendations and summaries. I never took a job on someone’s recommendation, it’s difficult for me to advise. I have always been my own recommendation. The abstract should be complete and concise. It should contain all your significant posts and achievements (so that there are no suspicious “white spots” in time), but it should not be three pages long. Just write a full resume and gradually remove the secondary and cram it.
Fourth and a half. Motivation letter. Do not wait for him to ask you to write. Let it be your first letter to the employer. Motivation letter & # 8212; this is one that reveals your goals and motives to work here and the income that the employer will receive from you; I am writing these motivational letters.
Fifth. Language. It must be known (or languages that are needed), as well as objectively assess its current level and your ability to learn the language. In the requirements for the vacancy, the employer always writes the required languages. If you work with customers & # 8212; then most likely there will be several languages, English and national. For example, it’s very hard for me to study the language, English as I knew it bad, and still I’m running and throwing. I study it still weak, because I work in an enterprise, where everything ” Russian speaking.
The sixth. Documentation. In the European Union, you can get a long-term (for 6 months) so-called. & # 171; & lt; / RTI & gt; visa, about her employer, sending you a work permit. With this visa you enter and pass the probation period. Then, directly in the EU country, you can apply for a temporary residence permit & # 8212; if the trial period showed that you and the employer are interested in a long relationship. There is another option when the student passes the practice on a visa, and he is taken to work after graduation and the student prepares a residence permit in accordance with documents from the employer prior to employment.
Seventh. A family. Best of all, when you find work at once and for the spouse. So I did, in fact for me it was decisive that at the time of my departure my wife had a real job offer, I found him at the same enterprise. So of course often does not work. In any case, we begin with the first rule. Your satellite must have a real desire to move and live abroad, you must feel it. Otherwise, the risk of breaking the relationship increases. When you are abroad & # 8212; you can help with finding a job for your companion, but nobody removes from him the requirements that I’m talking about in these rules. If it’s a question of you both working. There may be other options, but for me they are not relevant, so not well versed.
It seems that all important issues are raised. I am ready to answer the questions that have arisen in the comments, but only on my own case, while I have very few data on other cases.
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