How to leave Donetsk from Simferopol

How to leave Donetsk from Simferopol h1>
Not so long ago I had to travel to Kiev via Kherson and back. Therefore, I consider it necessary to share information about what this field represents. I hope this post will be useful to those who decide to go to Crimea for the first time from the mainland of Ukraine with a transfer in Kherson.
01. From Simferopol to Kherson I got on the bus “Krymavtotransa”. In the ticket office of the Simferopol bus station I was told by mistake that the route runs through Armiansk, therefore, taking a ticket at 7:05, I hoped to get to the specified city in mainland Ukraine, taking into account the passage of all borders in the lunch area. The train to Kiev left at 18:48. The cost of the bus ticket was 624 rubles (about 250 UAH).
However, it turned out otherwise. The bus followed through Dzhankoy to the checkpoint “Chongar”. I note that there were few cars on the border, so the passage of Russian border control took about 40 minutes. This procedure is as follows: border guards collected passports for verification (for Crimeans, a Russian or Ukrainian passport with a local residence permit is allowed without filling out a migration card, for citizens of Ukraine it is necessary to show a migration card or a Ukrainian passport), passengers with things left the bus for a few minutes, then , having received the documents back, the bus drove all to the Ukrainian border control. Here the verification of documents also took about 40 minutes. Russian passports issued in the Crimea are not accepted by Ukrainian border guards.
Of course, there is a more comfortable option in the form of a private minibus. He departs daily from the bus station at 10 o’clock and arrives in Kherson closer to 15 o’clock. There is enough time to walk around the city, walk along the embankment or go to the shopping center “Factory”; (in a 30-minute walk from the railway station or 10 minutes by shuttle bus), where there is always something to do. As I was told, the cost of the trip will be 2000 rubles. Although, there are options cheaper: 1300 rubles. To do this, you need to send a text message by phone with the date of departure, name and number of people, thereby reserving a place.
03. Already at 9 am at the railway station in Kherson near the cafe & “Angelina & quot; expecting a minibus & quot; Mercedes & quot ;. At about 10:15, by this time it was filled, we left Kherson. It should be noted that in the other part of the station there was also a minibus going to Simferopol. So if you do not have time for one of them, do not panic. Look for another minivan, and you will definitely find it. In extreme cases, take a walk in Kherson to 16 hours or wait in the room rest at the station (there is a paid and free zones).
When paying the fare (I remind you that up to Simferopol – 400 UAH, to Krasnoperekopsk – 300 UAH, to the border of Kalanchak – 200 UAH), the collector gives out plastic cards with the inscriptions “Kherson” to the passengers; and & quot; Simferopol & quot; on both sides. There is also a logo: “Passenger Transport Agency”.
04. The road from the Kherson railway station to the Crimean border is approximately 120 km. It’s about two hours on the road. Passengers inside the minibus.
05. We are driving through the Dnieper River.
06. After 1 hours and 15 minutes. we stop at a roadside cafe in Kalanchak. Stop for 15 minutes. The driver does it so that those who wish to cross the border come off “on their own business”, drink some water, stock up on food or just breathe fresh air.
07. A roadside cafe.
08. Magnificent nature, by the way. A great place to relax.
09. Skewers? A suitable setting.
10. About 12 days we drive up to the checkpoint “Kalanchak”. That day counted about two dozen waggons and slightly fewer cars. Here, owners of cars with Ukrainian numbers of the Crimean region, leaving the peninsula, can arrange insurance. True, prices are unrealistically high: insurance from 15 days in the region of 400 UAH and up to a year on a growing & ndash; about 2400 UAH. Of course, it is more profitable to get to Kherson and place there. But there is a risk of getting caught by traffic policemen, who will certainly write a fine if you do not have insurance.
11. Passengers traveling in the same minibus take turns at the crossing of the checkpoint. We are waiting for half an hour to go on. An employee of the Ukrainian border service with automatic rifles on his shoulder gives out to all the coupons with the inscription “Pedestrian”. The word & quot; entry & quot; therefore, on the “exit”. With this coupon, we go to the trailers to show the Ukrainian passport in the window and get a stamp on the coupon. Yes, if you are a citizen of Russia and drove into Ukraine through mainland Russia over the Russian border, then you have every chance to legally get to Crimea through the Kherson region. In March at the checkpoint “Chongar & quot; when I thus missed two citizens of the Russian Federation, who were traveling from Kiev.
12. On the day of passing the checkpoint near the trailers, a line of 50-60 people was observed. Weekend, pre-holiday. Wishing to get to the Crimea more than usual. Among the audience rumor spread that the system hung, so the service is slow. By the way, I had to wait for my turn about two hours. The same amount of time was spent by car owners with passengers inside. The good of that day was not cold and not hot. Although, as a rule, those who walk should be checked documents faster. I can imagine what winter it is like in a cold frost and a strong wind is for a long time in the open air.
While you are in line, get acquainted with fellow travelers, tell about yourself, learn about their life, which made you come to the Crimea. For example, one girl on the day of the trip had a birthday. She specifically followed in Yalta to celebrate this day. On the Crimean side, friends waited for her. Another girl tells that she was born and lived for a long time in the Crimea, and then moved to the mainland. She does not have a Crimean residence permit, so she has to fill out a migration card. On her homeland in the Crimea, she now travels as a foreign country.
Already on the Crimean side of the eye rushed to the fact that there is a huge canopy. The path to the trailer with the border guards is fenced with bars, there is a concrete path. The woman who walked alongside said that in April there was nothing like this. For waggons, there is a special huge size X-ray, through which vehicles with cargo pass. In general, the Russian side has approached seriously the issue of collateral.
15. Up to Simferopol 145 km and two hours on the road.
16. Our salon is packed with bags and suitcases.
We arrived at Simferopol to the railway station at about 17:20. Given the intersection of the two checkpoints, the road from Kherson to the Crimean capital, which is about 270 km, took 7 hours.
This is how this path looks on the map.
The result. Contrary to expectations, trains from mainland Ukraine did not resume the direction to the Crimea. And it is unlikely to happen in the near future. Therefore, the way to the mainland through the Kherson region is still the only way. Although, as I heard, there is an option to get to Kiev, for example, through Moscow. That is, by plane from Simferopol to the capital of Russia, and then by plane to the capital of Ukraine. Or by bus to Lugansk or Donetsk through the Kerch ferry, and from there further – through Ukraine. But there is a risk that Ukrainian border guards may have questions about how you, as a resident of the Crimea, crossed the Ukrainian state border. After all, the Ukrainian side recognizes only the option of leaving the Crimea through the Kherson region.

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