How to immigrate to Spain through education.

How to immigrate to Spain through education.
As you know, most students who want to study abroad want to stay there after graduation. And here is the good news: having set the appropriate goal from the very first day of study, having studied this question and putting some effort, you are most likely to succeed in achieving your goal. In this article we will talk about Spain, namely the most real, simple and, most importantly, legal way of immigration through education.
But, to begin with, I would like to dwell on the advantages of living in Spain, or rather answer the question: & laquo; Why immigrate to Spain? & Raquo; .
Spain has been and remains one of the most popular destinations, and there are many reasons for this. Unique nature, favorable climate and ecology are very important factors if we consider this country as a place of permanent residence. Clean air, water, great weather & ndash; all this will positively affect your health, well-being and appearance.
The second reason is & ndash; it is the policy of the state aimed at painless adaptation of people in the country. This: a simple scheme of opening an account with the bank, low taxes, a lot of ways to obtain a residence permit, etc.
The third reason is the Spanish language, which is on the list of six official languages of the United Nations. Spanish is spoken by about 500 million people, Spanish & ndash; The third most common language in the world. This means that having studied Spanish in perfection, you can easily find a job or study in any Spanish-speaking country without problems.
In addition, you need to remember that Spain is in the EU and, living in Spain, you can travel through Europe and get invaluable experience.
Another significant reason for immigration to Spain is the relatively low prices compared to the high quality of life and the level of social and medical services.
In the next part of the article, let’s move on from the question & laquo; Why? & Raquo; to the question? How? & raquo ;. Immediately I want to note that for young people with fairly limited means, one of the most reliable and inexpensive ways to obtain a residence permit in Spain is to study at a Spanish university.
Why inexpensive? Yes, because education in Spain is relatively inexpensive: in public universities can be trained at a price of 1000 euros per year, and in private & ndash; from 2200 euros per year.
Why reliable? Because enrolling in one of the universities, you get a visa for 3 months, and upon arrival you complete a student residence permit. Student residence permit has several pluses, and one of them & ndash; the opportunity to stay in the kingdom, because during the training in Spain it becomes possible to change the student’s residence permit to a regular one.
There are three ways to do this:
– obtain a work permit;
– To marry or marry a citizen of the country;
– re-register a student’s visa for a working one.
In addition, if you live in Spain continuously and legally, you have the right to apply for a residence permit in the Pale.
Thus, immigration to Spain through training & mdash; this is the most budgetary, simple, reliable and legal way.
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