How to go to Italy: my story.

How to go to Italy: my story.
Friends, now I will tell you everything in detail about how I left for Italy.
I had a love affair with Italy in 2008, when I, as a student, came to see her for the first time. I booked a bus tour and traveled to several cities (Rome, Florence, Venice, Rimini, Forli). Italy I liked very much, I think, many of you will agree that this is ” love at first sight. It is impossible not to fall in love with it.
At the end of 2008 (during the writing of the diploma at the University of St. Petersburg), I decided to participate in the internship program for AIESEC students (see the article International internships for youth with AIESEC), my goal, of course, was an internship in Italy, but it turned out not so just find it! After several months of searching and interviewing, I received a coveted invitation to a 3-month internship in the city of Naples. So began my story.
From January to April 2009, I lived in Naples, studying the city, gradually overcoming the shock and coming to the idea that I would be interested to live in Italy longer. So I started to think about ways to legally come to Italy to live. At the same time I was learning Italian, by that time I could already connect two words, but my knowledge was clearly not enough for full integration. After the end of the internship and came to Russia and began to actively seek ways to achieve their dreams.
So, there are several legal ways of obtaining a residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) in Italy. There are quite a few types of residence permits.
I considered 2 opportunities – university studies and work. Everything seemed to be easier with the university, but just in case I threw a fishing pole into the ocean of work in Italy and sent some of my CVs to various companies of the market that interests me. I was answered only by one company, and then with a refusal, plus having read some legislative information, I came to the conclusion that it is almost impossible to get a job in Italy, while still in Russia. Therefore, I decided to enter the university.
Preparation of documents took me much more time than I expected, but in the meantime I worked and so I managed to save money for moving.
In 2010, I laid my whole life in one suitcase, and moved to Naples. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, but, as you can see, my company has succeeded! I did not finish university at all (see article why I left the university in Italy), but that’s another story.
Now all the technical & 187; details:
Technical issues of moving.
So, as for the variant “university”. To enter Italy to study at a university, you need to have 2 things:
& # 8212; Preliminary entry to the course (preiscrizione)
Important points here are:
A package of documents. Prepare for bureaucracy. It is necessary to start preparing documents for the university as early as possible, preferably about a year before the supposed move. Such a crazy time is necessary to prepare the entire package of documents, otherwise you just will not have time and, believe me, no one will wait for you. List of documents in the article Documents for admission to the University of Italy.
Choosing a university. After you decided to go to study, you need to choose, in fact, the university and the city. It’s all individually, who wants what, who likes it more. Then it would be good to establish contact with the chosen university. This is important, as in the process you will have a million questions, and, given the fact that in many cities and universities many things are organized completely differently, it is important to have a direct source of reliable information. I advise you to pay attention to the annual educational exhibition “Learn in Italy!” Studiare in Italia & # 187 ;.
Financial issue. In Italy there are scholarships for universities for students (see article Free higher education in Italy), however, even if you win a scholarship, you still need money. They will be needed both for a financial guarantee when obtaining a visa, and actually for the move itself. Ticket for a plane, rent an apartment, mortgage for an apartment, filing documents for the first permesso, payment of the first installment for the university and so on. More details on how much money you need for this in the article How much does it cost to study in Italy.
Knowledge of the language. It’s no secret that in Italy few speak English, that’s why you can shine like an English star in the sky, but it will not be necessary for anyone. Begin to learn Italian. You and he will have absolutely no problems, since there is nothing complicated there at the initial stage. To enter the university, a foreign student must have a level of Italian B2, that is, 4 out of 6 possible. There are 2 ways to confirm it: to pass the CILS, CELI, or PLIDA certification, or to pass the language test immediately upon arrival before admission. Before the move, I passed the B2 exam. About how I learned the Italian language, in the article Personal experience: Italian from zero to C1 for 3 years. (Be sure to clarify the need to provide a language certificate in your particular university, because the rules vary, it may be enough for you to pass the interview on the spot).
Other useful articles on the topic of study:
You need to seriously study and collect as much data as possible about the chosen university, city, student environment. Well, if you find like-minded people going to go to the same university – as in any other case, here one is much more difficult than the other or the three of them. I once got a lot of information and found friends in the group “Studiare in Italia”. In contact with. Every year, students who are going to conquer Italy get acquainted there.
I do not know if it is possible to prepare morally for such an enterprise, but in any case, you do not need to entertain yourself with hopes that everything will pass easily and easily – with a high probability, it will be difficult and probably also for you, when you want to send everything to hell and abandon the idea of leaving. But these are all psychological moments that are completely overcome. And for starters, the main thing is not to think too much and start acting. Good luck!
About the author: Tanya Smirnova.
Born and raised in St. Petersburg, in 2010 she came to Italy (Naples), where she studied at the university, worked, and married. I share useful information about life in Italy and give practical advice.
Other materials:
Good article, how to start understanding!
really want a separate post about the choice of the city and university!
and then for almost a year already they have been tormented by doubts, but we must decide!
Daria, I think that everyone should choose according to their goals: if the quality of the education you are receiving is really important for you, then it makes sense to choose between strong universities (Polytechnic of Milan, Sapienza, etc.). And if you act simply to live in Italy, then you need to build on your favorite city.

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