How to get to Uman for competitions?

How to get to Uman for competitions?
How to drive to Uman for table tennis competitions.
The competitions are coming to Uman, and, surely, some tennis players traveling to this city for the first time do not know how to get there. I remember that when we went for the first time, we also spent a lot of time to choose the most optimal route. But for those who have already visited Uman, it is possible that this article will not be useful.
So, Uman is a regional center of the Cherkasy region, located in its western part and bordering the Vinnytsia region. By the way, from Vinnitsa come here closer than from Cherkasy!
Here is the distance to Uman from the nearby regional centers:
Vinnytsia – Uman – 160 km. Kirovograd – Uman – 166 km. Cherkasy – Uman – 185 km Kiev – Uman – 210 km Zhitomir – Uman – 249 km Odessa – Uman – 270 km. Mykolaiv – Uman – 283 km.
Uman is practically located on the highway Kiev-Odessa, passing through the White Church (E-96 highway or, in another way, M-05). Anyway, all buses traveling in the Odessa direction from Kiev come here. The bus station in Uman is small, but takes many different flights.
All who live in the north of Ukraine – Kiev, Zhytomyr, Chernihiv, Sumy – only one way out: to go to Kiev, and then take a bus to Uman. The journey time of the Kiev bus is about four hours.
It is possible to guess from Kiev and the railway route. Not far from Uman (30 km) there is a railway station Khristinovka. Here comes from Kazatin (Kozyatin) a suburban train. Departure from Kazatin at 13.49, arrival in Khristinovka – 18.40 (this is at the time of September 2014). Train number 6289. Well, in Kazatin from Kiev will have to get another flight.
There are also trains for Zhytomyr residents, but they only run to Vinnytsia: No. 88 Korosten-Vinnytsia (dep., 09.36, arr. 11.54), and No. 61 St. Petersburg-Chisinau (dep., 17.22, arr 20.09).
In Uman there is a railway station. True, this station is considered to be a dead-end station. Here the train from Odessa � 6298 goes. The days of its cruising are limited – only two times a week – Monday, Saturday (this schedule is valid until October 20, 2014).
I photographed the schedule at the station in Uman (see photo below) and was surprised to note that there is a route from Yasinovatoy (this, count, Donetsk!). Perhaps, there is no such flight due to the events in the east, since almost all the railway communication has been canceled in the ATU zone.
To the east and southerners there is only a bus option. And we must admit that such cities as Nikolaev, Kirovograd, Cherkassy, get here relatively close. However, even the closest distance in 160 km (Vinnitsa – Uman) young athletes stand painfully, they get tired after that. Even further go guests from Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kherson (this is already 200 and 300 km). And for tennis players from Kharkov, Sumy, Donetsk and Lugansk & # 8212; in general you need to make the whole trip!
Here, by the way, the reference to the reference t ablo bus station in Umani & # 8212; (copy the link and paste it into the browser’s search line). The scoreboard works online!
It is problematic to get here from the west. Athletes from cities such as Lutsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi usually go to Vinnitsa by train, and then change to a bead. The bus from Vinnitsa to Uman goes for more than 3 hours. Khmelnichans to Vinnytsia go by bus (this is another 130 km), and they already make a transfer at the bus station.
After all, Ukraine is big! All distances are huge, and therefore, moving to competitions becomes a problem. I can not imagine how tennis players went to tours of the club championship of Ukraine from Lvov, for example, to Donetsk (and vice versa). For interest and for comparison I looked at the map of Europe. It turned out that the length of such a country as Switzerland is exactly equal to the length of our Khmelnytsky region. And the area, for example, of the Odessa region is almost equal to the area of Belgium. There you have the European scale! Therefore, there are no problems with the movement of athletes from the city to the city – everything is close.
How to get to the sports hall in Uman.
If you come to Umani bus station, then you are almost there. The sports hall of the Uman National University of Horticulture (UNUS) is not far from here. The bus station itself is located in the northern part of the city, and the park “Sofievka”, next to which there are the buildings of the UNUS, “# 8212; almost on the outskirts. You need to cross the road and get on any bus that runs to Sofievka. You go two stops and go out. Stop, if my memory serves me, it’s called “UNUS” # 187 ;. Exit the bus and on the right you will see a large metal gate with security. This is the entrance to the territory of the town. From here to the gym is literally 50 meters.
Maps and photos of Uman.
Uman on the geographical map of Ukraine.
Bus route Vinnitsa & # 8212; Uman.
Uman railway station. There is a railway ticket office here, so you can take tickets for any train of Ukraine in any direction. The cash desk works only somewhere from 9.00 to 14.00 !!
The schedule of the railway station in Uman as of June 2014. The left part of the schedule.
The right side of the schedule.
The central part of the schedule.
Bus station in Uman. Very small building, but the flights take a lot.
The announcement in the city bus, calling people to be vigilant during the ATU in the East.
Route of bus number 14. The diagram shows that the intercity bus station is located in the northern part of the city. Stop “Bus Station & # 187 ;. Two more stops and you can go to the gymnasium Unus.
Color and music fountain in Vinnitsa. If you are driving through Vinnitsa, then you know that from 21 to 21.45 a color and music fountain works daily. You can watch for free.
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