How to get to France for a permanent residence

How to get to France for a permanent residence h1>
Recently, despite all the Afro-Arab horror stories from the news, known for their principled honesty and professional objectivity of Russian TV channels, France is increasingly attracting attention as a country for immigration or buying real estate. In addition, France favorably accepted all four waves of Russian emigration. Yes, and African, too. Russian Paris was always. Sometimes, unfortunately. Russian immigrants settle everywhere, preferring prestigious and safe areas.
To legally move to France, get a residence permit (residence permit in France), permanent residence or the citizenship of France, a Russian citizen needs:
In either of these ways, there is a second party, & ndash; French.
It looks like this: as soon as you find your French half and agree with her about cohabitation, you must register your relationship in one of the three proposed options in the mayoralty in your chosen residence (s).
2) photocopy of your spouse’s personal card (carte d & rsquo; identite), this is like an internal passport;
3) confirmation of the presence of your spouse (partner) of permanent sources of income (the last three salary bulletins, or the last three sheets of payment of taxes, or a bank statement);
4) a bill for electricity (or for water, for a phone) paid by your spouse (partner) or a receipt for payment of a rented apartment, dated no more than three months ago, to convince embassy employees that your Frenchman has a place to live and receive you;
5) two of your passports & ndash; domestic and foreign;
6) two questionnaires with your photos.
All documents, except for questionnaires, must have two photocopies.
A lot of time the procedure does not take marriage, the documents will be issued immediately in the mayor’s office. In the case of registering an ordinary marriage (mariage) you are given an act (act de mariage) and the so-called & ldquo; family book & rdquo ;. In the other two cases & ndash; more modest documents.
During the first year of your stay in France, you do not have the right to apply for citizenship. This right will be given to you only after one year, when you draw up the next stay card. Usually the next residence card is issued for ten years, although it can be issued for a shorter period, without explaining anything.
STATUS SALARIE & ndash; contract for work.
In order to hire a foreign specialist, the employer needs to convince OMI (Office of Migration Internationale, International Migration Service) that there is no specialist in the region. When the employee is found, the employer prepares a package of documents (dossier) for the Directorate of Labor. The main document in the dossier will be the diploma of a potential employee. In the dossier, it is necessary to include the obligations of the employer concerning social and health insurance of the employee.
The French Embassy will receive copies of your dossier from OMI, on the basis of which it will be decided to issue a long-term visa. In France, it will be changed to an annual stay card (residence permit in France) for two months. If you have a contract in a year, it will be renewed, in another year or two, with your stable financial situation, you can ask for a card for ten years (permanent residence in France), and when you receive it, in a couple of years you can begin the process of naturalization (obtaining French citizenship ).
A foreigner wishing to engage in industrial, commercial or artisan activities in France must obtain a personal merchant card (carte derequo; identite de commerant).
Status REFUGIE POLITIQUE & ndash; political refugee.
What should you do if you decide to become a political immigrant?
1. Contact the prefecture or (in a small village) at the mayor’s office. You will need to explain briefly the reasons for your decision and give the address to which the prefecture will send you the documents.
2. After the first visit, it will take three to five days, and you will receive by mail a large application form and your first residence card. Rights to work or study this card does not.
It should answer questions about your background, biography, relatives, and most importantly & ndash; explain in detail in French why you are applying for political asylum and why it is in France. To the questionnaire you must attach all the documents that will confirm your legend, your passport, including. The whole package of documents must be sent to Paris, the time and address will be given to you.
1. This card will replace your passport. With it, you will go to an organization called ASSEDIC to design a benefit, the amount of which varies depending on the official subsistence level in France. On the map you are given the right to receive free products.
2. You will receive a different card on this card & ndash; free medical insurance and, ideally, housing. Lonely people usually get a hostel, family with children & ndash; room in a cheap hotel.
In a few weeks or even months, you will be summoned to Paris by one of OMI’s subdivisions; Office de Migration Interna- tionala & ndash; for an interview. You can not postpone or discuss the time and date of the interview.
Your documents will be considered in Paris for several months. If the decision is made in your favor, then you will be given a card for ten years.
What should not you do if you decide to become a political immigrant?
1. You should not contact our Agency, because we do not deal with legends, drawing of papers and “air locks” for reasons of principle.
2. You should not consider this path as immigration if there is no real threat to life or security for you or your family members.
3. Do not flatter yourself. How would you not painted in various, including St. Petersburg, “VIP” – agencies or “lawyer offices” the charms of providing social assistance, after ridicule and disregard of officials of immigration services and pushing elbows with Africans, Kurds, Iranians, Albanians and other refugees and “refugees” in queues for fingerprints and distribution of rations, you will long (if not always) hide your “economical way of integration into the European Union” and avoid the people who know about it.

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