How to get refugee status in the US from Russia?

How to get refugee status in the US from Russia?
Getting refugee status in the US from Russia in reality is not an easy task, not always with the desired result. What are the complexities of how to achieve this status?
Why is it difficult to obtain refugee status in the US?
The fact is that the US budget is oversaturated with the costs of keeping all those who crave to taste the American dream & ndash; equality of rights and opportunities, as is commonly assumed. The status of the refugee is limited in the number of those who can accept a special quota, approved annually by the US Congress.
In this hospitable state, ready to heat up a lot of oppressed aliens, programs have been developed for the protection of rights, for example, for such circumstances:
discrimination against members of ethnic minorities; infringement of rights on the basis of race; oppression for religious or political reasons, etc.
It is important to get into the operation of any of these programs, then there are chances of obtaining refugee status in the US from Russia. It is important to understand that, without sufficient grounds, a refugee is not recognized, there are special methods for identifying the true motives for migration. For example, all members of the family can be divorced in separate rooms and with a passion to find out the circumstances that force them to leave Russia. Reconciliation of testimony will immediately reveal whether there was collusion.
Where to go?
Refugee status can be requested only when outside the US, so it is not worthwhile to go there and apply already in the US, the procedure for granting refugee status does not foresee such a course of events (as opposed to political asylum).
There are a number of points around the globe where it is possible to receive an audience on the issue of refugee status. All countries of the former Soviet Union are affiliated to the US Embassy in Moscow on this topic.
What are the advantages of granting refugee status in the US from Russia?
Achieve such a status is very important, because the refugees in the US have considerable benefits from the state budget & ndash; First time will be paid for housing, do not have to worry about daily bread & ndash; the whole family will be taken to pay, paying the allowance. Refugees from Russia have the right:
receive social benefits; identify children in school; to obtain a new higher education or to confirm what is available; work; learn the language in English courses; live in normal living conditions; to issue honey. insurance.
There are no restrictions in the work, the main thing is that there is a desire to earn. It is worth the effort to quickly master the language.
What documents will be required?
Usually the list of securities includes:
the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation and the passport; birth certificates of all those who leave with the applicant; a written statement of the current situation (in which oppression is manifested, what is the reason for wanting to leave, details about infringement of rights, etc.); military ticket (if available); documents on marriage; Diplomas, certificates and other documents confirming the qualification or availability of the profession; if there are relatives living in the US, a statement from them, etc.
If they refused to admit a child to a children’s institution, or to work, etc., then it is necessary to confirm such facts in a documentary manner so that there is evidence of discrimination on any grounds.
How to become the holder of the refugee status in the USA from Russia?
To do this, you need to perform the following actions:
collect a complete package of documents; to pay a visit to the US Embassy in Moscow and fill in questionnaires; successfully pass the interview; transfer all questionnaires, papers to make a decision and wait for the verdict.
Documents and information in the questionnaires must correspond to each other, be truthful and with due degree of persuasiveness in the presence of persecution, infringement of rights. Serious and thorough inspections of all, even the smallest, circumstances set forth in the papers are to be made. A positive response from the embassy says that the refugee status will be granted, a visa will be granted, and this entitles you to travel to the United States.
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