How to get political asylum in the US?

How to get political asylum in the US?
What types of asylum exist? What is political asylum? Can I apply for asylum while in the country on a tourist, religious or other visa? Can I apply for asylum while in the US illegally? Can the US authorities arrest a petitioner when applying for asylum if he is in the country illegally? These and other questions are answered by a doctor of jurisprudence, an immigration lawyer with 15 years of experience in the US, Harry Royle of the consulting company American Corporate Service, Inc.
The question of obtaining political asylum in the US does not lose its relevance. Political asylum & ndash; A special legal status granted to a person on the basis of available strong evidence of a violation of his rights and freedoms, or of persecution on the territory of his country. And the signs on which it is pursued, from the point of view of norms of international law can not be considered as a crime or an offense. Obtaining such a status implies certain support and protection from the state, which provides political asylum on its territory.
You can apply for a political refugee status in the US only if you are in the US & ndash; for example, on a tourist visa, for any other visa, or illegally & ndash; and are afraid of returning home. The fear of returning to your home country may be due to past prosecution or fear of future prosecution for the following reasons:
race or nationality;
political views, political activity;
belonging to any social group;
unconventional sexual orientation.
To obtain political asylum, you must file a set of documents with the US Immigration Service and wait for the decision of the relevant body.

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