How to get from Madrid to Barcelona? The distance from Barcelona to Madrid.

How to get from Madrid to Barcelona? The distance from Barcelona to Madrid.
Incendiary flamenco, bullfight and orange gardens under the burning midday sun & hellip; What are we talking about? Of course, about Spain! It attracts the attention of tourists from all over the world looking for outdoor activities combined with a large number of attractions and luxurious beaches with fine sand. Most travelers are interested in the most famous cities of Spain. They always include Barcelona and Madrid. Is it possible to combine a visit to both these cities in one trip? We will tell you how to do it better.
Spain: Madrid-Barajas airport.
Most tourists from Russia get to Spain through the Madrid-Barajas International Airport. It takes a lot of flights from all over Europe and today it is considered one of the most important transport hubs in the country.
The airport consists of five terminals, which are located at some distance from each other. According to the rules of the air terminal, each terminal works with certain airlines, so do not be surprised that you can fly to one terminal, but you will have to fly from Madrid entirely from another terminal. This is quite natural for Spain. You can move between the terminal buildings on a free shuttle, the journey time will not exceed ten minutes. On average, the shuttle travel interval is about fifteen minutes in the daytime, at night this time interval is doubled.
It is very easy to navigate at the airport, there are signs and signboards everywhere. It is very convenient for those who see the only answer to the question of how to get from Madrid to Barcelona. And this answer is on the plane. Although the ways to visit these two cities are almost simultaneously much more than one. Each of them will be described in detail.
The distance from Barcelona to Madrid.
Barcelona is on the coast of Spain, but Madrid can be called her heart. Therefore, tourists aspire to see all the sights of these beautiful and very different cities. The distance from Barcelona to Madrid allows you to do this without any problems, because holidaymakers will have to overcome only six hundred and twenty-eight kilometers.
The Spaniards consider this distance to be quite impressive, but Russian people, accustomed to the vast expanses of our country, take these kilometers very calmly. In addition, the distance between cities is overcome in five and a half hours on average.
How to get from Madrid to Barcelona?
Almost all European cities are very well connected. Spain is no exception to this rule, so travelers can choose any mode of travel around the country, suitable for them in time and money costs. And the transport well runs in both directions. Therefore, if you are in Madrid, and your dream is Barcelona, the travel time between cities will also not exceed five and a half hours. In some cases, travel time is slightly increased, but this depends on the chosen mode of movement.
How to get from Madrid to Barcelona? Very simple. You can use several methods:
Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, that’s what we are now talking about.
Car travel on European roads.
Traveling in Spain by car will be very pleasant and convenient. Own car allows you to stop along the way in particularly picturesque places, plan your own route and study local cuisine in lovely roadside cafes. No matter which city is your destination – Madrid or Barcelona, travel time in compliance with all the rules of Spain’s traffic will not exceed six hours.
The country has a very good quality of the road, so the trip is a lot of fun and leaves only positive emotions. In order not to get lost on the motorway, you can buy a road map or rent a car with a navigator. It is worth noting that car rental in Spain is very popular, and the prices for a day rental are the most acceptable in Europe. Rental offices in major cities of the country are more than enough, and the price per day of rent does not exceed fifty euros.
Keep in mind that there are a lot of toll roads in Spain, they make traveling much faster. But if you do not hurry, then choose bypass roads. They have the same good quality of the canvas and can please with excellent views outside the car window.
Bus route to Barcelona: easy and convenient trip.
Bus routes throughout the country are very popular among tourists and students. This way of movement allows you to get from one city to another in the shortest time, without spending a lot of money.
The bus Barcelona – Madrid has an interval of one hour. Experienced travelers are advised to choose the earliest flight, which leaves from Barcelona at six in the morning. In this case, you can spend in Madrid almost all day and leave the city on a midnight bus.
The largest carrier operating in the Barcelona-Madrid direction is Alsa. It provides for trips comfortable buses with several classes of service. The most expensive ticket costs thirty-two euros, for this money the tourist will spend eight hours in a comfortable bus with air conditioning, shower, own media system and the Internet.
It is worth noting that buying a round-trip ticket with a credit card allows you to get a discount on travel. Therefore, the majority of purchases in Spain are carried out through non-cash settlement.
Is it possible to get to Barcelona by taxi?
Taxi does not apply to popular ways to get from one point of Spain to another. Of course, if you want, you can use the services of a taxi, but it will cost you such a trip very expensive. According to the rules in force in Europe, a fixed amount of money is already taken for a person to land a car. Separately is paid for one kilogram of luggage and every kilometer of the way. In the end, a few hours from Madrid to Barcelona will cost you more than six hundred euros one way.
Air communication between Barcelona and Madrid.
The fastest way to travel is by plane. Barcelona – Madrid is the busiest destination in Spain, so you will not have any problems with the choice of air carrier. At the moment, several air liners run between cities daily, providing services designed for a different level of service.
Tourists can buy tickets for seventy euros round-trip, this price includes board meals and free drinks at the airport prior to take-off. Some travelers prefer business class flights and are willing to pay more than two hundred euros for it.
The distance between Madrid and Barcelona aircraft overcomes in about one hour, this allows you to save significant time spent on movement, and to see more attractions in one day.
Spanish Railways: traveling by train.
How to get from Madrid to Barcelona quickly and cheaply? There is only one answer to this question: on the train. This way of movement can beat all records for popularity in Spain. Several million passengers travel from Barcelona to Madrid by train each year. It is not surprising that this transport differs significantly from the railway trains that are familiar to us.
The most popular are high-speed trains, they will take you to their destination in two and a half hours without stopping. The price for such a trip varies from sixty to two hundred euros, the cost depends on the class of the car. It is worth noting that the car of any class is very convenient and comfortable, so do not overpay for business class – you in any case have a very pleasant journey with the most beautiful views outside the window.
The usual train overcomes the distance to Madrid in nine hours and makes several stops along the way. His cars are not very comfortable and clean, which spoils the impression of a trip.
Traveling around Spain will give you a lot of fun, regardless of the chosen mode of transportation. Therefore, be sure to combine visits to several cities in one trip, because Spain is beautiful, and you are worthy to see all its beauties.

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