How to get a residence permit in Switzerland.

How to get a residence permit in Switzerland.
The other day it became known that the former head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, applied for a Swiss residence permit. The residence permit in Switzerland is considered one of the most prestigious and, accordingly, difficult in obtaining documents, not to mention the citizenship of the country. The EUROMAG magazine found out what it takes to get the cherished document.
Among the holders of a residence permit in Switzerland are such people as Patricia Kaas, Tina Turner, Johnny Holliday and Michael Schumacher. The former head of Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, decided to join them the other day.
It is not easy to get this document, especially against the backdrop of the recent referendum on quota for labor migration, which actually means the beginning of a course to tighten migration policy.
The procedure for obtaining visas to Switzerland and residence permit in the country is regulated by the federal law “About foreigners”. (Loi f & e; d & ea; rale sur les & lt; / RTI & gt; trangers) of December 16, 2005. In the near future, amendments will be made to it on the basis of the results of the referendum, however, the division of citizenship and residence permits will not affect much.
Types of permission to stay in Switzerland are of seven types.
& laquo; G & raquo; Allows to live in the country to foreigners from the border zones, working in Switzerland;
There are five reasons for obtaining residence permits in Switzerland. The most common option is & ndash; the company’s opening. It must carry out real activities, create jobs for Swiss citizens, pay taxes on profits and promote the economic development of the region in which it is located.
In each of the 26 cantons, there are special conditions regarding the size of the investment (up to several million Swiss francs) and the number of jobs (up to 10).
From this point follows the second option & ndash; buying a ready business. The size of the acquired business and the number of jobs created sufficient to obtain residence permits also depend on the requirements of a particular canton.
Third option & ndash; employment. To do this, you must have a labor contract for a minimum of one year. It should be noted that there are quotas on this item, which, according to the decision of the recent referendum, will decrease with time.
Conclusion of a lump sum agreement & ndash; this is a special form of obtaining residence permits for people with high incomes. In this case, the taxable base is calculated not on the basis of income or cost of capital, but on the basis of the average standard of living in Switzerland.
In some cantons the agreement on payment is concluded for five years with the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit (permanent residence), in others it is renewed every year.
After obtaining permanent residence, a lump-sum tax still needs to be paid, declaring only the income from assets in Switzerland. The lump-sum tax does not replace other taxes (on real estate, donation and others). The minimum tax rate is not fixed, but the amount of tax usually varies from 200 thousand to 400 thousand francs. (from 165 000 to 330 000 euros), says the portal
This format of residence permits can only be obtained in the cantons of Bern, Glarus, Geneva, Lucerne, Nidwalden, St. Gallen, Ticino and Thurgau.
And the last, the fifth version & ndash; presence of EU citizenship. At the same time, it is necessary to have a job, business or capital, sufficient for living in Switzerland.
The application for a residence permit is considered from six months to a year. After obtaining a residence permit you must stay in the country for at least 181 days a year and pay taxes in Switzerland every year.
Citizens of EU countries have the right to obtain a permanent residence permit (category C) after 5 years of residence in Switzerland. Citizens of other countries, including countries of the former USSR, have the right to obtain permanent residence after 10 years of residence in Switzerland.
But if certain conditions are met, such as knowledge of one of the state languages, compliance with local laws and a high level of integration, they can obtain permanent residence in five years’ residence. And during the last five years, living should be continuous.
Permanent residence after five years of residence is granted to foreign spouses of Swiss citizens and citizens of EU countries. This status gives the right to work throughout Switzerland. Permanent residence permit must be renewed every five years.

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