How to get a residence permit in France.

How to get a residence permit in France.
The legislation of France offers foreigners several options for obtaining a residence permit. Citizens of Russia and CIS countries have a longer way to formalize this document. However, it is relatively simple.
If you are a citizen of a country that is not part of the European Union, you must first visit the French consulate in your country. There it is necessary to open a long-term visa for a period of 3 to 12 months.
But there are exceptions. A long-term visa is not needed for citizens who have lived in the territory of the EU for at least 5 years. There are a number of reasons for staying in France:
long-term employment from a year or temporary work from 3 to 12 months; training, research activities or internship; family circumstances: family reunification or marriage with a French citizen; a long visit to the country is not due to working circumstances.
Immediately after arriving on the territory, you need to visit the office for immigration and integration of France. In it you will be assigned the next meeting. It should take place at most 3 months.
For the next visit to the office it will be necessary to take with them a passport, color photos, medical insurance and documentary evidence of the availability of real estate in the country. This can be a certificate of ownership, and the lease of the object. It follows that the residence permits can be issued both when buying a property in France, and without it.
The specialists of the office will conduct a medical examination and ask you a few clarifying questions. Also they can do testing for knowledge of French. If all the conditions are met, you will be given a temporary residence permit in France. It is a corresponding mark in the passport, which indicates that you are on the territory of the country on legal grounds. The validity of such permission reaches one year.
The main residence permit can be started about 2 months before the expiration of the temporary. It is necessary to contact the local prefecture, which will indicate the list of required documents and the timing of issuing the main card. In most cases, residence permit is issued in the period from 1 to 2 months. In the future, subject to the laws of the state, it will be possible to apply for citizenship.
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Issue of the right to permanent residence in France.
Documents for permanent residence can be submitted after 3 years of life in France with the right to residence permit. But there are conditions under which this term is reduced to 12 months. Entrepreneurs conducting business on the territory of the state, spouses of French citizens or political refugees can apply for an accelerated status.
unimpeded access or residence in all countries of the Schengen Agreement, without time limits; possibility of registration, purchase and sale of business or real estate; the right to educate their children in a European educational institution.
The procedure requires the following documents:
certificate of the issuance of residence permits; three color photos; a foreign passport with two of its photocopies; a certificate of income for the last three months; certificate of payment of taxes of the Russian Federation; documentary evidence of the availability of housing in France; an extract from the bank account of France and credit cards.
You can get the right to permanent residence in the country and six months after you apply. This is possible when investing in the economy of the country at a rate of not less than 1 million euros.
Obtaining the citizenship of France.
Status is issued to citizens:
born in the territory of the country; after the expiry of a five-year period of residence with the right to permanent residence; after marriage with a French citizen or after the spouse receives the citizenship of that country; when serving in the French troops; in the status of refugee.
He can not be received by persons:
with a ban on entry into the country; previously expelled from the territory of this state; who illegally reside in France; convicted of crimes that harm national interests, and terrorism; having a term of six months in prison.
What are the conditions for the applicant to apply for citizenship? He must:
To prove that he owns the official language of this country; Confirm that he knows the French rights and freedoms of citizens; provide a document of residence.
At the first stage the application is given to the tribunal of the first instance, from where it is sent to the minister of naturalization. In the future, you will need to pass an interview with the minister, who will also check your knowledge of French.
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