How to get a residence permit in France with the prospect of moving to permanent residence?

How to get a residence permit in France with the prospect of moving to permanent residence?
Citizens of the post-Soviet space dream of living in socially prosperous and highly developed countries. In Europe, there is everything that can satisfy the needs of modern man. The peculiarity of emigration: it is not so difficult to go abroad, but not everyone will be able to stay there. A legal residence permit in a well-to-do France receives only the strongest and most persistent.
With this status one can qualify for:
conducting their own business on the territory of the European Union; stable life with social guarantees, good income, the possibility of studying in Europe, the use of loans from international banks, medical insurance; affordable housing with all amenities, the possibility of purchasing equipment on credit or at a low interest rate; freedom of movement across the European Union, open European borders; the prospect of acquiring a permanent place of residence.
How to get a residence permit in France?
There are 4 waves of resettlement of Russians in the republic, which received citizens from the near abroad. Therefore, many representatives of Russia still dream to be here.
Plastic residence permit in France (sample)
You can obtain a residence permit in the republic in such ways:
through marriage with a Frenchman, a Frenchwoman (he may be civil, but must be registered with the City Hall). drawing up a contract of cohabitation; conclusion of a contract with the employer; Participation in programs for students on cultural exchange; departure for self-employment; assignment of refugee status; the presence of family-related links; the process of naturalization.
Unlike other European countries, residence permits are not acquired here when buying real estate.
How to emigrate to France?
Today, a loyal visa regime has been established, so emigration to France from Russia is becoming popular. Earlier, the Russians fell into Europe less often, and the conditions for their stay here were completely different.
Now for Russians and Ukrainians there is a universal opportunity to pass preparatory courses in the specialty before employment. This increases the chances of the foreigner to a high-paying position, thanks to his studies, his qualifications are increased, his conversational skills are improved, and the psychological and national characteristics of the French are studied.
Passport of a citizen of France (sample)
There is an opportunity to receive social state support, most often this applies to those who want to open a residence permit. Also here is a loyal attitude towards those citizens who want to acquire here permanent residence. The French have a healthy view of the concept of dual citizenship.
The use of minors’ work is not welcome here, so there are good reasons for the immigration of children.
To buy permanent residence in marriage, you need to go through a large number of procedures, complete a bunch of documentation, provide a certificate of the family and its financial condition. A prerequisite is that the couple live together for several years. But even after all this, it is not a fact that the spouses will become legal citizens of the state.
Plus marrying with a representative of the nation – getting a residence permit. This status makes you feel comfortable in a foreign country. The only thing that distinguishes foreigners is the lack of a voice in elections.
But to acquire citizenship by granting refugee status is unlikely to succeed. Such petitions are rarely met, this is because Russia and other post-Soviet states are considered to be legally civilized. Therefore, it is very difficult to prove that in some of them rights are infringed.
Moving to permanent residence in France, having acquired official work & # 8212; a very good way to gain a foothold in a foreign state. For this it is necessary to sign a contract with the employer, which, in turn, must prove that among the local population there are no specialists of the required professional level. Therefore, workers from abroad are invited only in case of a deficit of national labor resources. They are literate people of narrow specialization or special level of preparation.
Business immigration.
For the development of the national economy, each country needs investments, there are even special mechanisms for attracting capital from abroad. When the branch opens, the national economy becomes more active, new jobs are created, and the country’s financial stability grows.
Become a French businessman & # 8212; a promising way of emigration.
Therefore, for financially independent persons, there are advantages in obtaining permanent residence, which can be formalized according to this scheme.
Opening of an organization, firm, enterprise. First you need to apply to the prefecture, the territorial limits of which will be taken by the business. The applicant is the entrepreneur himself, thus confirming his leadership. That the statement was accepted, it is necessary to enclose in business a large sum – about one million euro. Having received permission, you can issue a guest visa, and then a merchant card. All documentation will be transferred to the French embassy, and then to the prefecture, which has a relationship to doing business. The documents will be reviewed within three months, most often the request is satisfied, and the entrepreneur is issued a business class card. Further, the stage of applying for a permanent residence permit. If a businessman has no problems with law enforcement for a year, he will be able to get this status in a year. Such a permit is issued for 365 days. If the entrepreneurial activity is successful for more than two years, the merchant can apply for a residence permit for 10 years. It is not necessary to extend it every year. Through the registration of their own business, you can get a permanent residence in the event that the organization will work safely for about 5 years. At the same time, a businessman must stay most of the time within the European Union.
If the merchant successfully works for a year, conducts an active entrepreneurial activity, he is given the right to move the whole family.
To do this, you need to file the following with the embassy:
copies of documents certifying the applicant’s face; certificate of family composition; photos on the sample; questionnaires in the form; confirmation of the right of ownership of immovable property (if any); medical certificate for emigration; confirmation of economic stability: bank statements, credit card; documentation confirming stay in the republic: checks, air tickets; medical insurance for a year; certificate of non-conviction; license for doing business (if necessary); confirmation of the power of attorney to maintain administrative records; confirmation of the right to represent family interests.
How to get a job?
To arrange a good job, even in a developed country, you need to have excellent recommendations from other employers and employees.
French visa category D (entitles to official employment)
The French trust the documentation about the qualification of the employee more than the results of the interview. Therefore, the foreigner, except for the diploma, will need more certificates, certificates of completion of the course. The better the recommendations, the higher the chances of obtaining a high post.
The preparation of a resume should be approached with all responsibility. A cover letter is an obligatory element of this document.
You need to know: the employee will be appreciated higher if he learns to do his job the way it is done here, and not at home.
Statistics of the number of vacancies in France according to INSEE.
Another plus for employment is good language skills. If a foreigner has a high level of qualifications, but he does not know French, you should go for accelerated courses. In the opposite case, the chances of finding a decent job are minimized.
Unfortunately, there are no requirements for foreign humanities here, programmers, IT specialists and service personnel are in demand.
Peculiarities of awarding a pension.
Under French law, a minimum pension of between 700 and 800 euros per month is established for foreign pensioners, even if they have not worked here for a day.
But for this it is important to fulfill the following conditions:
Applicant’s age is more than 65 years; Accommodation on the territory of the Republic for 10 years more than 6 months a year; The income is no more than 9,504 � per person per year and 14,755 � for a married couple.
Advantages of life.
Immigrants find it difficult to learn the principles of life in France, they have to work hard and learn from scratch to get the life they dreamed of in their homeland. But there are several categories of foreigners who live easily in foreign lands.
These are women who married French people, the Slavs here have a good attitude. If an immigrant has succeeded in creating an excellent family, he will be happy.
Foreigners who have emigrated without the right to work legally are also satisfied with their stay abroad. These people can work as welders, gardeners, laborers, builders. Yes, this is not a legal job, but such work is valued here better than in the post-Soviet world. Although, in Canada, the United States, Australia, it is paid much higher.
To successfully master the French state, you need to start your own small business. You can equip a cozy cafe or shop on the beach, which always attracts a clientele.
The residence permit in the French country is an excellent opportunity to acquire a status of settled life in the future. To be well settled in Europe in 2018, you do not have to sit idly by and wait for the weather at the sea, but to act by persevering towards your cherished goal. I hope this information will be useful and useful to you in the future. I wish everyone success!
France has always been my cherished dream, and recently it has come to life. She moved to the country 3 months ago. I quickly applied for a visa, found a good job as a programmer. For a short period of time she managed to visit other European countries. I wish all successful emigration! Do not be afraid in a foreign country!
I think that a few years ago I was very lucky, as I received an invitation to work from a French employer. Of course, I could not manage without my former boss. After all, it was he, having decided to contribute to my destiny, sent a letter of recommendation to a well-known French company. And I was lucky to leave here and get a residence permit here. Now I am collecting documents to submit them for permanent residence. I think in a few years it will be possible. I wish all of you perseverance in achieving your goals and courage!
I want to move to France and settle there for legal work. Tell me, please, how much money you need to have on your bank account to confirm financial stability. Thank you in advance.

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