How to get a permanent residence in Azerbaijan

How to get a permanent residence in Azerbaijan h1>
Is it difficult to obtain Azerbaijani citizenship?
According to the expert, annually the number of those wishing to obtain the citizenship of the AR is growing.
“The number of people wishing to obtain Azerbaijani citizenship grows every year since 2008. The migration balance of the country since 2008 is positive, which means that the republic leaves fewer people than it comes here for permanent residence.
It is worth noting that most of the citizens want to get citizens of Azerbaijan, who mostly lived outside of Azerbaijan in recent years, mainly in the CIS countries.
Speaking of foreigners, it is mostly Turks and Iranians. But most often – these are representatives of other nationalities who have married with a citizen or citizen of Azerbaijan, “migration expert Azer Allahveranov told
According to him, those wishing to obtain Azerbaijani citizenship should apply to the Migration Service of our republic. “In some countries a very simplified form of obtaining citizenship, in others, on the contrary, is extremely tough and complex.” Azerbaijan has chosen the “golden mean”, he said.
As the expert said, in late 2015, representatives of the State Migration Service met with migrants who want to obtain the citizenship of Azerbaijan. Some of them even received an identity card as an Azerbaijani citizen.
“If a migrant has invested a large amount of money in the economy of the country, he gets an opportunity to get a permanent residence in the country under a simplified system.
But Azerbaijan does not apply the practice of other countries and immediately does not grant citizenship to those citizens who invested in the economy of the state, for example, half a million dollars, “he said.
It should be noted that foreign citizens and stateless persons who have been legally resident in the territory of Azerbaijan for the last five years and who have a legitimate source of income, committed themselves to observe the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan, submitted relevant documents on knowledge of the state language, regardless of their racial and nationality, gender, education, religious affiliations, political and other views can become citizens of Azerbaijan in accordance with the legislation on the basis e own petition.
The term of permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan of a foreign citizen or stateless person is calculated from the day of obtaining in accordance with the procedure established by law the permit for permanent residence.
The withdrawal from the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan is carried out at the request of the person in accordance with the procedure established by law.
On the issue of citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan, foreign citizens and stateless persons apply to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
If a person intentionally falsified the information necessary for obtaining citizenship or presented a counterfeit document, he is deprived of the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan acquired by him.
The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan issues a corresponding order on the adoption, restoration of the person in the citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan or termination of citizenship, the website informs.
Note that the term “citizenship” implies the right to enjoy all the benefits of a country, from social insurance and ending with the right to vote.
The process of acquiring such privileges is rather lengthy and troublesome. Ways to acquire the citizenship of another state: birth in the territory of the country; the presence of parents or grandparents having a passport of another state; marriage with a native; religious beliefs; naturalization (obtaining citizenship as a result of long-term residence within the country); for certain merits before the state (
Meanwhile, the Czech Republic is in the last place among the countries where it is possible to obtain citizenship in the EU. Less than ten foreigners per thousand managed to obtain citizenship in Latvia, Slovakia, Estonia, Austria and Lithuania. The average data for the European Union is 23 extraditions for one thousand people.
In 2011, the Czech Republic granted citizenship to 1,936 foreigners, and in 2012 – only 1.638. It is easiest to get citizenship in the European Union in Hungary – it was able to make 100 foreigners out of a thousand.
In second place – Poland (67), followed by Sweden, Portugal and Malta (50). It should be noted that foreigners in Malta and Portugal make up 4% of the population, just like in the Czech Republic.
For example, in the United States, the main document for the migrant is the Green Card. It confirms the right of residence permit and permits work in the States. The easiest way to get it is to become the spouse of a citizen of the country.
In this case, the period of compulsory stay there before filing documents for citizenship is reduced from five to three years. Another real way to get a magic card is to get a job in an American company.
Five years of continuous residence in the states, an interview, an oath of loyalty to the United States – and it’s a hat. And you can buy a passport, and quite legally. The scheme is as follows: for 500 thousand dollars you can buy a Green card.
Then you need to open a business in any of the US states (at least 10 jobs). In this case, the investor will receive a permanent residence permit in two years. As for the UAE, the easiest way is to get a passport for foreigners – the wives of citizens of the country, but this procedure is not fast.
It is necessary to formally marry, live there for 10 years, renounce the citizenship of the home country and receive the approval of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
This privilege can only be used by women, foreign husbands of UAE citizens have no right to citizenship through marriage. Get a passport in the Emirates in three years is possible if you are a citizen of Qatar, Oman or Bahrain. In seven years, if you are an Arab from another country.
All the rest need to live in the UAE for at least 30 years – it does not matter how much real estate the migrant will buy and how many people will be able to work (
And finally, the country, whose citizenship is perhaps the most difficult, is Kuwait. Even marriage and the birth of children there do not give the right to become a citizen of the richest state. Passports are granted here by the Emir Sabah. Fourth.
He does it on major holidays, pleasing no more than 20-30 people a year. At the same time, a foreigner can count on such kindness only for really special merits. For example, for the feat in the war for the emirate or for saving the emir from the attempt.

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