How to get a job in Norway.

How to get a job in Norway.
In order to legally live and work in Norway, you need to get a work permit and with his help – a residence permit. In order to get this permission, you must first find an employer in Norway.
To do this is not just for several reasons. Firstly, Norway is a very attractive country for emigrants, and competition for employment is quite large there. Secondly, the legislator in Norway is guided by a simple and well-known rule: first of all, it is necessary to employ Norwegian citizens, then all the rest.
In other words, you will be recruited in Norway only if it is impossible for Norwegians to occupy this vacancy: if there are no volunteers among them, if there is a shortage of people in this specialty, or if you have the unique knowledge necessary in the chosen workplace. Naturally, highly qualified specialists with rare specialties in Norway, as well as all over the world, will be happy.
By the way, working conditions in Norway are as follows. The working day is from 8.00 to 15.00, because according to the Labor Code of Norway no one should work more than 37 hours a week. The average salary at the same time – 5 thousand dollars, after taxes there are about 3 thousand.
A standard work permit is issued for a year in Norway, then it must be renewed. This does not apply to seasonal workers who are issued a work permit for up to three months, usually between May 15 and October 31, without the possibility of extension.
In addition to the standard procedure for obtaining a work permit, where you apply for permission, already having an invitation from a Norwegian employer, there is another option to come to Norway on a guest visa, find an employer there and then apply for a work permit – in which case you will be able to stay in the country until your application is considered, but you will not be able to work until it is approved.
It is logical to assume that the most difficult thing in this whole procedure is the search for the employer. In Norway there is a job placement service – the Norwegian Employment and Social Welfare Service, which helps to find a job free of charge, including foreigners: explains the peculiarities of the Norwegian labor market, assesses your employment opportunities, tells you what additional training you need to go through, helps you complete your application. Nevertheless, the difficulties begin already at the stage of the language barrier: for a job in Norway you need to know at least English, but the more qualified work you are interested in, the more likely it will be that the Norwegian is needed.
Ignorance of the language and fierce competition explains the fact that foreigners in Norway work mainly for discussing personnel of hotels, shops, restaurants, hospital attendants in hospitals, drivers. Much better people are arranged with the formation of translators, in particular, there is a need for Russian-Norwegian translators. Of course, in Norway doctors of narrow specializations, as well as specialists in the computer field, will be happy.
There are three basic conditions necessary to get a work permit in Norway for the first time:
– availability of a specific job offer from a Norwegian firm. Such an invitation must be issued on the prescribed form strictly according to the rules that can be found on the official websites of Norwegian migration services, for example, on the website of the Directorate for Foreigners;
– the conditions of wages and work should be equivalent to the position and profession, and comply with Norwegian standards;
– you must get a full-time job.
Separately, I must say about the oil and gas industry, which is widely developed in Norway. Specialists in this area are practically open to work in Norway – oil companies actively assist potential employees in obtaining a work permit, the procedure for formalizing documents in this case is almost formal.
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To do this is not just for several reasons. Firstly, Norway is a very attractive country for emigrants, and competition for employment is quite large there. Secondly, h.
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