How to Dump to Israel

How to Dump to Israel h1>
Today I openly want to lay out the history of the immigration of this woman, her life path and some of my reflections. In fact, this post (also) was written by me a year ago, I do not want to alter anything in it. Everything is just as relevant after a year. Maybe it was only in the heat of my thinking that something would have changed, I would have had such a breakdown, but in fact I still subscribe to every word to this day. And what about the & # 8211; if a year ago I wanted to discuss whether to go or not to go to Israel, whether to repatriate or not, Israel or not, I now have a sudden loss of desire not to write on this subject, but to think. I just tired of talking trivial about the pros and cons. Let everyone choose how to live, how to go crazy, how to break his life or how to do it for the better. My irony is that, no matter how I would not recite the postulates of nostalgia and regret of leaving, in fact, Israel has radically changed and greatly improved my quality of life. But according to the text you can see my moods a year ago. Also interesting.
The text will be long (as always).
I want to tell a little bit about the repatriation path that my girlfriend has passed & # 8230; In my opinion & # 8211; this is one of the most unfortunate repatriations, of which I have heard and seen. What is it connected with? Yes, I tend to answer that again everything depended on the person and a little on the circumstances. She was not a fighter. Not purposeful. Not ambitious. It was very good. Affordable. Calm. Too tender for the Israeli world.
She came to Israel at the age of 23 and her family immediately made a mistake & # 8211; She settled in Tiberias, a deaf person with a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee. All my life my girlfriend dreamed of escaping, which she did several years ago. Always for her was the most terrible punishment of the assumption that I would have to go back to Tiberias for my mother. She always said & # 8221; What is there to do? Boring. Of the merry only to hang yourself & # 8221 ;. That her brother was a native and did … So they settled the whole family in Tiberias & # 8211; nor work normal, nor communication, nor prospects. But there she met her first Caucasian husband, a Caucasian. And I made the second one already with my personal mistake & # 8211; not having got up on his feet, having not learned Hebrew and having not decided on his place in life, she became pregnant with this husband. And the hubby did not have much more nor less than the Caucasian mother who the Russian white blah did not want to take in any # 8230; My girlfriend is like this is not a funny halachic Jew was, but that’s not the task & # 8211; painted her hair in white, for which she fell into disgrace in a Jewish-Caucasian maman. The first pregnancy my friend took out living separately from her husband, mother did not let her on the threshold. And they had no money to rent their own apartment. Then, it seems that something like everything was working out, mother after the birth of the child thawed. They even managed to take a mashkant (loan) and buy an apartment in Tiberias & # 8230; My girlfriend was interrupted the first years 8 on cleaning, and washing the toilets. There was very little to go up and advance beyond the possibilities. Because it’s Tiberias, because these are two small children, because it’s a husband-shlamazl, who could not always at least earn a penny. Here is one more of its main mistakes & # 8211; she married not for that man. But you understand that it is now easy for me to put everything in order. And man lived a life & # 8230;
Man lived life within Tiberias. Never went anywhere and did not see anything special, even such a simple good as a car could not afford. But it sounded something as beautiful & # 8211; there lived a man in Israel, abroad, in paradise. Once we grabbed her pretty seriously. When I had the peak of the denial of everything Israeli, she began to argue how good it is for her in Israel. Well, I’m the first and last time (because I do not want anyone to reveal the terrible truth) told her everything that I think about her life in Tiberias, about the fact that she has never been, that she can not even to put in her front teeth expensive white fillings, that her whole life is & # 8211; it’s toilet bowls, cleaning and now it’s clothing trade, although with her higher education, intelligence, appearance she could live there in her homeland if not humming, at least worthy. It was HARD. I hurt her. And I never raised this topic again.
And at some point my girlfriend was so sick of this little town, this incompetent husband had already grown so disgusted that she had collected her things and children in an armful and had moved to live in the center of the country. I constantly asked & # 8211; how did she decide to take such a bold and desperate step? The answer was that it was not so interesting to live, there was no sense in this miserable Tiberian existence, I was so eager to take away the children from there, that even a desperate move to nowhere seemed worthwhile.

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