How much is life in London?

How much is life in London?
The capital of Great Britain annually receives not only a lot of tourists from all over the world, but also a considerable number of people who are going to settle in it seriously and for a long time. Life in London is quite expensive. If you believe the results of a recent study by the authoritative consulting company Mercer, to date, the British capital ranked twelfth in the list of the most expensive cities in the world, ahead of New York, Los Angeles and Moscow. Despite this, the number of people wishing to move there to a permanent place of residence does not diminish, even though the UK has recently decided to withdraw from the European Union.
In order to determine the exact amount of accommodation in London, it is necessary, of course, to operate with numbers. They are in relation to the main articles of expenditure of the average resident of the main city of the Foggy Albion are given below.
The cost of a visa.
In order to legally arrive in the UK, you need to obtain an appropriate visa. One of the most important conditions for obtaining it is the presence on the bank account of a certain amount of money. It should be one that, in the opinion of the British authorities, is sufficient for living in the country for a certain period of time. At the moment, for students for the so-called “Inner London” (Inner London), it is 1265 pounds sterling per month, and for those who intend to study outside it – 1015 pounds sterling per month.
For those applying for a work visa, there should be an amount of 945 pounds in the account, but that’s not all: the expected salary is also taken into account, which should not be below a certain amount. To date, the minimum amount of annual income, which allows you to qualify for a work visa, is 20,800 pounds sterling. It is she who is established at the legislative level by the minimum wage of an alien in the UK. If you subtract from this amount taxes and expenses for compulsory health insurance, you will get 17230 pounds sterling per year, that is, 1435 pounds sterling per month.
Expenses for housing.
In London (as, indeed, any other major city in the world), the main expense is renting. As practice shows, now in the British capital to rent a room in an apartment with several neighbors costs about 400-500 pounds a month. Find a suitable option is quite simple: you need to contact one of the numerous sites of specialized real estate companies. Picking up an attractive option, you need to ask whether the amount of rent included in the payment of utilities and the Internet.
Those who have the opportunity to spend a large amount of rental housing, you can look for a small apartment near the metro station, but on the outskirts of the British capital. It will cost about 900-1000 pounds sterling. In London, leased a lot of housing of any class and price categories, so that, as they say, there would be money.
Expenses for transport.
The public transport system in London is like a Swiss watch: it is just as complex and just as flawlessly functioning. The metro of the British capital is considered the most expensive in the world, and when paying for travel, it is taken into account both the destination where you need to get to and the time at which the trip takes place. The London metro is divided into nine zones, and the most expensive to use during peak hours.
In principle, not to rack your brains, counting the material costs for each trip, you can do very simply: purchase a plastic travel card for all types of transport. Its cost is just over 320 pounds. Similar tickets (by the way, their validity is one month) are sold for trips on trams and buses. Their cost also depends on the zones of action and ranges from 123 to 288 pounds sterling.
Expenses for food.
As I testify to the data released in the latest report of the Office of National Statistics of Great Britain, the country’s residents spend on food, on average, 11% of their incomes, excluding the cost of tobacco and alcohol. By the way, they are quite expensive, which is a very good motivation to stop drinking and smoking.
According to statistics, a set of products for a week for one person, purchased in one of the many supermarkets in London, costs about 50 pounds sterling. It includes products such as bread, milk, eggs, butter, hard cheese, sausages, chicken, bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, bananas, tea and coffee. Naturally, the calculation was based on the consumption of these products by the average consumer. It goes without saying that in these 50 pounds sterling per week (that is, 200 pounds sterling per month) the food will cost if cooked independently, that is at home.
Expenses for health.
First of all, it should be noted that all those working in the UK have compulsory medical insurance, the value of which is deducted from wages in exactly the same way as taxes. It gives the right to medical care in NHS clinics, but you need to keep in mind that it does not include the cost of drugs. As for the prices for them in London, then, for example, one package of the most common tablets for cold and flu costs about 3.5 pounds sterling, and the painkiller – at 1.5 pounds sterling. Naturally, more serious medicines are more expensive, and this must be taken into account for those people who suffer from diseases that require regular admission.
Spending on leisure activities.
In London, there are many opportunities to spend your free time excellently, but this, naturally, requires certain expenses. For example, the cost of a movie ticket for an adult is on average 13 pounds sterling, and if you want to sit in an ordinary British pub for a pint of beer, then this pleasure will cost about 15-20 pounds sterling. It should be noted, however, that there are a lot of completely free galleries and museums in London, for which you do not need to pay anything at all.
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