How much does a visa for Greece in 2018 cost?

How much does a visa for Greece in 2018 cost?
The popularity of Greek resorts can not be overestimated. The country, living under the motto “In Greece everything is there!”, Invariably attracts a huge number of guests from different parts of the world. Russia is no exception. True, Russians should remember that this ancient state is part of the Schengen area, so to visit the beautiful Mediterranean beaches in the current year 2018 they will need permission to enter. In addition, when planning a trip, it is better to determine in advance the costs of rest, and start counting them with an answer to the question of how much a visa costs to Greece.
To visit resorts in Greece, travelers from Russia need a tourist visa. According to the Greek legislation, guests of the country can arrange:
Short-term Schengen visa type C. Long-term national visa type D. Transit visa.
Permission to enter type C can be used by travelers with the purpose of travel:
Tourist visit. Visit to relatives, friends or relatives. Short-term training or treatment. Participation in various cultural, social or scientific events.
Persons who intend to remain guests of the country for a long time must contact the Consulate General of Greece on their own to obtain a national visa D. Those who plan:
To enter and study in the higher educational institutions of the country. Long-term special treatment. Employment. Marriage with a citizen of the country. Reunification of the family with a resident of the European Union.
The national visa gives the right to legal residence in the country from 90 to 365 days with prolongation of the period of residence, and in some cases allows the holder of the permit to work.
An island visa can be issued while on vacation in Turkey. It is not Schengen and allows the owner to stay only on the island, without visiting the mainland.
Each type of visa implies a specific purpose of travel and a certain package of documents for its registration. To find out how much the visa costs to Greece, you can either in the visa center VFS.Global, or in the Consulate General of the Hellenic Republic in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Novorossiysk.
The cost of a visa to Greece consists of a consular fee, as well as the cost of the services of the visa support center, if the registration is made through one of its regional offices throughout the country.
Consular fee.
When applying for a Greek visa for the most popular type C tourist, you need to pay a consular fee of:
35 euros at the usual time of clearance. 70 euros in case of urgent issue of the document due to certain circumstances.
The price of long-term authorization & # 8212; 120 euros.
From the payment of the fee when issuing a national visa, strategic investors are released, ready to invest in the development of the country’s economy.
Cost of services VFS.Global.
The most popular and convenient way to obtain a visa to Greece is to work with the accredited VFS.Global service and visa center, whose branches are located practically in all major cities of the country. Through this service, the applicant can not only apply for a permit and hand over the biometric data, but also track the status of the visa.
For services center to a Russian citizen to pay 1280 rubles. Payment is made directly to the center. In cases where the consular service of the Greek Consulate rejected documents in connection with the incorrectness of their registration, the visa center is obliged to return the service fee paid by the applicant.
Who is exempt from payment of fees.
There is a certain category of citizens who are exempt from the need to pay for the services of a service center. These include, in particular:
Children under the age of 12 years (for Ukraine, up to 18 years). Family members of an EU citizen. Schoolchildren and students planning a trip for education. Persons engaged in scientific research. Persons under 25 years of age who have become participants in sports, educational and cultural events. Diplomats and members of their families.
Registration of documents through travel agencies or intermediaries.
A traveler traveling to warm Greek beaches and unique sights can make an independent choice, through which structure he should make permits.
In addition to visiting the Consulate General or visiting the visa center, the applicant can apply to the travel agency if it is included in the list of organizations accredited by the Greek Republic.
However, it should be remembered that such cooperation is possible only if during the previous five years the applicant has already submitted biometric data to the Visa Information System. It is convenient for a travel agent to apply for a service if an integrated package offer is planned.
Intermediaries, in contrast to the travel agent, do not deal with the implementation of permits. They offer only assistance in obtaining an entry permit. However, it is worth considering that the cost of a visa in this case may be higher than when applying to the service-visa service or self-design.
In addition, when contacting an intermediary, it is necessary to take into account the possible risk of receiving a denial of entry due to mistakes made by the specialists of the intermediary firm. In this case, it may be more difficult to obtain an entry permit due to repeated treatment.
Rest on the resorts of the Mediterranean can give the tourist unforgettable memories. But, in order for the trip to take place, you need to know in advance how much it costs to apply for a visa to Greece and choose a reliable way of processing documents.

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