How is a residence permit granted in Italy for Russians?

How is a residence permit granted in Italy for Russians?
Italy is a Mediterranean state, attracting Russians not only for tourist purposes. Some are so fascinated by the beauty of the green hills and the coast that they are ready to move to Italy forever. But for this you must first obtain a residence permit (residence permit). This permission allows you to stay abroad legally for those who do not want to leave the sunny country for a long period of time – from 3 months or more.
What is the residence permit in Italy?
In 2017, Russians can use one of the residence permits in Italy:
With the right to work abroad. This agreement is confirmed by the contract drawn up between the Russian and the representative of the Italian firm, the document is submitted to the Consulate. Another option is to start a business. But then the individual should identify personal solvency and financial independence. At least 10,000 euros must be present on the applicant’s account, much depends on the type of activity that the Russian citizen in Italy plans to engage in. Do not forget to show the original license. With the right to receive education, further training in the framework of a training course or training plus the right to work. The working schedule involves working 20 hours a week after school. If an immigrant is not going to work in Italy, you need to buy real estate to get a residence permit. In the Italian banking institution, a Russian opens an account and puts on it from 50 000 to 80 000 euros. The annual income of an immigrant can not be less than 17 800 euros. If a Russian citizen has already become a resident of Italy, his spouse or minor child automatically receives a visa of dependents. Show documents confirming the fact of close kinship, for example, a certificate of marriage or the birth of a child, and you can safely move abroad to the term designated by the Consulate employee.
Documents for registration of residence permit in Italy.
First of all, you should apply for a move from Russia to abroad. You can do this in several ways:
send documents by mail, specifying a registered letter; using the services of the local Italian police department.
Depending on the type of permit that is issued, the following documents may be required for the procedure: Passport – present both the original and quality photocopies of all the completed pages; four photographs; the stamp of the state duty – is sold in each post office and tobacco kiosks; statement of absence of previous convictions; a document confirming the right to own a house, bought in Italy, or an agreement to rent an apartment, hotel room; documents indicating the grounds that allow him to obtain a residence permit. They are provided in two samples – the original and a notarized translation.
How long does the residence permit in Italy.
Permission is granted to Russian citizens for a different period of time:
if the move is planned for seasonal work, the residence permit is issued for 9 months; study involves the operation of the document for 1 year; the businessman draws up the document for 2 years.
Later the permit can be extended. To register a residence permit, a Russian citizen will have to pay 80-200 euros plus a stamp stamp costing 17 euros and mail services 30 euros.
After a month, the applicant is sent a notification to appear in the department of emigration for fingerprinting and checking of official papers. Then the employee of the department issues a receipt, according to which in a couple of months you will finally be able to obtain a coveted permission for temporary residence in Italy.
Advantages of residence permit in Italy.
Once a Russian has moved to live in a sunny country, he immediately understands what additional benefits are provided to immigrants:
tax incentives for the acquisition of real estate; the offer to borrow in local banks; proposals for hiring from local companies; finally the most important aspect – after the residence permit for 5 years, a Russian citizen can get a permit for permanent residence abroad (permanent residence).
Advantages of permanent residence.
Permanent residence permits to travel to all countries of the European Union, without bureaucratic delays. Visit the department of emigration and pass the following documents to the accountable person:
a photocopy of the income declaration; 4 photos; passport in the original format and photocopies of the spreads; a photocopy of the declaration, including a description of taxes and fees (pay attention to the amount of income – it can not be less than 5 061.68 euros per year); documents indicating the ownership and / or rental of housing; certificate of absence of previous convictions; an extract indicating the address where the applicant resides; an extract about the composition of the family; A receipt confirming the fact of payment of the application for a residence permit.
A permanent residence card in Italy is subject to replacement every 5 years. But to collect the entire list of documents is not necessary, it is enough to replace the photographs. If the documents meet the basic requirements claimed for immigrants, the Russian remains to live in Italy, claiming the democratic rights and freedoms of the indigenous Italians. An exception is the right to vote in elections.

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